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Full Name
Fenriart Solace
Nasod augmented
Sun Master
Voice Actors
장민혁 (Jang Min-Hyeok)
You're going to know the truth of this world soon.

~ Solace


One of the six El Masters, and the one who abducted the El Lady on the day of the Harmony Festival. Born of Rubenian decent, Solace is a gifted user of El energy and a man with an ambitious view of what can be done for the future of Elrios. He longs for the days before Hernia was chosen to become the El Lady.


The Solace Clan

Fenriart Solace was a child of the Solace clan. He and his mother were Rubenians, a bloodline scattered all across the continent with an extreme talent for manipulating El energy. After the death of his mother and the destruction of their village, he was brought into the care of the Solace clan. Due to his heritage, he became an outcast from those of the Solace Clan who grew jealous of his natural gift, especially Sigmund.

The events all started when he met Hernia (who had also recently been taken into the Solace clan) in the castle garden. She had been beaten and bullied by Sigmund's guard. Noticing that the jewel on Hernia's necklace had gone missing, Fenriart faced the guards responsible and retrieved the jewel as well as demanding that they call Sigmund. This would not be the end of Sigmund's abuse towards Hernia as the event would happen again. Hernia pleaded that he and Sigmund would not fight, which Fenriart agreed to on his mother's necklace. However, Fenriart would go back on his promise, facing his step-brother. The two locked swords and Fenriart was on the winning end. However, when Fenriart let his guard down, Sigmund took the opportunity to strike. Hernia suddenly stepped in and repelled Sigmund. When Hernia went to heal and apologize to Fenriart, their necklaces began to resonate with each other; this is when Fenriart realized that Hernia was a descendant of the Rubenian just like he was. Not wanting to concern Hernia he said that they should leave the area.

Sigmund's Plan

After that, Sigmund had kidnapped Hernia and Fenriart attempted to meet with her, but could not find her. Hearing Hernia's cries, Fenriart caught Sigmund attempting to steal her El energy in order to become the most powerful El user in the family as well as become the Master of Sun in place of Fenriart. Refusing to allow Sigmund to harm Hernia, Fenriart fired a powerful beam of El energy which fatally wounded Sigmund, who soon collapsed dead. Fenriart rushed toward Hernia. Hernia was concerned for the boy until she noticed that Sigmund had been killed. Fenriart was worried that the event would repeat itself as he believed his remaining siblings would do the same. He planned with Hernia to run away on the Night of Ishmael when everybody else would be distracted by the arrival of the new El Lady.

Night of Ishmael

Fenriart was waiting in the garden for Hernia so they could leave, but as he growing impatient and concerned, Fenriart went to go get Hernia himself. As he approached Hernia's room, he noticed a strange light. A passersby mentioned that the next El Lady had been chosen. As Fenriart approached, he was stopped by an El Priest who told him that the El Lady's successor had been chosen. The priests were escorting Hernia out of the property and into a carriage. Fenriart refused to accept it and rushed into to try and save her. He was stopped by his clan's guards as Hernia was taken away.

El Master of the Sun

Since that day, time has stood still for Fenriart as he longed to see Hernia once again. He trained, and in time, became the next in line to attain the right of the El Master of the Sun, Master Solace.

On his initiation ceremony, he was able to see Hernia, however he was saddened by her cold expression. The following days, he wondered if she had simply chosen to forget him, or if she had devoted herself. He longed for the days before she was taken. Then Solace was greeted by another master, Master Ebalon who told him about the Illuminous Phenomenon, that the El Lady will have her emotions, memories, and sense of self slowly taken away until she becomes one with the El, something he admits is an unfortunate fate.

One day, Solace confronted Hernia, telling her that time has stopped for him since the day she left, and that he still wants to leave with her. Solace tells her that he doesn't want her memories and emotions to fade away. The El Lady tells him that she has a duty to govern and is responsible for the El and the continent. She tells Solace that she can't put the continent in danger for her own happiness, and that he should do the same.

As the Harmony Festival approaches, Solace meets with Denif about incidents surrounding the El Lady. Denif tells Solace about the events of the previous El Lady from a hundred years ago, when Henir zealots attacked the El Lady and caused to the El to go on a rampage and nearly annihilate the continent. He was thankful that the events didn't quite repeat themselves and that the current El Lady was unharmed. Solace asks Denif about these Henir zealots, Denif replies that they're a group of extremists who believe that Henir is the true god and wishes to eradicate anything not born from Henir, one of their main targets being the goddess serving under Elria, Ishmael. Solace grows concerned that the El Lady may be attacked again, and not wanting her to become one with the El, he makes a plan to build a machine which stabilizes the El in her place.

The Harmony Festival

Every three years, during the Harmony Festival, when all life in Elrios is at peace with one another, the El Masters are actually at work the hardest during this time. While the Sun and the Moon are one in the sky, the El is at its most unstable and the El Masters and El Lady do their best to keep the El in balance.

Solace had planned this day for Hernia and himself to leave. He had completed his machine, which in theory would separate the El Lady's tie to the El and stabilize it itself. Hernia, however, admits that her memories are already becoming foggy, that much of the time she had spent with Fenriart had faded away, that even if she were to leave with Solace, she would only be a hollow shell of Hernia. She trusts Solace to make the right choice on the day of the festival.

On the day of the Harmony Festival, Solace had been thinking about what he should do: leave with Hernia, or respect her duty as the El Lady. In the end, he decided to respect her wishes and devoted himself as the Master of the Sun. However, his decision came to a halt when there was a large explosion and someone or something had enacted Solace's original plan without him knowing. Solace was in confusion as the process he had originally put forth was occurring abnormally fast which would force the El Lady and the El to merge. Knowing the gravity of the situation, Solace tried to rush to the El Lady's side. Denif, suspicious of Solace's actions, sent soldiers to try and stop him.

He saw that she had fallen into a sleep-like state. Knowing that she would be consumed by the El, using his necklace, Solace was able to peer into the El Lady's memories one last time. In it, he saw a glimpse of their childhood, memories that Hernia had not yet forgotten. With these memories, the El Lady awoke one last time. Without any choice, Solace took the El Lady and the two escaped the scene.

With the El Lady gone and the El at its most unstable state, the El shattered in the catastrophic event known as the El Explosion. Solace and the El Lady would only watch. Stricken by grief that she allowed the El to shatter, the El Lady put herself into an eternal coma, until the El could be restored. Faintly, he hears Ebalon's voice says "Haha... this isn't such a bad ending?"

Despite abandoning Elrios, Solace was not without guilt for his actions and still aided the Sun Priestess in the creation of the Sun El, though he did so in secrecy.

Solace in Elysion

Through unknown means, Solace made his way with an unconscious El Lady to Elysion. Solace had arrived to Elysion during a meteor shower that was assaulting the city. He helped defend the city with his immense powers and protected it from the meteor shower with ease, to Adrian Nasod's amazement. Solace soon found himself taking refuge in Elysion, Herjuno however feeling suspicious of Solace. Adrian, blinded by his fascination towards the El Lady, planned to replace Herjuno with Herbaon. Solace and his goons, suspicious of Herjuno, attacked the boy and threw him off Elysion into Atlas. After Herjuno had been disposed of, Solace had requested a stay in Adrian's Palace as well as a hibernation capsule for himself and the El Lady. Adrian, eager to investigate the El Lady for himself, gladly complied to Solace's demands.

Solace eventually heard of Adrian's attempt to hack into the El Lady's hibernation pod and became outraged at Adrian. In a fit of rage, Solace decided to shut off Adrian's Palace by placing barriers not only preventing anybody from entering or exiting, but to also cut off any signals from entering of leaving the palace so his plans would not be jeopardized. With Adrian trapped and returning to his slumber, Solace found his way to the city's main power supply and rerouted it to his base.

While in Elysion, Solace came into contact with an Elysion Nasod named Dekal, who would begin to work under Solace. Requiring high quality Diceon ore, Solace sent Dekal down to Atlas in order to steal supplies of Diceon to be shipped directly to Solace. For the following centuries, he planned to use the Diceon to generate enough energy to create a device he believed could be a permanent replacement for the El Lady's role so he could spare Hernia. During the long process augmenting his body with Nasod components to prolong his life.

Chapter 21: The Other Dimensional World

While the El Search Party made their way to the Diceon Research Lab in Diceon Mines, they found themselves confronting Dekal in the middle of a transmission with Solace.

Chapter 23: What's Happening in Elysion?

While the El Search Party traveled through the Celestial Crossroads, Elsword felt a dark presence in the air, followed by Elesis who got a severe headache. Chung soon pointed out a strange sigil in the distance. Little did they know, the sigil was Solace. Solace stated his surprise that Elsword had made it so far, and commends Elsword for coming. However, he said that they had come too early, too weak. He offered to let them live if they abandon their mission right then. He scoffed at them still playing with their childish El Search Party. Elesis firmly refused Solace's negotiation. Certain that he won't sway the El Search Party, Solace's projection disappears and the two statues guarding the city of Elysion in the Celestial Crossroads, Herna Orb and Herna Shield, come to life under the influence of Solace.

Chapter 25: The Dark Flame Sun

The entire time, it is revealed that Solace had been using the high quality Diceon and the city's main power supply to create a giant El. The energy that the large El gave off is what Eve described as unimaginable, and what Elsword described as feeling like the ancient El of the past, the original El, which Eve confirmed having lived prior to the El Explosion.

When the El Search Party found themselves in Solace's chamber, they see the El Lady off in the distance. While Elesis was experiencing more headaches, Solace told the group that she was reacting to the El Lady as her successor. He greeted the El Search Party having made it this far, for Elsword soon realized the voice was that of Solace. Elsword demanded to know what he was doing to Elesis. However, Solace reiterates what he had said before. He states that all the choices that had lead up to this point were all up to Elsword. While he was able to come this far, his actions had merely delayed the inevitable. He asks how their El Search Party game was before preparing to bring an end to them as their final test: to test the justice they hold and the power of Elsword and his friends.

By the end of the battle, all the party collapses, only Elsword remained, barely standing. With the battle reduced to just the two, Solace believed it was time to activate his device. A bright shines shines through the device and everything goes white.

Chapter 26: The Past and the Future

The device sent Elsword through Solace's memories, where he intended to show Elsword the truth, about the El Lady and himself.

After witnessing the Halted Sun's Memory, it was just Elsword and Solace. Solace knew that Elsword was well aware of the events that were soon to follow. Elsword wanted to know what Solace wanted. Solace asked Elsword what he felt when viewing through his memories, and told him that Hernia had locked herself in her coma-like state since the El Explosion. Solace revealed that he believes that the world shouldn't have to rely on the El. Elsword replies to him that the world needs the El to survive, that they've been trying to find the El Lady to restore peace to the world, back to when the El wasn't destroyed. He told Elsword that if she was able to restore the El, she would only be fated to become a component of it. Solace told Elsword that he has the power to change the future, that he has an unparalleled ability to resonate with the El. Elsword was reluctant to stray from his friends and comrades. Solace told him that if he wishes for the El to be restored, the events will simply repeat themselves with Elesis becoming the new El Lady. Solace revealed that he aimed to create a world where one major El doesn't exist, that he wanted to connect Ruben's El and the six major El's as well as the energy of the people to create a world where they don't have to depend on El. Elsword was uncertain such a radical plan would work, however Solace said that the choice is up to Elsword, as he is the Guardian of El. He could defeat Solace and wish the El be restored, and have the cycle repeat itself starting with Elesis, or break such a vicious cycle and try to create a new world. Solace commented that Elsword and his friends had bested countless foes and rivaled Demon Generals, but they did not do so with their power alone, but with the bonds they've forged with everybody they've met, that a small chosen minority cannot change the world, but that all life can. Solace left the choice for Elsword, the option he believes will benefit all of Elrios.

With Elsword's friends brought into Solace's realm, Solace trusted that Elsword would choose the future he truly desires, with his friends by his side in full support with whatever decision he makes.

Chapter 27: The Boy and the El

Elsword decided for himself that neither options suited him. He told Solace that if he decided to follow his plan, he would just eventually use up all the Diceon and bring the end of Elysion. Elsword couldn't let Elysion be sacrificed either, for Yuno, Herbaon, and everybody. Solace asks if he plans to reinstate the cycle of the El Lady with Elesis being its first victim. Elsword remembered that Solace had said that he was connected to the El, Elsword decided to sacrifice himself for the El. Solace found Elsword's plan too radical and impossible, however Elsword would not back down from his choice, one that would protect his friends, family, and everybody. Elsword made his decision and activated the Diceon core.

Elsword poured his energy into the El and all the El fragments around the world reunited into one. In that moment, Solace injected the El with Diceon in order to stabilize it and prevent the El from consuming Elsword.

Back in the real world, the rest of the El Search Party had wondered what was going on, a massive energy had spawned from Elrios. Solace told them that the original El must have recombined and Elrianode had been rebuilt. He tells the group that Elsword used all his energy to restore the El and is probably inside of it. Ara notices a light coming from Hernia's capsule, Solace looked over in shock. He rushed to Hernia's side and was surprised to see her finally awaken. Solace concerns himself over Hernia saying that she should rest, though she insisted that she was fine before confronting the El Search Party of the situation.

Solace tells the group that he had injected Diceon energy into the El to prevent Elsword from being consumed immediately. Hernia tells the group that they should go to Elrianode and seek out the dragon El Master, Denif, for help. Add asks if the two were going to Elrianode with them, but Solace declines, saying that he is no longer fit to be and El Master and wanting to stay alongside Hernia. Hernia insisted she go, but Solace told her he doesn't want to risk her joining with the El again, and saying that they still have unfinished business here. Solace and Hernia came to the conclusion that they must investigate who was responsible for causing the El to explode, now that Elrianode had been restored, the culprits most likely returned as well.

Chapter 29: Invasion of the Order

While investigating from Elysion, Solace felt a change in the Henir energy in Elrianode. While the barrier surrounding the area should remain stable being a natural phenomenon, he felt that something was causing the Henir energy to react. Following his suspicions he made his way to Elrianode City. There he observed the Spatio Reaper and its ability to rip fissures and summon monsters which became enhanced by the presence of Henir.

While the El Search Party were fending off onslaughts of monsters in Elrianode City, things started to look bad. The monsters were getting more powerful and were soon to overwhelm the group. Just when things were about to take a turn for the worst, Solace swooped in and protected the group, much to their surprise. The group wondered why he was in Elrianode and he reported his findings. He also tells the group as they expected, Henir's Order are the ones behind it. Evaluating the way the monsters are acting, Solace grows suspicious that they may be planning something greater than what it seen at face value. Raven speculates that the monsters are a mere distraction, which Solace doesn't rule out as a possibility. Chung insists on stopping the monsters in the city first and closing off the fissures, Solace agrees and suggest they check out the biggest fissure in the area. He tells the group to go and he'll protect the after leading to the El Tower, as his duty as an El Master. He tells the group to keep his presence in Elrianode a secret to the other Masters, not feeling ready to confront them.

Chapter 30: Henir's Passage

By the time the El Search Party secured Elrianode City, Solace had already made his way out. He headed back to Elysion to regroup with Hernia.

Chapter 31: Interdimensional Colossus and...

While in Elysion, Hernia continued to plead Solace to let her return to the El in Elrianode. While Solace tried to sway her away from sacrificing herself, in the end her will was too much for Solace to hold back. Learning on some knowledge the potential incoming thread of Henir's Order on Elrianode, the two decided to return to the city they had fled long ago.

The two arrived in the city just in time as Hennon and his minions were just about to launch their all out assault on the El Tower. As Denif and Ventus began to prepare themselves, out of nowhere, Solace and Hernia arrived to provide them assistance, Solace tells Denif that he will put up the barrier, which caught Denif by surprise to hear an old voice. Ventus greeted Solace and commented on the time he had been free while they fell into slumber, Solace remained quiet before telling Ventus he hadn't changed. Ventus remembers something we wanted to do then punches Solace for making them go through their struggle due to the El Explosion. He then punched him again for making Denif worry. Solace accepted what was coming to him. Hernia afterwards tells Denif that she want to give herself over to the El to protect it. Ventus asks Solace if he agreed to this, Solace tells him that he could not break Hernia's will. Denif and Ventus both try to sway Hernia away from her decision, for her and Solace's sake.

After the El Priestesses convinced Hernia to trust them to help protect the El. The Master readied themselves to defend the El Tower with their lives.

After the battle for the El Tower was over and the monsters began to dwindle. Denif told Hernia that she and Solace should leave Elrianode. Ventus agrees and nudges them to head back. Solace and Denif were annoyed by his crudeness but Denif lets it slide just this once.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

Solace and Hernia find themselves by themselves left Elrianode and returned back to Elysion, leaving their roles behind. The two worry about each other but they both feel happy that they have one another. Hernia tells Solace that it took a long time to finally be by Fenriart's side again, and she thanks him for waiting all this time. Solace tells Hernia that she no longer has to wait.

Chapter 42: Reunion

When Elsword, Raven, Eve, and Add return to Elysion with an unconscious Ain, Solace and Hernia were expecting them and greeted them at the entrance. Already briefed of Ain's situation Solace prepared a pod and they take Ain off the El Search Party's hand.

After securing Ain, Elsword goes to speak with Solace wishing to seek the power of the El Master. Elsword admits his weakness and his realizations when he was Rosso's power. Solace wonders then why he chose to seek him instead of the Fire Master, Elsword expresses a certain will and desire he saw when he has peered through Solace's memories. Solace states that the power of the El Master is not something that can be passed down or learned, that is a power that can only be given to those who are already naturally wielder's of El energy, something which has been lost since the El Explosion. Raven is bewildered by the existence of the Elrians before the Great Explosion, Solace notices Raven and criticizes the path of atonement he walks with body which is dying from his Nasod augmentations. Elsword eager to defend his friend clashes with Solace, however his anger and frustration cloud his judgement. Solace notes the boy's uncertainty the boy eventually vents his frustrations with himself.

After their confrontation, Raven asks Solace directly if he was also augmented with Nasod technology. Solace admits so but unlike Raven's situation, his was done so with the intention of prolonging his life. Solace again criticizes the man's persistence no atonement with his short life, Raven insists he must walk it but Solace tells him that his actions have little meaning to those who've past and that he should act with consideration to his current comrades, the El Search Party, instead of his past. Solace agrees to not tell the others, however he urges he pick the past he won't regret, and if it is the path of atonement, so be it.

Elsword having time to reflect on things speaks to Solace once more filled his confidence in himself. Elsword accepts that he might not have any specific talent but fill determined in spite of that. Though when he said that, Solace was quick to say that he was wrong. The Sun Master tells Elsword he is a Rubenian with El resonance akin to Elrians before the Great Explosion if not closer to the El Lady herself. Solace notes Elsword's uncanny will to protect the El, and asks the boy himself. Solace contemplates why the boy has only appeared now and wonders where his power comes from, but leaves it to the boy to find the answer himself.

The One Hidden

After learning of Noah Ebalon's presence in Elrianode, Hernia decided to return to the city with Solace. They were greeted by Gaia then spoke briefly with Denif regarding to Ebalon's betrayal, Solace having suspected as much since the El Explosion, but now learning he was likely always an imposter.

After Hernia helped Noah unlock his remaining memories, the boy divulged the revelations he'd learned. The Masters were all surprised to learn of the knowledge of something supposedly sleeping within the El. This knowledge being a potential factor in Henir's Order's fast actions after the El's restoration. Reviewing Hennon's actions, Darkmoon notes the cultists mentioning a desire to raise to the top. Solace wondering if this desire may be the root of its members unwavering loyalty.



  • Despite being left-handed, his sword flies into his right hand in his introduction cutscene in Solace's Fortress.
  • Solace becomes the mentor to Elsword and Raven during the Master Class update. He is the only one to use a sword in combat and shares a lot of traits between the two in terms of backstory and abilities.
  • Solace's necklace shown on his portrait in Elysion and Elrianode is no longer there in Master Road, as he has instead given it to Hernia to wear.

Alternative Names

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South Korea 페리하트 솔레스 Perrihart Solace
Japan フェリハート ソーレス Ferihart Solace
China (Simplified Chinese) 佩尔哈特·索雷斯 Perihart Solace
Germany Perihart Solace
Spain Periart Solace Perihart Solace
France Perihart Solace
Poland Perihart Solace

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