Water Dragon's Compass

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Water Dragon's Compass

Water Dragon's Compass. A dimension within the compass. Chilling air rises from the water filling the area.
Aisha and Chung meet an unexpected person within the compass.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power


Entry Requirements
  • Must have reached level 99 and completed the quest [Dungeon] Master Road Entry.
  • Only 1 Resurrection Stone can be used to revive in Hell mode.

Environmental Debuff - Trial of the Water Dragon

  • The energy of cold water is frozen and restricts movement, Attack and HP will be reduced by 30% (70% on Phase 2). Effects are reduced by Adaptation.
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
DenifIngameHead.png Master Denif - The El Master of Water
  • Mana Shield: Denif creates a barrier around himself that must be depleted before damage or hitstun can be dealt to him. The barrier's HP is visible in a special UI below his health bar, and will periodically recover.
  • Tracking Icicles: Summons 4 icicles that quickly home in to nearby players. Each hit will inflict 1 stack of Snowman.
  • Icicle Burst: Throws a certain amount of water bubbles forward that create icicles on impact with the ground. The icicles persist for a significant amount of time. Being hit by one of the icicles will inflict 1 stack of Snowman.
  • Glacier: Summons a large chunk of ice below a player, dealing a high amount of damage. The ice persists until it is destroyed, hindering player's movement.
  • Drowning Bubble: Summons a water bubble above a player that drops down on top of them, causing a pool of water on the floor that slows players inside it while dealing continuous damage. The pool of water persists for a significant amount of time.
  • Waterfall Pendant: Denif targets one player with his pendant, causing it to float above them and follow them around. The pendant will create a constant vertical stream of water that pierces through all platforms regardless of height as it follows the player around and persists for a significant amount of time. Players hit by the stream of water will lose 50 MP per hit. This attack can still hit players even while they are knocked down or reviving.

Attacks highlighted in red bypass Invincibility frames.

  • Each stack of Snowman will lower your jump speed. Jumping will removes the debuff.
  • Upon receiving 5 stacks of Snowman, the stacks will be replaced by the ??? debuff, freezing players for 5 seconds. The duration of the debuff can be mitigated through Water Resistance.
DenifIngameHead.png Master Denif (Phase 2) -

Denif is able to use all abilities from phase 1, with the following addition:

  • Blizzard Storm: Denif will retreat into the background and summon his water dragon. He will create an ice platform at the center of the stage then consumes all the others in a blizzard. Denif will cause three waves of ice to fall, find the opening to avoid the ice, the third wave will also destroy the platform. Denif will be vulnerable for a period of time after performing this attack.


Boss DropsBGM

Image Name Boss Character Stats Set Effects
Water Aura Arm Ornament
Water Aura Arm Ornament
Master Denif

Accessory (Arm):
Critical Damage +1%

[Unidentified * 1]

Master Piece:

2 Pieces:

  • +3% Physical Attack Power
  • +3% Magical Attack Power
  • Adaptation +1%

3 Pieces:

  • Max MP +20
  • Polarize +3%
  • Adaptation +2%



  • Denif's ultimate attack is identical to Gaia's, just with icicles instead of rocks, as Gaia studied under Denif before becoming a Master. His version is much more potent though, as he casts it 3 times and the icicles drop much faster than Gaia's.
  • Denif's Mana Shield is a fitting reference to one of Aisha's old skills of the same name, as he wrote the skill note for that skill.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 수룡의 나침반 Water Dragon's Compass

Hunting Fields