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Unique Equipment

Unique Equipment is a powerful type of equipment that comes in many varieties. A generic variety is obtained through drops from bosses and mini-bosses, as well as the Blacksmith Profession. Unique-grade equipment generally has much higher stats than other equipment, and has the second-highest amount of socket slots in the game, next only to Legend Equipment. Many Unique sets also offer powerful bonus effects, but can be very time-consuming to obtain.

Cube Sets

Cube Sets are rare pieces of equipment obtained from Adventurer Cubes. There are a total of 8 different sets, all with different effects and level requirements. Please note that Cube Sets cannot be equipped by Laby.

Icon Name Stats Set Bonus
HQ Shop Set Sword Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Staff Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Bow Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Blade Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Gear Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Cannon Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Spear Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Sword Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Dynamo Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Dualweapon Unique Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set WeaponPack Unique Lv1.pngAmple Bravery Pendulum.png
Ample Bravery Weapon

Lv. 18 Weapon:

  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • Action Speed +3%

Ample Bravery Set:

2 Pieces Effect:

  • Resistance to All Attributes +50
  • Awakening Charge +5%

3 Pieces Effect:

  • MP Recovery Attacked +5%
  • MP Recovery Attacking +2%

4 Pieces Effect:

5 Pieces Effect:

HQ Shop Set Upbody Unique Lv1.png
Ample Bravery Top Piece

Lv. 16 Top Piece:

HQ Shop Set Lowbody Unique Lv1.png
Ample Bravery Bottom Piece

Lv. 16 Bottom Piece:

  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • Resistance to All Attributes +20
HQ Shop Set Hand Unique Lv1.png
Ample Bravery Gloves

Lv. 16 Gloves:

  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • Action Speed +1%
HQ Shop Set Foot Unique Lv1.png
Ample Bravery Shoes

Lv. 16 Shoes:

  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • Movement Speed +3%
  • Jump Speed +3%

Other Sets

To view other Unique equipment sets, please select a set below to view their respective pages.


  • Formerly, Unique equipment could be obtained from Henir's Time and Space prior to the January 17, 2019 KR patch (February 20, 2019 in NA).

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