Petite Angkor

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[Active] With a twist and a flick of the wand, Aisha summons 'Angkor', a black and white bat, that will fly in a straight line from the direction of the summon, until it either flies off the map or finds a victim; once attached, it will bite the victim for 5 seconds, then explode.


SP Requirement
Void Princess
75 SP

Skill Information

Skill Level Damage(Magical) Duration MP Usage Cooldown
Initial Hit Spark/sec Explosion
1 15% 15% 100% 3 seconds 40MP 10 Seconds
2 30% 30% 200% 4 seconds
3 45% 45% 300% 5 seconds
4 60% 60% 400% 6 seconds
5 (M) 75% 75% 500% 7 seconds
6 90% 90% 600% 8 seconds
7 105% 105% 700% 9 seconds

Tips and Details

  • The initial hit only hits one enemy; however, the damage-over-time and the final explosion will hit any mobs close to the enemy to which Angkor is attached to.
  • Angkor can be shaken off by tapping the left and right key commands.
  • On the initial hit, the opponent will be knocked forward depending on the direction they are facing.
  • With the correct timing your opponent can avoid taking damage from the bat's explosion by using a special active, a buff, an active with iframes or by awakening.
  • Will deal a total of 6 hits, 5 consisting of shock damage and one final explosion damage, each hit occurring once every second.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 쁘띠 앙고르 Petite Angkor

Void Princess Skills
Hyper Active
VP.png Abyss Angkor
Special Active
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