Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear

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AddPassive4.png [Passive] Enables you to use Nasod Armor commands. Press Z.png or X.png to activate the command after pressing NAZ.png, NAX.png or skill button while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening) is activated.

- Skills: Check skill description for skills applicable with the Nasod Armor Mode.
- Commands: ZZZ[Z], ZZX[X] (1st Job), XX[X], XXZ[Z~Z], →→ZZ[Z], →→XX[X], →→↑X[X]

Damage is cancelled when hit during the Nasod Armor combo. Continue pressing to use Nasod Armor combo again.

2nd job change (Lunatic Psyker) can activate basic ground combo attacks. The final combo hit triggers the Nasod Armor to activate.

Decreases DP usage, enhances Nasod Armor Command damage.


Class Level Required
Psychic Tracer 15

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required DP Usage Decrease Nasod Armor Command Damage Increase
1 15 10% +40%
2 31 15% +55%
3 39 20% +70%
4 83 25% +100%

Nasod Armor Mode

  • Skills Affected:
  • Nasod Armor combos gives a variant of Chung's Heavy Stance. When hit during the combos's animations or after advancing to Lunatic Psyker at the end of his normal combo to trigger, immediately burn 20 DP to completely negate the damage with your dynamos. During that animation, you can press either Z.png or X.png to teleport to the original target that is in front of him and restart his combo.
    • The teleportation has unlimited range.
    • Do note that this does not negate stun, flattened, petrify, or power stun.
    • Although Add's Nasod Armor combos can resist most attacks, dual hit attacks like Eve's electron balls, other Adds' X.pngX.pngX.png combo,and Blazing Heart's fireballs will stop him.
    • This can be looped indefinitely so long as you have the DP gauge for it, note, however, that Add will only negate ONE hit per combo, so you'll have to pretty much mash Z.png or X.png to nullify multi-hitting abilities, which will quickly burn through your DP gauge.
      • However, if Add has invested a large amount of DP Charge and DP Consumption Reduction, he can repeatedly counter you in a battle of attrition.

Nasod Armor Commands

Psychic Tracer Lunatic Psyker

Tips and Details

  • Although the tooltip didnt show →→↑X[X], this combo is also able to be followed up with Nasod Armor combos.
  • Similar to most of Add's skills, the Nasod Armor is bugged. If you miss the combo, you can use any special active skill that reactivates Nasod Armor to instantly teleport to the enemy again, even if the skill misses. (Energy Boom or Pulse Cannon are recommended, due to their low costs).
  • The heavy hitstun of the initial teleport will "freeze" enemies for a bit, allowing the additional Nasod Armor commands to follow up with ease.
    • If an enemy is highly resistant to Faint due to light resistance, they may sometimes escape, as they will be in a neutral state after the heavy hitstun wears off, allowing them to move or use a skill, so slower Nasod Armor commands are not advised in these situations.



Date Changes
12/19/2013 07/02/2014
  • Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear added.
02/05/2015 -
  • Reduction of DP Usage increased.
  • Nasod Armor combos 'damage increase' decreased.
09/24/2015 03/03/2016
  • Add 50% chance of gaining additional mutation point upon awakening.
05/18/2017 05/31/2017
  • Nasod Armor Command Landing Shockwave Stun Duration increased.
07/18/2019 08/14/2019
  • Nasod Armor Command Landing Shockwave changed to heavy hitstun.
08/14/2019 08/28/2019
  • Additional Mutation Point Gain Chance increased.
09/11/2019 09/25/2019
  • Additional Mutation Point Gain Chance effect removed.
    • Due to entering Dynamo Configuration Mode now providing max DMP.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 너소드 아머 모드 - 배틀 기어 Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear
Japanese Flag.png Japan ナソードアーマーモード - バトルギア Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 纳斯德护甲模式 - 战斗核心 Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear
German Flag.png Germany Nasodrüstung - Kampfmontur Nasod Armor - Battle Gear
French Flag.png France Armure nasod - Combinaison de combat Nasod Armor - Battle Gear
Polish Flag.png Poland Nazo-Zbroja: Mundur Bojowy Nasod Armor : Battle Gear
English Flag.png United Kingdom Nasod Armour - Battle Gear
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Modo Armadura Nasod - Armadura de Batalha Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Armor

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