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Hamel-destined Battleship Hamel Capital Elime's Wave
Velder-destined Battleship


We have arrived to the mysterious water-filled Hamel Capital that is currently being overran by the demons. Behind this beautiful city awaits new challenges for Elsword and his friends.
Hamel, the capital of the Senace Kingdom. Hometown of Chung, the sixth playable character of Elsword.

Located in the southern Elios Continent, Fluone, Hamel, known as the city of water is a partially submerged city.

The City is literally built out of a huge rock overflowing with water; some kind of unknown geographical structure that none have ever encountered. Due to the influence of the Dark, the city has been partially submerged and part of it is taken over by the forces of the dark. The area around the Capital, however, belongs to the rebels of the dark, hoping to fight back their nemesis and rebuild their city of Hamel.
Level Required to Enter
NPCsMini Map

Hamel NPC Red Cross Knights Captain.png Penensio Hamel NPC jewelry merchant.png Lucy Hamel NPC Alchemist.png Denka Hamel NPC BlackSmith.png Horatio
Hamel NPC 1.png Daisy

Other NPCs

Ross.jpg Rod Ross Sasha.jpg Water Priestess: Sasha

Special NPCs

Npc cobo ariel.jpg Ariel Npc camilla.jpg Camilla Rur.png Luriel

Minimap Hamel Village.png
Hunting FieldsBGMs

Velder-destined Battleship

Elime's Wave

Stricken City

Fountain of Healing

Circular Waterway

Noah's Grave


Hamel Capital - village_hamel

Unused Music in Region

Hamel Outskirts - dungeongate04

Dungeon Name Dungeon Name
6-1Icon KR.png Resiam Outskirts 6-5 Icon.png Magmanta's Cave
6-2Icon KR.png Sunken Resiam 6-6 Icon.png Temple of Frozen Water
6-3Icon KR.png Ancient Waterway 6-7 Icon.png Hall of Water
6-4Icon KR.png Heart of the Ancient Waterway 6-X.png Temple of Trials
  • Hamel is the first area to take place in the Fluone continent. It is also the first time the El Search Party intentionally leave their home continent. Altera technically being the first time leaving Lurensia.
  • In one of Denka's lines of dialogue, he says, "I've solved a similar problem in Sutra Kingdom once, don't worry." It is unknown exactly where this Sutra Kingdom is located, and not much is known of it other than its name.

Hunting Fields