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Private Phoru Academy

Private Phoru Academy. Private Phoru Academy only for Phoru elites. A tough teacher's rough class is about to begin.
Welcome to the Private Phoru Academy! This academy is only for the elite Phorus.
Recommended Level
Appropriate Item Level
Entry Requirements
  • This dungeon can only be played with 2 players facing off against each other.
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
PhoruStudent.png Phoru Students - Students of the Private Phoru Academy. These lazy kids are sleeping in class. Wake them up with a good smack. Don't punish kids that are awake or they'll attack back.
  • Book Jump: If you hit them while they're awake. They will jump, knocking players and books close to it.
ProfBanthus.png Professor Banthus - Banthus got a new job, this time as a private school teacher. However, his strict and crude ways haven't left. If he catches kids sleeping in class, he'll not hesitate to unleash his ultimate attack: laser vision!
  • Laser Vision: If you don't wake up more than 5 of Phorus, Professor Banthus will get angry. And he will wake them up, using the Laser Vision attack! While killing you.


  • Banthus: Kukukukuku! Class will begin!


Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 사립 뽀루 고등학교 Private Phoru High School
German Flag.png Germany Poru-Privatoberschule Private Phoru High School
Spanish Flag.png Spain Instituto Privado Poru Private Phoru High School
French Flag.png France Lycée de Porou privé Private Phoru High School
Italian Flag.png Italy Scuola superiore privata dei Poru Phoru Private Superior School
Polish Flag.png Poland Prywatna szkoła Burasów Phoru Private School
English Flag.png United Kingdom Poru Public School

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