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Wind Priestess
Name Anduran
Race Human
Role Wind Priestess
Location Barren Sander, Sandtilus, Distant Ruins, Elrianode
Leave everything to me!

~ Anduran



Anudran was captured by Karis and her underlings when the El Search Party arrived in Barren Sander but was later rescued after the fight against Karis when the El Search Party infiltrated Behemoth. She is greatly adored and respected by the Caluso Tribe.


The Wind Priestess

Anduran is Sander's young Wind Priestess who was born in the Caluso Tribe and raised by her mother, the previous Wind Priestess. After the Wind Priestess gave her life to protect Sander during The Rage of Behemoth, the title was passed down to her daughter Anduran. While her main priority is to maintain the Wind El's power, she plays a role in maintaining good relations between the village of Sander and the Caluso Tribe.

Chapter 14: The Secret Truth

When the El Search Party arrive at Sander, Anduran was on her way from the Caluso Tribal Village to Sander for a regular meeting. However, things would take an immediate turn for the worst. While she was on the outskirts of Sander in the Barren Sander, Anduran encountered the demon witch Karis. While her guards stood their ground, Kelaino ambushed the Wind Priestess from behind and took her away before the large Trock, Waldo, dropped down to deal with the rest.

Chapter 16: Soul of the Wind

Karis and Kelaino flew off to Garpai Rock where she was held for a brief time. Soon after, the Trocks arrived and took Anduran away. She was taken to the Parugo Mountains by Karis in hopes of unsealing the Old Holy Beast Behemoth. Karis was successful in her efforts and the Wind Priestess was used as a sort of battery to awaken the Behemoth. After the El Search Party dropped down and defeated Karis, they were able to free Anduran. Karis, not finished with her plot, fled inside to the Heart of Behemoth where Anduran states she'll try to control the beast from inside. Knowing this could wreak disaster, she commands the El Search Party give chase into the Heart of Behemoth. As she travels deeper into the Behemoth, she witnesses demon parasites all over the Holy Beast's innards as well as Karis's minions ready to stop them. After confronting a fully grown Karis, the El Search Party defeats her and Anduran urges they flee immediately.

When they escaped, Anduran reveals that while she was connected to the Behemoth, she learns that her mother had been with the Behemoth the whole time and that she was looking over the Holy Beast from the inside and assures the young Anduran that the beast will recover. However, Anduran also gives the El Search Party news about the Prophecy of the World's Root. When she unlocked her prophecy, she saw visions of a great darkness and a temple engulfed in flames. Fearing what she saw, she urges the El Seach Party to seek out the last of the Priestesses. Only when they're together can the El Lady be called forth. She tells them to travel east as she senses another Priestess as well as an ominous darkness brewing.

Chapter 20: Prophetic Mission

Before the El Search Party even reach Lanox, Edel had sent word to gather all the El Priestesses in Lanox. However, it wasn't until after the El Search Party defeated Scar and the El Lady sealed the Demon God Sult away did Sasha and Anduran arrive in Lanox. Anduran tells the group that in order for them to reach out to the El Lady, they must travel to the edge of the Elrios continent, the Abyssal Ruins in the Distant Ruins. Unable to pass through the region without protection, Sdeing helps the priestess gear up for the trek ahead. As they travel closer to the Abyssal Ruins, Ara and Rena begin to feel a sense of uncertainty, Anduran tells the group that with what they've done to save Elrios time and time again, they're more than qualified. Arriving at the ruins, the El Priestesses perform their ritual to open the gate to the El Lady. Anduran stood back as the El Search Party made their way into the light to whatever land that lies beyond. As the light fades, she and the other priestesses return to protect their respective El and pray for the El Search Party's safety.

Chapter 27: The Boy and the El

After Elsword chose to sacrifice himself to restore the El, the Wind El that Anduran protected suddenly combined back with the other El in order to reform the original large El. Anduran as well as the other Priestesses were all teleported to where the El combined, the newly reawakened city of Elrianode.

Chapter 31: Interdimensional Colossus and...

Solace and Hernia arrived in response to the treat of an all out war for the El Tower. Hernia insisted on sacrificing herself to the El to keep is stable, however Denif insisted she now and all the El Priestesses arrived to convince her out of her plan. Artea explains that all the Priestesses have been training for generations for the day to protect the El, that Hernia can trust them and not have to deal with it on her own. Ignia tells Hernia that it should have been that way from the start, that they should have always worked together. Gloria points to the El Search Party to show her what teamwork can do and Anduran insists that Hernia put her trust in them. Hernia realizes she had been blinded by her duties that she had ignored those around her that wanted to help and agrees to their request. The Masters, Priestesses, and El Lady all prepare themselves for their duty to protect the El as Henir monsters soon begin to swarm the El Tower.

When Hennon turned into the Interdimensional Colossus, Anduran and Gloria were shocked to see such a massive beast outside the El Tower. They quickly alerted Denif and he called for everybody in the El Tower to help him place up a barrier. Using their power, they manage to surround the El Tower in a protective barrier to prevent monsters and the colossus from doing harm to it, and the El.

When the Interdimensional Colossus had been slayed by the El Search Party, things began to become more quite at the monster stopped attacking. The Masters and Priestesses were able to let down the barrier and the threat facing Elrianode had dissipated. Denif and Ventus both believed that the El Lady should not be bound by her duty as the sole protector of the El, the El Priestesses took on the role in the El Lady's place, stabilizing the El as a group.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

After the El Search Party left, Anduran asks Denif what the purpose of the priestesses were before the El Explosion, telling him that her predecessor had lost her life protecting the Caluso Tribal Village before she could teach anything about the priestesses' history. Denif commends Anduran's predecessor for her sacrifice and tells her the story of the El Lady who stabilized the El after the Nasod War. He then tells that the El Priestesses were born from a plan to train people to help stabilize the El in place of the El Lady. Ventus comments that Anduran's original predecessor has a bit of a temper to her. Gloria notices Darkmoon staring off and asks her what it wrong. She felt a deep regret for having failed to protect the Moon El in Ara's village. The other priestesses reflect on their own failures to protect their El. Denif eases the Priestesses and tells them to look towards the future and what they choose to do next. Anduran breaks the tension and asks the group if they would want to help her prepare her signature vegetable stew, which the other agreed to help out.

After the El Search Party returned from the Forgotten Elrian Sanctum, Anduran noticed the group had returned and invited them to try her cooking. Ignia calls her cooking unique, but not bad, which Anduran has mixed feelings about Ignia's reaction.

Chapter 33: In the Demon Realm

After the El Search Party came back from Add's failed plan to use the Debrian Portal, the group called the El Masters and Priestesses when they arrived back in Elrianode to tell them about their hypothesis about the El. They came to a conclusion to try and investigate what they believed to be a seal underneath the El Tower, the priestesses and El Masters followed. Reaching the ancient primordial seal, Denif requested the help of the priestesses to use their powers to pry a hole into the seal, just enough to let the El Search Party through before it closed back up.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아느드란 Anudran
Japanese Flag.png Japan アヌドラン Anudran
German Flag.png Germany Anedran
Spanish Flag.png Spain Anedran
French Flag.png France Anedran
Italian Flag.png Italy Anudran
Polish Flag.png Poland Anudran

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