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For the costume set by the same name, see ELSTAR (Costume Set) and ELSTAR (Switch Ver.).
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PROJECT EL★STAR is an event that took place between April 2019 and January 2020. This event reimagines the main cast of the game into Korean idol groups.


Group Name Members Single
trinityACE Elsword Chung Add MAGIC HOUR
MEGA CAKE Aisha Eve Lu Laby My Dear Sweet
MAZE Raven Ciel Ain 말야(reset)
ALTER CROWN Rena Ara Elesis Rose 0(Young)

Offline Events

dal.komm Coffee Collaboration

In May 2019, dal.komm Coffee, a South Korean cafe chain, partnered with Elsword to promote the PROJECT EL★STAR event.[1] Patrons were able to purchase special merchandise at participating stores, such as coasters featuring each EL★STAR idol and straw holders and mugs featuring the Hedgehog (El Search Party version) pets.[2]

Fan Meetings

Fan meetings were held at certain locations, such as dal.komm Coffee and Nexon's Korean headquarters, where fans could meet with each of the EL★STAR groups.[3]

Elsword Hologram Concert

Main Article: Elsword Hologram Concert

On January 18, 2020, a concert was held in Seoul, South Korea to mark the end of the PROJECT EL★STAR event. The concert included performances of the four EL★STAR groups and their singles along with remixed performances of four older songs.


Alternative Names


Server Name Translation
South Korea 엘스타 ELSTAR
North America ELSTAR
Germany Elstar
Spain Elestrella Elstar
France Elstar
Italy ElStar
Poland Elstar
United Kingdom Elstar


Server Name Translation
South Korea 트리니티에이스 trinityACE
North America trinityACE
Germany trinityACE
Spain trinityACE
France Trinité Trinity
Italy trinityACE
Poland trinityACE
United Kingdom trinityACE


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