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Serve as Edel's Butler for a Day!

Serve as Edel's Butler for a Day! Edel is coming home after a long hiatus. Make sure the house is sparkly clean before Edel comes back to a dirty house from work. Don't forget to feed her pet, Mother Pig, and keep the music box going.
You have been chosen as Edel's butler. Can you satisfy the perfectionist Sebastian?
Recommended Level
Appropriate Item Level
Entry Requirements
  • Have 1 Sebastian's Reference SebastianRef.png in your inventory.
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Ally Image Ally Description
PetMotherPigHead.JPG Pet Mother Pig - One of Edel's pet pigs. Keep them well fed and they will reward you well. Feed them slowly by standing next to them or picking up a bowl of pet food which will max out their hunger.
MusicBoxHead.jpg Music Box - Phonographs around Edel's mansion producing music. Stop the mechanics from destroying the machines. Keeping them in tact will reward you well. If a mechanic destroys the Music Box, hit it to repair it.


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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
MischievousMechanicHead.JPG Mischievous Mechanic - Devious mechanics which will destroy the Music Boxes.
  • None


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
SebastianHead.JPG Chief Butler Sebastian - If you are caught by Sebastian, he will lecture you forcing you to loose precious time and points.
EdelHead.JPG Mansion Master Edel - Edel will come to give you a bonus for your work, you however will have to greet her when nearby.


  • Sebastian: Please dust out every nook and corner. Make sure to feed Mother Pig on time, and Edel doesn't like it when the Music stops.


Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 에델 집사 체험 24시 Edel's 24 Hour Butler Experience

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