Status Effects/Faint

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Status Stun.png
Status Type Debuff
Debuff Name Faint
Icon Status 087.png
Max Stack(s) 1


  • Affected individual cannot move for a period of time.
  • Ailment will disappear if affected individual is hit.
  • Ailment also cancels mana break.


Character Skills Items
Class Skill Duration
Sword Knight Spiral Blast 2 seconds
Double Slash 3 seconds
Lord Knight Impact Smash 2 seconds
Sonic Blade 2 seconds
Knight Emperor Sonic Blade/ModA 2 seconds
Aisha Lightning Bolt 2 second
Lightning Bolt (Awakening) 3 second
Elemental Master Lightning Shower 3 seconds
Killing Blow (1) Lightning Shower 4.2 seconds
Elemental Storm 2 seconds
Aether Sage Cyclone/ModA 1.5 seconds
Elemental Master : Transcendent Circle of Elements 2 seconds
Battle Magician Guillotine Press 3 seconds
Heavy Press 2 seconds
Dimension Witch Impact Hammer 3 seconds
Dimension Witch : Transcendent Air Stunner 2 seconds
Reckless Fist Limit Crusher 1 second
Code: Nemesis Lunatic Scud 3 seconds
Code: Empress Heaven's Fist - Pressure 3 seconds
Code: Battle Seraph Taser Pilum 1.5 seconds
Iron Paladin Iron Howling 2 ~ 7 seconds
Deadly Chaser : Transcendent Stun Shot 2 seconds
Ara Steel Body 1.5 seconds
Little Devil Rakshasa Stance 1: Soul Reaping 1 second
Elesis Spiral Blast (Elesis) 2 seconds
Psychic Tracer
Arc Tracer
Time Tracer
Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear
Nasod Armor Mode - Transform
Nasod Armor Mode - Overlimit
2 seconds
Add Particle Accelerator 4 seconds
Lunatic Psyker Quicksilver Accel
(With 1 DMP)
2 seconds
Demon Power (Enhanced) Hunting Prey 1 second
Chiliarch Power of Oriax 0.5 seconds per hit
Apollyon 2 seconds
Valkyrie Enhanced G-35L Flash Grenade 3 seconds
Freyja Neil Sniping 2 seconds per hit
Lofty: Executor Drehen Hinter 1.5 seconds
Item Duration
Raul's Fury 4 seconds

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea ??? Faint