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Skill Icon.png Skills

Skills are special moves that can be executed by characters which deal greater amounts of damage than normal moves at the cost of Mana (MP), Health Points (HP), Cannonball, Spirit Energy (SE), Dynamo Point (DP), Combination Point (CP), or ECP. Skills can be learnt by leveling, and obtain Final Enhanced effects upon advancing to the next job (including Transcendence). When enhanced, the skill's tooltip will be updated to reflect the Final Enhanced effect. Through the use of Skill Rings, special Titles', Equipment, and Magic Stones, the damage of the Skills can increase.


Skills that you wish to use can be placed in these "Skill Slots". The letters: A, S, D, C, Q, W, E, and R are the hotkeys that must be pressed to execute the respective skill. Additionally, there is one skill slot dedicated only for Hyper Actives, defaulted to LShift.

After a skill is used (in normal circumstances), there will be a cooldown counter which has to be counted down before a skill can be used again.

There are numerous skills in the world of Elsword, which can be divided into six categories: Passives, Buffs, Couple Skills, Event Skills, Actives, Special Actives, and Hyper Actives, each of which have their special characteristics and abilities.

Skill Slot Change Medal (Not Available Anymore)

HQ Shop Item 200880.png

Before 11/7/2018 Qol Update, the second row of skill slots was locked. To unlock the second row,you had to purchase the B-Skill Slot from the Item Mall. This allowed you to use Q, W, E, and R for hotkeys. B slots are activated immediately for the character upon purchase. Alternatively, you could do the monthly quest for a 30-day B-Skill Slot to get the second skill row unlocked.

Skill Icon.png Skill Tree

A Skill Tree is a layout where one can see the development of skills. Skill Trees are gained upon job advancing and skill from those skill trees will be granted gradually based on the player's level. The Skill Tree has gone through several incarnations each with varying mechanics and systems of progression.
For a list of current and old skill trees, go to: List of Skill Trees

Skill Icon.png Special Actives


Special Actives are unique skills that have high MP cost and the potential to do high damage. These skills, when used, cause delay, a small period of time-stop, followed by the image cut in of the character as the character executes the skill. If the dynamic camera is active, the camera angle will change to an epic view. Special Actives are an essential set of skills which can greatly enhance your ability in fighting.

An example of a Special Active skill, as seen in the picture, is "Gust Screw", where Aisha casts a pillar of fire to damage surrounding enemies.

Special Actives can be divided into three types: Tenacity, Strength, and Bravery. In most cases, the skill's type can be determined by their MP cost. However, this may not always be the case for certain characters due to some skills requiring additional resources, such as Spirit Energy, Dynamo Point, or Combination Points.

  • Tenacity: 70 MP ~ 120 MP
  • Strength: 130 MP ~ 240 MP
  • Bravery: 250 MP ~ 300 MP
    • Certain skills may not fall into their expected categories completely.

Skill Icon.png Actives


Actives are low MP cost skills that can be used for quick effect. The abilities of Active Skills vary over each individual job class. These skills are classified under the term Flexibility skills.

An example is the skill as shown in the picture called "Shadow Step", which allows Raven to dash past obstacles or opponents over a distance for a low mana cost.

It is always advisable to have at least one Active skill in your skill slots to allow greater flexibility.

Skill Icon.png Couple Skills


Couple Skill is a kind of skill that is related to the Wedding System. Each basic job has this skill.

The picture is "Extreme Heavenly Love", currently the only Wedding Skill, which allows character to throw a heart and recover HP and MP with Power of Love.

Skill Icon.png Event Skills


Event skills are a kind of skill that are only available for a limited time. Each basic job will have access to these skills.

The picture is "Power of El", which allows character to throw an orb which resets their skills' cooldown, grants them temporary invisibility, and makes all skills cost 0 MP.

Current Event Skill

  • None

Skill Icon.png Buffs

Buffs are skills which can be used to temporarily enhance the stats of the character. There are only one types of Buffs, Seal (also called Aura in NA). Before the Skill Tree Reorganization in 2013, there used to be three types of Buffs: Accelerators, Aura Accelerators, and Adrenaline. When using Accelerators, Aura Accelerators, or Adrenaline, it will cause delay. However, Seals will not cause delay.



Auras are party buffs that give all characters within an area increased stats for a moderate period of time. Only Eve and Lu/Ciel's basic job, all Aisha's 1st job, and Add's 1st job Time Tracer are capable of using Auras.

An example is, as shown in the picture, the "Acceleration Aura", which increases all speed and Physical/Magical Attack Power for a set amount of time.

Self Buffs


Self Buffs are a type of buff that are currently exclusive to all of Rose's 1st job classes and Apostasia. However, there exist a few active skills that act like buffs, but they are not counted among them (e.g. Iron Body, Shadow Body or Repel). Unlike Auras which provides a buff to the user and all nearby players, Self Buffs only enhance the user's abilities.

An example is, as shown in the picture, the "Miracle Vision", which increases Active / Special Active damage for a certain amount of time.

Accelerators (deleted)


Accelerators are the old kind of buffs before the Skill Tree Reorganization in 2013. They are strictly 70 MP self buffs that increase the stats of the character for a moderate period of time. These skills are found in the 1st set of skills at the start of the game before any job advancement. Accelerators cannot stack with Aura Accelerators or Adrenaline. Only Elsword, Rena, Raven, Chung and Ara are capable of using Aura Accelerators.

An example, is as shown in the picture, the "Magic Accelerator", which increases magic attack for a set amount of time.

Aura Accelerators (deleted)

Magic Party Buff.PNG

Aura Accelerators are the old kind of buffs before the Skill Tree Reorganization in 2013. They are party buffs that give all characters within an area increased stats for a moderate period of time. These skills are found in the 1st set of skills at the start of the game before any job advancement. Aura Accelerators cannot stack with Accelerators or Adrenaline. Only Aisha and Eve are capable of using Aura Accelerators.

An example is, as shown in the picture, the "Magic Accelerator Aura", which increases magic attack for a set amount of time.

Adrenaline (deleted)

Magic Attack Advanced Buff.PNG

Adrenaline are the old kind of buffs before the Skill Tree Reorganization in 2013. They are 10 second self buffs that give the character a major increase in stats. Adrenaline cannot stack with Accelerators or Aura Accelerators. These buffs are great for unleashing lethal Special Actives and can greatly increase the damage output of a skill.

An example is, as shown in the picture, the "Magic Adrenaline", which greatly increases the magic attack of the character for 10 seconds.

Skill Icon.png Passives


Passives, as implied by the name itself, are skills that cannot be used by the character but instead enhances the stats or abilities of the character.

An example, as seen in the picture, is a passive called "Focus Strength" which increases the Physical and Magical Attack stats.

However, not all passives increase stats as the one stated above. There are many other passives in higher job advancements that grant you special abilities limited to that particular class.

Skill Icon.png Hyper Actives


Hyper Actives are special skills that consume 300 MP and an El's Essence. These skills can always cause a great deal of damage. However, they cannot be used frequently in dungeons or PvP due to the cooldown. Hyper Actives have their own individual skill slot which is mapped on the LShift key by default.

An example, as seen in the picture, is a skill called "Lunatic Scud" which allows Eve to open the dimension gates and summon Nasod Soldiers that will annihilate enemies in the way.

  • Hyper Actives are unaffected by All Skill Damage stat.

Skill Icon.png Locked Skills

Main Article: Skill Quest

When advancing to your 1st or 2nd Job advancement, you will notice several skills with a padlock symbol on it. These skills are called Locked Skills.
Normally you cannot upgrade nor obtain that certain skill. In order to unlock a Locked Skill, you must need to complete a series of 5 quests for each skill. Once completed, you can unlock the skill and add Skill Points to it.

Skill Icon.png Skill Traits

Main Article: Skill Traits

Skill Traits are skill enhancements that can be attached to any Active or Special Active. Hyper Actives and Passives will not have any traits.
Each Special Active and Active possesses two traits, which are unlocked after the character reaches certain levels. Only one trait can be chosen at any given moment but players also have the option of not choosing any. When a trait is chosen, the enhancement can not be reversed unless the Tome of Amnesia is present in the character's inventory.

Skill Icon.png Transcendence Skills

Main Article: Transcendence

Transcendence Skills are boosted skills placed in the Transcendence Skill Slots, F key, or the purchasable, T, key. Transcendence skills are only unlocked after achieving the Transcendence enhancement at Level 70.

Whenever players enter Transcendence Mode via Awakening Mode, the skill placed in the Transcendence Skill Slot will have its cooldown reset and receive and additional 20% damage. (Except Hyper Actives/Wedding Skill)

Skill Icon.png Force Skills

Main Article: Force Skills

Force Skills are an additional skill system implemented as part of each character's 3rd Job. Unlike previous skills which can be found in the Skill menu, Force Skills possess their own unique UI. Unlike previous skills, Force Skills are unlocked via dungeon drops which allow you access to the found skill in the new menu.

Force Skills are divided into three categories, Force Passives, Force Actives, and Force Change skills. All three of these type of skills can be selected as well as toggled on and off at any given time (except PvP).

Skill Icon.png Skill Notes (deleted)

Main Article: Skill Notes

Skill notes are various "notes" that can be used to enhance the ability of a particular skill before the Skill Tree Reorganization in 2015. In order to use a Skill Note, you will need to have completed the Skill Notebook quest from Ariel or buy the Skill Notebook from the Item Mall.
There are 3 types of Skill Notes: Special Skill Notes, Active Skill Notes, and Sage's Note.

Skill Icon.png Deleted Skills Archive

Main Article: Deleted Skills

Skills that have been removed over time.

Skill Icon.png Unused Skills Archive

Main Article: Unused Skills

Skills that cannot be learned in-game.

Skill Icon.png Skill Category

Main Article: Base Job Skills
Main Article: First Job Skills
Main Article: Second Job Skills
Main Article: Transcendence Skills
Main Article: Third Job Skills

Skill organized based on type for each of their respective job categories.

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