Ice Burners

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Ice Burners are the gacha system in Elsword, which can contain rare items and costumes.

Basic Information

Ice Sculpture Key (Elpheus)

Ice Burners are items that can be opened in order to obtain randomized rewards, such as Ice Burner costume sets, Titles, Magic Amulets, and other useful items. They can be purchased from the Item Mall, traded from other players, or obtained during some events. In the Chinese server, Ice Burners are obtained by purchasing an item called Ice Sculpture Key from the Item Mall, and then exchanging it at Ariel for the actual Ice Burner. To open an Ice Burner, simply right-click it in the special tab of your inventory.

The actively available Ice Burner sets change every few months on average, introducing brand new sets to the game, as well as reintroducing older sets for newly released characters. Aside from doing so for new characters, Ice Burner sets are usually retired after their season is over, which adds to their rarity, though they may re-appear during Repackaged Ice Burner sales, which combine 3 older sets into one Ice Burner. Any unopened Ice Burners that were purchased during a previous season will still exist in-game, and can be opened and traded like normal.

Ice Burner Costume Sets

Ice Burner costumes are rare and valuable rewards from opening Ice Burners. They have significantly greater stats and effects than normal costumes, as well as an additional socket slot on the weapon costume piece. With the exception of character-exclusive Ice Burners, any pieces that are received will be given in cubes, which can then be opened to receive the respective piece for the character that opened it. Each ice burner that is opened will also contain a special item associated with it, which can be used towards crafting an additional accessory at Ariel.

Players may also purchase an Ice Burner Trial Package from the Item Mall, which contains one normal ice burner, along with a Trial Cube which contains a 1-day version of the respective Ice Burner set. Trial Packages can only be purchased once during each Ice Burner season.

Obtainable Items

(Source: Nexon's Official Website)

Please note that if the current Ice Burner Set possesses more than 2 Accessories, the probability of obtaining an Ice Burner costume piece will be adjusted while all other probabilities will remain the same.

Please also note that the probabilities are based on the values provided by the Korean server and may not accurately represent the chances of other servers.

  • S Grade
  • A Grade
  • B Grade
  • C Grade


Item Rarity
Ice Burner Weapon 0.3%
Ice Burner Hair 0.3%
Ice Burner Another Hair 0.3%
Ice Burner Top Piece 0.6%
Ice Burner Bottom Piece 0.6%
Ice Burner Gloves 1.1%
Ice Burner Shoes 1.1%
Ice Burner Accessory 1 0.35%
Ice Burner Accessory 2 0.35%
Weapon Only Magic Amulet Lv.9 0.0299%
Armor Only Magic Amulet Lv.9 0.0299%
Weapon Only Magic Amulet Lv.10 0.0001%
Armor Only Magic Amulet Lv.10 0.0001%
Magic Amulet Lv. 8 2%
Glory of Victory Title 0.001%
Berserker Title 0.001%
Sacrifice Title 0.001%
Total Rarity 7.063%


Additional Items

Additional Items are guaranteed loot that is obtained every time you open an Ice Burner. They are used to craft accessories that are not obtained from the Ice Burners themselves. These items can be traded, however they are deleted once the respective Ice Burner set is no longer in season, so it is advised to use or sell them as soon as possible to avoid them going to waste.

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect/Uses
Ice Crystalline (차가운 크리스탈) Automatically obtained after using an Ice Burner not in its season Material required to craft:

Ice Burner Season Buff

When equipping more than 3 pieces of the current Ice Burner set in its season, you'll receive the Ice Burner Season Buff.

Icon Effect Name Description Current Season
Ice Burner Season Buff

+10% Physical Defense (Dungeon)
+10% Magical Defense (Dungeon)
Movement Speed +10% (Dungeon)
Quick Slot items Cooldown decreases to 5 seconds (Dungeon) (Works alternatively with the normal Cooldown, Cooldown: 60 Seconds)

Dreaming Automata
Sacred Knights‎‎
Wander Märchen

List of Ice Burner Costume Sets

Server Exclusive



  • When Ice Burners were first introduced, the available costume pieces would be included in waves until the full set was added, rather than offering the complete set from the start as they later would.
    • The first wave would add Weapon, Gloves, and Shoes. The second would add Hair, Top Piece, and Bottom Piece. The third would add accessories.
  • When the Ice Burner Skill Cut-ins were released, new art was made for Lu and Rose due to neither of them having been used for prior Ice Burner promotional art. Lu was given a design wearing Dusk Sovereign: Endent to match Ciel who had Dawn Sovereign: Begint. Rose was given a design wearing Nereid.

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