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Basic Information

A Legendary Weapon, Apocalypse Type - Void Sword

Legend Equipment is the strongest equipment in the game. It is highly desired as endgame gear due to its unrivaled strength and special effects, and is generally difficult and time-consuming to obtain. Legend equipment was first introduced on April 30, 2015 (KR) with the Perkisas's Ruins raid update, and has only seen a small number of incarnations since then.


Along with their raw strength, Legend grade equipment often has special effects unique to them to increase their capabilities. Some Legend Weapons also have Enhance Effects, which unlock additional stats and effects the higher their enhancement level is. They also carry the highest number of socket slots of any equipment.

Equipment Default Wedged
Weapon 5 Slots HQ Shop Item 117434.png 6 Slots
Armor 4 Slots HQ Shop Item 117435.png 5 Slots

How to Obtain

Currently the only obtainable Legend equipment can be received from Add's Energy Fusion Theory or the Varnimyr raid dungeons (12-5, 12-6, and 12-7). The chances of obtaining them however is extremely low, although there are alternative methods to obtaining them, which are also time consuming, but more consistent. On some occasions, Legend-grade equipment or accessories may be given out during events, but generally only last for a limited time.

Equipment List

Image Name Level Stats Set Effects Obtained From
Perkisas Legend Weapon01.gif
Perkisas: Weapon of Greed Level Requirement: 85
  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • Physical Attack Level +10
  • Magical Attack Level +10
  • 20% chance of activating Perkisas's Strength effect. (5 Stacks of the buff will summon Perkisas) Not overlapped
  • None
Eltrion Legend Weapon02.gif
Eltrion MK2 Nasod Weapon Level Requirement: 85
  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • Physical Attack Level +10
  • Magical Attack Level +10
  • 20% chance of activating Eltrion's Fighting Spirit. (Eltrion's Fighting Spirit will awaken after 5 stacks) Not overlapped
  • None
Void Weapon03.gif
Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon Level Requirement: 95
  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • [Add's Energy Fusion Theory]
  • [Enhance Effects]
  • None
Flames of Judgement - Demonic Weapon Level Requirement: 99
  • [3 Unidentified Stats]
  • Fire Resistance +50
  • +1% chance of inflicting burning effect (Applies only to fire element)
  • Adaptation +5% (Dungeon)
  • When attacking, a 2% chance to summon Black Titan's beam (Cooldown: 60 secs) (Dungeon)
  • [Mystic Enchant]
  • [Enhance Effects]
  • None

Tips and Details

  • Due to the difficulty of obtaining Legend equipment, it is recommended to get the best equipment you can before attempting to obtain it. This is especially the case in Varnimyr raids where very strong teamwork is required, as having stronger gear won't weigh down your party as much.


  • Perkisas: Weapon of Greed was originally a Lv.80 weapon prior to the Lv.85 cap increase. Players who had already obtained a Lv.80 Perkisas weapon, were offered to option to upgrade it to Lv.85 at Glave.

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