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First Jobs

Upon arriving at level 15, players can choose a job for their character.

  • The jobs branches in four paths. Those jobs can vastly differ from usage and play style.
  • New combo extensions and skills depending on the character type.
  • Lu/Ciel job only changes one of the characters. The other character will advance once the player reaches the 2nd job, though.

Class Change Quest

All 1st job quests are unique for each class. Go to the corresponding class page to learn more about the questline.

  1. Enter Bethma Village.
  2. Clear Bethma Lake once.
  3. Complete one of the following depending on the job advancement:
  4. Clear Dragon Nest once.

Class Change[Class Change] Opportunity for a New Path
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Achieve 1st Job
  • Be Level 34 or lower
  • Clear 2 dungeons in your level range
    (excluding Ruben/Event Dungeon/Guild Mini Game/Guild Expedition/Ereda Island/Dimension of Sinister Intent/Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak/Henir's Time and Space/Gate of Darkness/Add's Energy Fusion Theory)

If you think you're on the wrong path, you have another chance to find the right one.
Clear dungeons in your level range 2 times to find a new path!
*This quest is only available for 1st class, Level 34 or lower.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 HQ Shop Item 135666.png 1st Job Change Promotion Cube x1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 0 CCT1st.png 1st Class Change Ticket x1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
  • 1st Class Change Ticket will only last for 1 day before disappearing.

Skill Quest

Quest Icon.png Level 30 Layer Skill (Level Requirement: 30)

  1. Clear 1 dungeon within level range.
  2. Find 1 of Camilla's Missing Manual from the monsters in Altera~Feita dungeons.
    • Completing this quest will give you Camilla's Secret Manual (Intermediate).

List of Classes

Icon - Sword Knight.png Sword Knight
Icon - Magic Knight.png Magic Knight
Icon - Sheath Knight.png Sheath Knight
Icon - Root Knight.png Root Knight
Icon - High Magician.png High Magician
Icon - Dark Magician.png Dark Magician
Icon - Battle Magician.png Battle Magician
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Combat Ranger.png Combat Ranger
Icon - Sniping Ranger.png Sniping Ranger
Icon - Trapping Ranger.png Trapping Ranger
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Sword Taker.png Sword Taker
Icon - Over Taker.png Over Taker
Icon - Weapon Taker.png Weapon Taker
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Code Exotic.png Code: Exotic
Icon - Code Architecture.png Code: Architecture
Icon - Code Electra.png Code: Electra
Icon - Code Unknown.png Code: Unknown
Icon - Fury Guardian.png Fury Guardian
Icon - Shooting Guardian.png Shooting Guardian
Icon - Shelling Guardian.png Shelling Guardian
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Little Hsien.png Little Hsien
Icon - Little Devil.png Little Devil
Icon - Little Specter.png Little Specter
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Saber Knight.png Saber Knight
Icon - Pyro Knight.png Pyro Knight
Icon - Dark Knight.png Dark Knight
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Psychic Tracer.png Psychic Tracer
Icon - Arc Tracer.png Arc Tracer
Icon - Time Tracer.png Time Tracer
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Chiliarch.png Chiliarch
Icon - Ciel.png
Icon - Lu.png Royal Guard
Icon - Royal Guard.png
Icon - Diabla.png Diabla
Icon - Ciel.png
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Heavy Barrel.png Heavy Barrel
Icon - Bloodia.png Bloodia
Icon - Valkyrie.png Valkyrie
Icon - Metal Heart.png Metal Heart
Icon - Lofty Executor.png Lofty: Executor
Icon - Lofty Anpassen.png Lofty: Anpassen
Icon - Lofty Wanderer.png Lofty: Wanderer
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Sparky Child.png Sparky Child
Icon - Twinkle Child.png Twinkle Child
Icon - Rusty Child.png Rusty Child
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Second Revenger.png Second Revenger
Icon - Second Selection.png Second Selection
Icon - Second Grief.png Second Grief
Dunno.png ???

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