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Arena Sets (Season 4)

These sets are introduced in Season 3 of Arena. Sparring equipment for basic job character and 2nd job class characters will not be available anymore. A new sparring equipment will be available.This is an +7 enhanced equipment and cannot be enhanced anymore.If a player finishes the PvP Introductory quests, he will be getting the new sparring equipment as a reward. The ability of each equipment will increase based on the level of the character and the socket option will differ depending on parts.
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Elements for Arena Set Weapons

Regardless of Lvl, you will always need to pay the same amount of Elstone to enchant the element to your weapon. The following amount of Elstone will be how many you will need:
Lv1 Element - 10 El Shards
Lv2 Element - 30 El Shards
Lv3 Element - 60 El Shards
Total amount for triple enhancement - 100 El Shards.

For more info on which elements to use, click Here

Arena Sets (Season 4) (Attack, Defense Power And HP will be determined by level/class)

Image Name Stats
Sparring Shirt

Attack Speed +2%

MP Gain when attacking +1.5%

Bonus Set Effects

2 Pieces Effect:

Reduce Damage +3%

3 Pieces Effect:

Additional Damage +3%

4 Pieces Effect:

Max HP +10%

5 Pieces Effect:

Active Skill Damage +10%

Special Active Skill Damage +10%

Sparring Pants

Max HP +5%

Critical Hit Rate +2%

Sparring Gloves

Attack Speed +2.5%

Resistance to all elements +20

Sparring Shoes

Movement Speed +5%

Jump Speed +5%

Sparring Weapon

Critical Hit Rate +3%

MP Gain when attacking +2%

Attack Speed +5%

Resistance to all Elements +20

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