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Commands are the basic moves that can be executed by characters which deal typically smaller amounts of damage at the benefit of being mostly cheap and easy to repeat, or provide additional mobility. Commands that do not cost any MP tend to be used to quickly restore it instead. For the most part, commands are much more notable tools in PvP, where resources are much more scarce and skills are not as frequently usable. All commands use a combination of the , , , , and keys.

All commands have a few key features that set them apart from other commands, besides the differences in damage dealt. Some commands can launch enemies away, or provide you with Super Armor to protect from incoming attacks, while others will knock enemies down on the spot or do little damage at all in lieu of superior movement. This page is meant to document the various commands and the way they can be used or interact.

While certain features are not exclusive to commands and may apply to many Active and Special Active skills as well, such as hitstun or launch ability, those features can be found in the Tips and Details of the relevant skill, where notable enough, as they typically have much more straightforward applications than the vast list of commands at your disposal.


The most basic commands at a players disposal are, naturally, the ability to move around in the game. Simply holding or will make you move in that direction, while tapping the respective key twice, denoted by and , will cause you to start running faster. For the sake of simplicity, and the majority of dungeons moving from left to right, the rest of this page will refer to pressing a movement key in either direction by .

To jump, tap , which will allow you to move up by a single platform in height. Due to this, most dungeon layouts are essentially layered in height by multiple platforms exactly one jump apart, and many skills and tips on this wiki will often refer to this to give a sense of scale to the vertical range of an attack. You are also able to jump during a dash, denoted by . Specific commands, often referred to as "Dash" or "Dash Jump" commands, can only be performed while already dashing or after jumping during a dash. To move down, while standing on top of a platform, you can press to descend through the platform to a lower level.

Some characters may also have a double jump available to them, typically in the form of , though the height of the second jump differs on the character and does not always equal 2 platforms in height. In addition to the built in double jump, you are also able to gain additional height due to something referred to as a "high jump", which can be performed by tapping in quick succession, which, given enough Jump Speed, can allow most characters to get over 2 platforms of height.

Aside from these basic movement options in each of the 4 directions, many characters also gain additional abilities that allow them to move around the map or an enemy more efficiently. These may or may not deal damage as well. Some notable commands are Chung's , which acts as his double jump by launching him up with a cannonball, or Chiliarch's and after a dash jump attack. There are also commands that allow you to pass through enemies and objects, such as Elsword's , which is an additional form of movement that many classes have access to.

While there are exceptions, most predominantly movement based commands are either affected by the Movement Speed or the Jump Speed stat, with the former mostly applying to all horizontal movement, and the latter to all vertical movement.

An extensive list of all character's unique movement abilities that predominantly focus on height and distance, or passing through objects, can be found below.

Character Movement List

  • Elsword
  • Aisha
  • Rena
  • Raven
  • Eve
Double Jumps &
Base Instinctual Movement Synergy
Pass-through Base
Rune Master

Fast Falling

If you press while already falling down, you will be able to fall to the ground much faster than usual. This is commonly referred to as fast falling, and will vary in effectiveness based on the character you are playing, with characters such as Eve falling very quickly. Fast falling will also cut your jump short when input during a dash jump, and using an attack command during a fast fall will cause some of that momentum to carry over, allowing certain inputs to both hit an opponent while still bringing you closer to the ground.

A notable application of fast falling is an array of techniques known as "stepping", among which "spring stepping" is far and away the most well known and versatile. When fast falling, hitting the ground will normally cause most characters to perform a landing animation, or a short pause before continuing to run if you are still holding . However, by inputting the command again at the proper timing, this animation is skipped and you retain some of the momentum gained from the fast fall. Doing this quickly consecutively, pressing immediately followed by while holding , will propel you forward much faster than most normal movement options. While a very useful trick for any content, be aware that for specific characters, the input may be much more precise thanks to other mechanics they have, such as Eve and Aisha's floating abilities.

There are many more applications of fast falling and stepping that can help in maintaining a combo in PvP, and progress through a dungeon or maneuver around a boss faster in PvE, so while movement may be a basic ability on the surface, the platformer aspect of the game can make these just as vital as offensive abilities.

Attack Commands

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Explanation of basic commands.

Command Extensions

<List or category of all command extensions>
Explanation of job advancements and the resulting command extensions.


Explanation of hitstun and its various intensities.


Explanation of launch and the PvP launch limit.


Explanation of commands that launch directly up.


Explanation of commands that launch enemies away from the player.


Explanation of commands that only slightly lift up enemies, typically resulting in knockdown.


Explanation of commands that significantly knock enemies back, without launching.


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Explanation of knockdown and knockdown ratio, and its effects on PvP

Deleted Commands Archive

Commands that have been removed or replaced over time.

Class Removal Attack Details
Sword Knight Removed This command allowed Elsword to launch enemies directly out of his combo, similar to simply .
Immortal Replaced Initially, the had Elsword lean backward before piercing through enemies ahead, before firing conwell swords behind him at the enemy with . These were condensed and sped up into a single button on the final , with a new slam attack replacing the .
Dark Magician Removed (Partial) The command was another method to create a Plasma Ball instead of the still remaining variant.
Combat Ranger Removed This command acted as an alternate way to perform the still remaining command.
Night Watcher Replaced Originally, the final had Rena perform a second kick on enemies in front of her, launching them into the air. This was replaced with an overhead slash that allows Rena to leap past enemies.
Raven Replaced and Originally, the third in both combos had Raven perform a stab, before pulling his blade out of the enemy to knock them down after (with ) or cause an explosion with his Nasod Arm (with ).
Code: Architecture Removed After performing the basic combo, Eve could summon Oberon to launch enemies up before slashing down at them from midair.
Fury Guardian Replaced Originally, the final caused Chung to swing his cannon back at the enemy behind him, knocking them down. This was replaced with a diagonal dive backwards to land next to the enemy and launch them up instead.

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