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Preset UI.

Presets is a quality of life functionality that stores the equipment, skill and game system page setups, allowing the player to conveniently switch between them whenever needed. Using Presets saves time that would have to be spent on doing it manually.
Currently available to register pages include:

Setting up

Each currently available page can be bound to a group, accessible on the left side of the window. Presets can be expanded up to 4 via Preset Page Expansion obtainable from the Item Mall. Each preset can be renamed to more accurately reflect what it is used for, i.e. farming or dealing damage.
Warning: closing the window without saving your setup will result in reverting the changes.

Related Items

Image Item Name Effect Cost
Icon - Preset Page Expansion.png Preset Page Expansion Adds 1 Preset Page for characters using this item. 400 K-Ching

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