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The Item Mall (sometimes referred to as the Cash Shop), is where you can exchange in-game Cash Currency for various items.

Basic Information

The Item Mall contains a large selection of items to help improve your characters and overall gameplay experience. There are many items that are exclusively obtainable from the Item Mall, most of which can be traded and purchased from other players, or even gifted to them directly from the item mall.

Within the Item Mall, you can also preview costumes, accessories, and customizations, allowing you to see how they look on your character before purchasing. Items can also be added to a wishlist, however other players cannot see this list, so it merely serves as a bookmark for items that you want to eventually buy.

Cash Item Storage

While some items purchased from the Item Mall will immediately be applied to your character or account, many of them will be stored in your Cash Item Storage inventory within the Item Mall. Items will remain there indefinitely until withdrawn, including timed items, which will not begin counting down until they are withdrawn.


Gifting allows you to purchase items from the item mall, and have them sent directly to another player as a gift. This feature however is locked until you qualify for it by meeting a certain criteria, which may vary by server.

Available Items

Below is a catalog of items found in the Item Mall, purchasable via K-Ching, or the various other forms of currency depending on your server.

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