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Wind Master
Name Soran Ventus
Role Wind Master
Location Elrianode, Elrianode City, Crimson Cradle of Flames
Hm~ Did you miss me?

~ Ventus



The El Master of Wind. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. The power of the wind energy keeps the universe in motion.



Long before Soran became the El Master, as a child he experience some form of trauma. The memories from his experience haunted him for part of his childhood, believing that he might even be cursed.

El Explosion

After the El exploded, the El Masters decided to pour their energy into the scattered El. In the process, they gave the power of attributes to the various scattered El. In order to preserve Elrianode, they created a seal and locked it with the El. The capital of Elrios would fall into slumber alongside the El Masters who sealed it. However, Lincy was not sealed alongside Ventus.

Early Awakening

With help from Lincy, Ventus woke up and sought to investigate what had happened to Elrianode and suspected that the Henir cults were likely culprits. He then started searching for traces of Elrianode itself. During his search he came across a band of Henir cultists, he started trailing them and when Elrianode was reawakened, he followed them to Elrianode.

Chapter 28: Restored Elrianode

Ventus followed the Henir Order into the Water Dragon's Sanctum. He saw the mysterious man nab the Primal El which was sealed deep in the sanctum. As the mysterious man made his escape and left a trait of transformed minions in his path, Ventus tailed behind him without him even noticing. When the mysterious man was giving him monologue to the El Search Party before fleeing the sanctum, Ventus was able to steal the Primal El and replace it with a fake without anybody even being aware that he was there.

Chapter 29: Invasion of the Order

After the El Search Party defeated the Spatio Reaper in Elrianode City the group were resting after the battle. However they had let their guard down too soon as the Spatio Reaper readied itself to self destruct with Rena with range. The creature self destructed but Ventus was there to save Rena. The group was suspicious of the Ventus at first demanding him to identify himself while Rena began to feel a familiar energy coming from him. Ventus offer the group assistance, especially towards the ladies. Aisha denied his offer, then he insisted telling the group his real identity as the Wind Master before introducing Lincy. Rena immediately recognized Lincy, and Ventus soon realized that the woman he had saved was Rena, the same girl who helped Lincy reawaken him. Ventus expressed his joy of finally meeting her and starts to flirt with her to Lincy's dismay. To celebrate their union, he gave Rena the Primal El that he nabbed from the mysterious man. The group were shocked and began to suspect Ventus, however Ventus tells the group how he got the shard back. Eve and the rest of the group noticed the relic produced an unimpressive amount of El energy and wondered why it was so important. Ventus agreed and requested to talk to Denif about it, calling Denif "old man" at first.

Chapter 30: Henir's Passage

Aisha asks Ventus on why he was in the area, Ventus admits to having been awake for quite some time already, telling the group that it was due to Lincy and Rena's help. When Rena heard this she suddenly realized that the person Lincy was trying to save all those years ago was actually Master Ventus himself. He thanks Rena and Lincy gets a little jealous and starts hitting Ventus. Chung came in after going back to look for Solace, Chung tries to talk with Elesis in private, however Lincy was easily able to overhear the group and told Ventus that Solace was in the area. This shocked Chung and he asks if Ventus was angry at Solace. Ventus says that he understands what Solace had gone through and doesn't hold the events against him, but tells the not to tell Denif he had said that.

Ventus arrives in Elrianode alongside the El Search Party and greets Denif with a warm hug, which Denif swiftly declines before stating that he is clad to see the Wind Master again. Denif asks Ventus what he was doing with the El Search Party, Ventus explains that he was awakened by Lincy and Rena about two years ago and had been investigating Henir's Order ever since. Ara tells Denif that Ventus had retrieved the relic back from Henir's Order, Ventus hands over the stone and tells Denif to investigate the bottom of the stone revealing ancient text. Aisha translates the text but can't make sense of it assuming that the message in incomplete. Ventus stays adamant that the stone is of great importance if Henir's Order went through such lengths to get it.

Chapter 31: Interdimensional Colossus and...

The Mysterious Man having appeared right on the El Tower's front porch, Denif quickly called for Ventus to help him aid in fending off incoming monsters. Ventus admitted he was a bit rusty but he was excited for the warm up. He soon realized that somebody unexpected had arrived. Solace and Hernia appeared before the two other El Masters. Ventus expressed his job to see an old acquaintance and even more so the El Lady who he thought would still by in Elysion. Addressing Solace, Ventus contemplated the time it has been since their last meeting, he jokingly stated two years, but soon retracted knowing that Solace wasn't in the same slumber they had been, that he had been active for centuries. Ventus comments that Solace had not changed a bit, still being the blunt person he had always been, Solace returned the sentiments that Ventus had not changed either. Ventus tells Solace that he had forgotten to say something before punching Solace to everybody's surprise. He exclaimed that, that was for the hardships they had to go through because Solace's mistake. Then punches Solace again for making Denif worry. Solace accepted what was coming to him. Hernia told Denif that she wished to give herself to the El in order to protect it. Ventus asks Solace if he had agreed to her plan, Solace told them that he could not sever the El Lady's will in the end. Ventus warns the El Lady of the severity of her choice, if there is anything she may regret, that he does't want a repeat of what happened before. Denif agrees to Ventus's sentiments and insists Hernia not continue. Hernia pleaded but the Priestesses soon arrived to talk her out.

Once Hernia was convinced to place her trust in the El Priestesses and work together. Ventus called the sentimental time short called everybody to their stations to either maintain the El, or protect it from the monsters. After the El Search Party defeated Hennon, as a last ditch effort and a means of testing out the Primal El's power, he used a Dark El fragment he had and turned into the Interdimensional Colossus. The Priestesses saw the beast and quickly alerted Denif and Ventus. Ventus commented on the gravity of the situation now, commenting that they are running out of options. Denif realizing a monster on this scale posed a huge danger to the El Tower told everybody to help him produce a barrier around the El Tower.

After the El Search Party defeated the Interdimensional Colossus, the monsters attacking the El Tower soon began to dissipate and things quieted down. He thanked the other Masters, Priestesses, and the El Lady for helping protect the El Tower. Ventus gives his thanks to all the Priestesses in his flirtatious way, which Denif quickly scolds him for, telling him to act more Master like again and Lincy starts attacking Ventus again out of jealousy. Denif then directs his attention to Solace and Hernia, telling them that they don't have to say in Elrianode anymore. Hernia insists on staying but Denif is stern on letting them go, telling that he has realized the cycle of sacrifice the El Lady faced was wrong, that he believes in the El Search Party to find another way. Ventus jumps in and nudges the two to leave Elrianode and get together. Denif annoyed by Ventus's crudeness, let his statement slide just this one time. Ventus laughs it off.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

After the battle with Hennon was done and over, Ventus began to scout the ruins the city and the surrounding area. During his scouting, he sensed a location of an Elriabrunnr in a cave outside of the city. On his way back to Elrianode, during his thoughts, he notices the El Search Party talking and snoops in on their conversation, catching Aisha by surprise. Elsword tells Ventus that after their fight with Hennon, the group has realized that they need to become stronger for the road ahead. Ventus hears their request and sees the determination in them, he leads them to Denif who could tell them what they should do. Returning to Elrianode, Ventus reports that he had discovered an Elriabrunnr in a cave, and suspects it to be the Forgotten Elrian Sanctum. Denif is impressed by Ventus for finding the Sanctum, but also reprimands him for leaving his post. After Denif fills in the El Search Party about the Elriabrunnr, Ventus volunteers to lead them to the Elriabrunnr.

After leading the party to the Forgotten Elrian Sanctum, Ventus returns to Elrianode. Back at the El Tower, Sasha wonders where the other El Masters might be, Denif believing that they can't be inside Henir's Barrier at the current time. Ventus jokes and hopes they aren't fooling around, Denif grudgingly suggested that Ventus go search for them if he is complaining about it. Ventus tells Denif to relax. The El Masters and El Priestesses talk about the journeys they have all faced thus far and the traditions of the El Order. Ventus laments that while the El Masters were strong users of the El, they were trained to defend the El and El Lady as opposed to maintaining it. Denif and Ventus then explain how the El Order began to train priestesses to work under the El Masters. Ventus commenting about one of Anduran's predecessors having a bit of a temper before Lincy strikes him. Darkmoon and Ignia both begin to regret their failings as Priestess of the El, but Ventus tells them to smile. With their talk finished, Anduran suggests they help her make he famed vegetable stew, Ventus jumps at the thought and helps retrieve ingredients.

After the El Search Party returned from the Sanctum, Ventus immediately sense that they have become stronger.

Chapter 33: To the Demon Realm

After Add's plan failed to show any results in Debrian Laboratory, the group returned to the tower with some potential breakthrough theories they had. Upon reaching the tower, they were seeking Denif, but Ventus tells the group that he was out scouting the city.

When Denif returned, the group told him and the priestesses everything they had been hypothesizing about. Believing that the El's power may be to interfere with traveling between worlds. Ventus saying that the goddess may have created the El in order to stop the Demon Realm from crossing over. The El Search Party requested to search under the tower for something they could use a gateway, Ventus telling Denif that nobody had never really searched below the El. After Chung revealed that they had briefly been under the El when Ara fell in, Ventus tells Denif that they had found something that appeared to be a seal. Realizing the possibility the group went down below the El.

Inside the Labyrinth of Ruin, Ventus couldn't really believe that this place had been under them this whole time, that they probably would've never found it if it wasn't for Ara. Ara felt bad for her clumsiness, but Ventus tells her that he wasn't trying to reprimand her or anything. When they all reached the seal, Denif told the group that they won't, and shouldn't break the seal, but with their combined energy, may be able to pry it open just large enough to let the El Search Party slip through. Ventus warns the group that they may no be able to return. Denif, Ventus, and the others were able to make a small opening in the seal, just large enough for the El Search Party to enter before the gateway closed behind them.

Chapter 35: Cradle of Sin

After the El Search Party had already made their way to the Demon Realm, Ventus and Denif had begun to discuss among each other how exactly the El Search Party may return back to Elrios. Eventually an idea was met to give them a Wind Stone which they can sense when the El Search Party returns to the seal underneath the El, this would allow them to know when they should pry open the seal and let them back into Elrios. In order to deliver the Wind Stone to the El Search Party, Ventus agreed to take it to them himself. Denif and the priestesses used their power to open the seal once again and Ventus made his way through. Traveling through the passage of Henir, Ventus would actually meet the El Search Party at the Crimson Cradle of Flames just as the group had defeated a possessed Rosso.

Elsword was reaching out for Rosso but Ventus appeared to advice him not to because Rosso's body was emanating a lot of heat. The El Search Party were surprised to see the Wind Master appear out of nowhere, Elsword also asks if Ventus knew the person they had just rescued. Ventus playfully tell them that they were old friends, Rosso interjects telling him to shut up and help him up. He then explains to them the reason for his arrival and the plan they had devised for when they wished to return to Elrios, giving Rena a Wind Spirit Stone he could detect once they approach the seal again. Later when the El Search Party tried to ask Rosso why he was in the Demon Realm, he refused to tell them, Ventus coming in and insisting they take Rosso to Elrianode and that he could fill them in later.



  • Ventus wrote the Skill Notes Concentrated Air Technique and Weakness Detected.
  • Both Ventus and Lincy have heterochromia eyes, both having one blue eye and a nearly white eye. It should be noted that the color of their eyes are switched. As stated in Rena's voice webtoon 2, their eyes symbolizes a contract that they made.
    • Ventus's first name is revealed to be Soran in the same webtoon.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 소란 벤투스 Soran Ventus
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 本图斯 Ventus

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