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Fire Master
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Full Name
Ainen Rosso
Fire Master
Voice Actors
안영미 (An Yeongmi)
Besides... I don't want any one else sacrificed for this...

~ Rosso


The El Master of Fire. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. The power of fire is the power of passion, and there is joy to prevent the strength of the fire from overflowing.


The Creation of a Fire Master

Ainen was born a half-demon child from unknown circumstances. Through unknown means, Ainen was taken into the possession of the Rosso clan to be used as one of their test subjects to produce a Fire El Master. Assigned the designation B-99, he along with many others were subject to all manner of experiments to gauge their aptitude to maintaining the Fire El. While they did not know his race, they still noticed the child's power granted him the unique ability to subdue the rogue element of fire, suppressing it with demonic energy.

Researchers noted B-99's uncooperative temperament and paired him up with another subject, B-27 Lebio. Lebio's conviction to become the El Master so the experiments would stop struck a chord in Ainen and his temperament stabilized. Seeing potential, they injected the boy with Stirbargen's Crimson Eye, which the clan had in their possession. The boy had multiple outbursts during this process, resulting in many injuries and casualties, including the death of B-27. Ultimately, the process was a success, the fusion between the boy and eye boosted Ainen's demonic power and made him remarkably powerful at controlling the powers of fire.

With his heightened power, Ainen eventually turned his back on researchers that tormented him, wiping them all out. However after the deed had been done, the boy felt only frustration and emptiness, frustration about all the lives that had been lost, and emptiness of being without purpose. Recalling Lebio's ambitions, Ainen wished to follow in his footsteps, to shoulder their sacrifices and prevent any further ones from being made. He was determined to be the last Fire Master.

His unique traits found him as an unparalleled nominee for the position of Fire Master and he was given the seat.

During his place as the Fire Master, he and the others started the El Priestesses system. He began to instruct the first of the Fire Priestesses, Fanelia. Though he would often fall into his arguments, the Fire Priestesses had a keen ability to ignore anything nonessential.

El Explosion Aftermath

After the El Explosion, alongside the remaining El Masters, Rosso was tasked with pouring his energy into the large scattered remains of the El. Traveling to the land which would be Lanox, he poured his powers against the will of the Fire Priestess Fanelia who pleaded for him not to sacrifice himself. Rosso was successful, creating the Fire El, though a side effect of his actions was the demonic energy within him no longer was able to maintain balance, and Rosso, as a half-demon, started to go berserk. Due to the chaotic state of the world after the El Explosion, Henir fissures appeared nearby larger fragments of El, Rosso took the opportunity he was given go through one of these fissures and distance himself from Elrios, thus not to allow his rampaging half-demon form to wreak havoc. After crossing through Henir's Realm, the Fire Master ended up in the Varnimyr region of the Demon Realm. As a final precaution while he still had some control, Rosso erected a prison tower and sealed himself within it to restrain himself.

500 years later, when Elsword restored the Giant El to its original state, the power of the El flooded to Rosso, as well, even in the Demon Realm. In the wake of the El's return, his powers were released from within the tower, creating a burning aura which destroyed much of the surrounding land as well as caused the spirits to go berserk.

Chapter 35: Cradle of Sin

When the El Search Party started their approach towards the Crimson Tower, Rosso launched the Remnant of Crimson Calamity from the tower to the location of his long lost weapon, this location just so happened to be where the El Search Party was. Rosso's weapon flew off towards the Crimson Tower where is manifested itself into the Crimson Calamity which Rosso used to try and destroy everything around it, the tower included, however the tower had seemed to be designed specifically to protect itself from the monster.

At various points while the El Search Party engaged with Rosso's possessions, his memories were able to pass on into Elsword who was able to briefly hear the El Master's past. Once the El Search Party finally reached the cradle where Rosso was kept, Rosso was able to combine with the power of the Crimson Eye and use the remnant of Stirbargen's power within it to assume the powerful form of an uncontrollable half-demon. Elsword was able to vaguely communicate with Rosso directly, Elsword called out asking who he was, but Rosso was barely able to muster words that the El Search Party were able to hear.

Once the El Search Party successfully defeated the berserk El Master, Rosso collapsed, with the demonic powers that surrounded him burning away. Ventus soon appeared on the scene having come to deliver a Wind Spirit Stone to the El Search Party, he tells Elsword that he shouldn't touch Rosso in his current state due to the heat he is emanating. Elsword asks Ventus if he knew the person, which Ventus playfully replied that they were old friends. Rosso, having just enough energy to talk told Ventus to shut up and to help him up. Before being able to say anything else, Rosso tells Elsword his name, because he had asked many time during their fight. Aisha and Add both wished to ask why Rosso was in the Demon Realm, but Rosso was dismissive and refused to answer their question, similarly Ventus dodged the question insisting that they bring Rosso back to Elrianode first. Before they left, Rosso told Elsword that the Lord of the Crimson Eye was close.

Answer to Belief

Ventus takes Rosso back through the passage of Henir, however the dimension was even more chaotic than when Ventus had initially passed. The two masters traveled through it and were able to return back to Elrianode, greeted by Denif, the priestesses, Gaia, and Laby. Anduran welcomes Ventus back while Artea welcomes the newly arrived Fire Master. Rosso, noticing the new generation of priestesses, asks for the Fire Priestess. Ignia introduces herself, however Rosso without a second thought calls her crazy. Ventus tries to call Rosso off but the Fire Master criticizes Ignia's choice to be a Fire Priestess. Ignia tries to defend herself, saying she's doing her best but Rosso calls her weak and urges her to leave now that he has returned. Ignia refuses to take orders from him, insulting his height which especially peeves Rosso. Denif calls for Gaia to intervene, the Earth Master takes Rosso away kicking and screaming.

He is taken to be cared for by Darkmoon, Laby upset from seeing him argue with Ignia follows to talk with Rosso. After Darkmoon finished healing his wounds, he told her to leave, Laby wanted to know why he was so rude. Rosso tells her to mind her own business and refuses her request to teach Ignia, criticizing that she'll cause herself to burn away at the rate she is working before wondering why he was even telling her. Rosso asks Gaia about the girl, Rosso exercises caution around the girl suspecting she might be dangerous. He begins to suspect why Denif allowed her to stay, Laby wonders if he knows something but Rosso remains stern in not telling her anything. With help from Darkmoon, they manage to convince Rosso to tell a little, he reveals that Laby is likely to be from the Demon Realm since he felt a similar energy during his time spent there. Though he explains he cannot say further without the Crimson Eye. He warns Gaia that he only told them this as a warning to stay cautious. Done with the conversation he tells everybody to leave and let him rest.

Meeting the El Search Party

When the El Search Party neared the seal back into Elrianode, Rosso gathered with the rest to open the seal. Ignia attempts to reconcile with the Fire Master to mixed results, though Rosso still generally dismisses her. When the seal opened and the dimension inside was even more chaotic then last time, Gaia suggested he go in to assist the El Search Party, but Rosso insisted against the idea ruling that they may not be able to open it in anymore if Gaia goes in. Laby volunteers to go in instead, which Denif agrees to. Laby manages to help the El Search Party but the dimension shifted causing the group to fall into a dimensional rift and seal closed. Rosso insisted he go to help them, however when he learned the seal was shut for good this time, he went quiet.

Chapter 41: A Wounded Return

Unable to go help the El Search Party after the seal closed, the Fire Master chose to dedicate himself to his training, going to the Elrianode Training Grounds to make up the strength he had lost from the Crimson Eye. Elesis, Lu, and Ciel confront the Fire Master during his training to ask him how he traveled to the Demon Realm. Before they could even actually ask him, he declines their request to tell them how he got to the Demon Realm. Ciel tries to reason with him due to their aid in the restoration of the El, Rosso tells them outsiders need to stay out of their business. Elesis wonders if he plans to find the Dark El to stabilize the El himself, saying he'll do whatever is necessary for their duty, then tells them to cough up information they have. Lu is riled up by Rosso's disposition as Elesis wonders if the other El Masters agree with him, Rosso dismisses it. Elesis decides they should go talk with Denif instead. Rosso stops them in their tracks, telling them to stay out of their business as well as expressing his dislike of Lu's attitude. They argue as a fight soon ensues.

Elesis and Ciel notice his attacks are more precise and controlled. Lu wonders why he is so tight lipped about how he got to the Demon Realm, them fully aware the option is no longer available, while Rosso wonders why'd they bother him if they knew it to be the case. Lu stands that she had to keep a promise she made to revive Aegirp, Rosso scoffs at the promise while Ciel defends Lu. Rosso tells Ciel as a half-demon to stop acting like a lackey, Lu criticizes Rosso since he himself is also a half-demon. Rosso is surprised that she noticed since even Denif was never able to pin it down. Lu barely being able to tell due to the fire energy, Rosso corrects them, telling them that it is the demonic energy he has which contains the fire energy. Annoyed that they reminded him of his past, he doubles down on them. They begin to question if he has ulterior motives but remains headstrong in his beliefs and would even take the burden of the Demon Realm himself if he had to. The group ask why he has to be the one which he reflects the sentiment. Elesis is determined to keep to their duty and denies the rules Rosso is trying impose on them, reminding them they aren't ready to sacrifice themselves. The others keep to the choices they've made.

At his wit's end, he gives and decides to tell them what they wanted to know, if only because he knows it will be of little use to them and to get them out of his way. He tells them that he was born a half-demon which his family learned was able to suppress the Fire El's energy. He was subjected to a manner of experiments and was eventually given the Crimson Eye to amplify his demonic powers which made him suitable for maintaining the element of fire. When the El Explosion happened, he poured his energy into the large fragments like the other masters but due to it, his demonic energy started to go out of control, revealing that he escaped through the rifts causes by the unstable El and exiled himself in the Demon Realm. Elesis realizes Rosso was not dissimilar to her brother, who was willing to sacrifice himself so nobody else would have to. Rosso is done with their presence and tells them to get lost as he continues training to make up for his lost power.

Chapter 43: Preparation

At around the same time the El Search Party all reunited back in Elrianode, Denif and the other present Masters met with the priestesses. At this meeting, Denif reveals to the priestesses the truth about the El Explosion, that it was Ebalon who caused the incident, as an agent of Henir's Order. Ignia wondered why it was that history only mentioned Solace and the El Lady. Denif tells her that they believed the world was not in a state to learn the truth, Ventus noting trust in the El Masters was already at an all time low such that they essentially had to beg to make the Elemental El. The news made Darkmoon realize the Moon Priestess sacrificed herself to make the small Moon El. Rosso saying they shouldn't feel pity, Ventus remarking how Rosso pressed on to create the Fire El through the tears of the Fire Priestess Fanelia. Rosso tells Ventus to shut up, asserting that she needed to stay behind to train the next Fire Priestess. Ventus finds it curious that the Sun Priestess survived, Denif remained silent, which makes him realize that Solace was aiding from the sidelines. Rosso is peeved at this revelation. Moving on to their current situation, Denif asks if Ventus has any new information about Henir's Order which he unfortunately did not. Artea was uncertain why the group would not make any significant actions till recently. Rosso is equally unsure of what the group may be up to and brings up if they should inform the El Search Party which Denif decides against, choosing to continue their investigation separately.

Unfamiliar Home

Rosso had taken Darkmoon to the Water Dragon Sanctum to attempt to restore the humanity of the mutated Henir's Order cultists to no avail. Rosso noticed Noah and becomes aggressive, but Darkmoon suspects the boy is among the recently arrived Landar Camp. She calms Rosso down and urges they report back to El Tower and Noah to also return. Before they could leave, Rosso notices the Henir's Order ring Noah had taken from Titania. Noah remains uncooperative causing Rosso to believe the boy was a part of the order, and attacks. Their conflict was soon halted by Ventus.

Ventus hears from Lincy who was able to communicate with Clamor and deescalated the situation, Rosso suspects that Ventus was too suspicious of the boy, hence her appears out of the blue. Noah tells them part of the truth though Rosso remains skeptical, as Ventus leads them all back to Master Denif.

Everyone's Reason

The Masters and Darkmoon gather for a secret meeting regarding Noah. Noah discusses the imposter who'd disguised himself as Ebalon and his encounter with Titania in the Rosso estate. Rosso and Ventus discuss how it is El Masters are chosen, and the little power they possess in regard to that selection. Rosso remains skeptical of Noah's claims and even after the discussion, trails the boy to keep and eye on him. Noah plans to see the portal operating beneath Elrianode and Rosso tags along.

Now that the two were apart from the rest of the masters, Rosso probes the boy on what he learned at the Rosso estate. The boy tells him only of the matters in regard to Henir's Order and they soon reach the portal. Based on Titania's words, Clamor suspects their base is in the Demon Realm which he explains to Rosso, divulging what he can about Henir's Order. Noah proclaims his intentions to got the Demon Realm which Rosso is vehemently against, standing in the boy's way. Aggravated, Noah provokes the master with memories of the Rosso estate before something causes him to become fatigued and fall unconscious.

While Noah was unconscious, Darkmoon asked him to pass on a message to Noah and then he and Clamor began to talk. The two shared experiences, both being apart a vile experiments which were outside their hands by now. Noah wakes up, overhearing their conversation, thinking more clearly, the boy asks why it is Rosso chose to become a Master. Rosso tells the boy his past, and his conviction to be the last Fire Master to spare others from the tragedy. He passes on Darkmoon's request to see the boy and sends him on his way.

The One Hidden

After Noah regained all his memories, a meeting all the Masters and Priestesses was gathered where they learned the fate of the Dark El and Henir's Order is much closer than they had thought. Denif begins to regret not having informed the El Search Party enough on Henir's Order, Rosso attempts to ease Denif's regrets. Ventus pointing out the uncharacteristic action, to the Fire Masters ire. With the new information, he asks Noah if he's prepared to journey to the Demon Realm, which the boy was now more determined than ever.



  • Rosso's name literally means "red" in Italian.
  • Rosso wrote the Undying Flame, Recycle Heat, and Phoenix's Affinity skill notes.
  • Ventus mentions that the power of the Fire El is the most destructive out of all elemental powers. It is also a power that easily burns the life of those who use it away.
    • Rosso mentions that he "doesn't want to see anyone else be burned away by that power", which is also his reason for demanding Ignia to leave when they first meet.
  • Rosso appears to be easily ticked off if his short height is brought up.
  • According to Ventus, the first Fire Priestess was very good at ignoring Rosso's habit of complaining, to the point where he would typically give up his arguments.
  • Rosso gets riled up by Elesis, Lu, and Ciel during the Master Class update as they pressure him for information, quickly escalating it into a 3 on 1 sparring match.
    • The update is a reference to how he has fire-based powers like Elesis and how he is also actually a half-demon, just like Ciel (though under very different circumstances).
  • Due to being a half-demon, Rosso has notably pointy ears and is able to grow horns and a tail, as shown in both his corrupted state as the Recluse in Crimson Cradle of Flames as well as his second phase in Elrianode Training Grounds.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 아이넨 로쏘
실험체 B-99 번
Ainen Rosso
Subject B-99
China (Simplified Chinese) 艾宁·罗索
试验体 B-99 号
Ainen Rosso
Subject B-99
Germany Rossou
Spain Roseno Rosso
France Rossou
Italy Rossou
Poland Rossou
United Kingdom Rossou

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