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Dead Man's Hill Velder Village The Prosperity Road


You've arrived at the bordering village of the Velder Palace that became a refuge camp since the invasion of Demons. You can see an ominous light and mass of dark clouds over the castle, which also appeared in Feita.
Only accessible through the valley trail of Feita, the Velder Kingdom is a kingdom lies at the equatorial belt of Lurensia. The source of Darkness, apparent in Feita, appears to be from the Kingdom of Velder...The Kingdom of Velder has nearly been entirely conquered by the forces of the darkness...as a result, people of the Velder Kingdom have sought refuge at the edge of the Kingdom, where they hope to fight against the forces of the darkness and get their Kingdom back.
Level Required to Enter
NPCsMini Map

Npc gralS.jpg Grail Npc vanessaS.jpg Vanessa Npc mausS.jpg Praus Npc hannaS.jpg Hanna Npc noelS.jpg Noel

Special NPCs

Npc cobo ariel.jpg Ariel Npc camilla.jpg Camilla Npc luriel.jpg Luriel

Hunting FieldsBGMs

The Prosperity Road

Clock Tower Square

The Peace Road

Harmony Road

Port Lurensia

Hamel-destined Battleship


Velder Village - village_velder

Belder Dungeon map.png
Dungeon Name Dungeon Name
5-1Icon KR.png Residential Area 3 5-5Icon KR.png Commercial Area 1
5-2Icon KR.png Hope Bridge 5-6Icon KR.png Southern Gate
5-3Icon KR.png Palace Entrance 5-X Icon.png Velder's Hallucination
5-4Icon KR.png Burning Hope Bridge
  • This is the only area where the dungeon field is located inside the Capital rather than the Suburbs.
    • After field update the town name "Suburbs of Velder" was changed to "Velder Village".
  • Although Velder is the capital of the continent and has a palace it suppose to have a king but the king was never mentioned.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 벨더 Belder
Flag-tw.pngHk.png Taiwan & Hong Kong (Traditional Chinese) 班德 Belder
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 拜德 Velder
French Flag.png France Belder
German Flag.png Germany Belder
Italian Flag.png Italy Belder
Campo Militare
Military Camp
Polish Flag.png Poland Belder Belder
Spanish Flag.png Spain Bélder Belder
English Flag.png United Kingdom Belder

Hunting Fields