Petite Angkor

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[Active] With a twist and a flick of the wand, Aisha summons 'Angkor', a black and white bat, that will fly in a straight line from the direction of the summon, until it either flies off the map or finds a victim; once attached, it will bite the victim for 5 seconds, then explode.


SP Requirement
Void Princess
75 SP

Skill Information

Skill Level Damage(Magical) Duration MP Usage Cooldown
Initial Hit Spark/sec Explosion
1 15% 15% 100% 3 seconds 40MP 10 Seconds
2 30% 30% 200% 4 seconds
3 45% 45% 300% 5 seconds
4 60% 60% 400% 6 seconds
5 (M) 75% 75% 500% 7 seconds
6 90% 90% 600% 8 seconds
7 105% 105% 700% 9 seconds

Tips and Details

  • The initial hit only hits one enemy; however, the damage-over-time and the final explosion will hit any mobs close to the enemy to which Angkor is attached to.
  • Angkor can be shaken off by tapping the left and right key commands.
  • On the initial hit, the opponent will be knocked forward depending on the direction they are facing.
  • With the correct timing your opponent can avoid taking damage from the bat's explosion by using a special active, a buff, an active with iframes or by awakening.
  • Will deal a total of 6 hits, 5 consisting of shock damage and one final explosion damage, each hit occurring once every second.

Void Princess Skills
Hyper Active
VP.png Abyss Angkor
Special Active
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