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The appearance of the Bank at Basic Membership

In Elsword, the bank is a separate storage that can be accessed by all players in towns.

Basic Information

The bank can be accessed by talking to Luriel in any town. The bank acts as a separate storage where players can deposit any items into it and withdraw it at any time. The bank can only store items and can not be used to store any forms of currency.

At the beginning, the bank will possess 8 available spaces. Additional spaces can be purchased from the Item Mall through Membership Cards. Using them will unlock 8 additional spaces in the bank, up to 48 spaces. These Membership Cards will apply immediately after purchase and will only apply to the character that made the purchase. It will not upgrade the banks of all characters within the same account. Upgrading the banks of other characters will require additional purchases.

At the bottom of the bank, there is a drop-down menu where the player can view the bank of other characters within the same account. However, this only allows the player to view the other banks. They will not be able to withdraw or deposit any items through this menu.

Bank Share

The shared bank is a separate bank that is shared between all characters within the same account. In order to activate the shared bank, the Cobo's Shared Bank Open Ticket must be purchased from the Item Mall for 1260 K-Ching. After activating it, the Shared Bank will become available with 8 spaces.

To expand the shared bank, Membership Cards must be purchased from the Item Mall. Unlike the Membership Cards for the personal bank, these Cards will cost twice as much K-Ching. However, unlike the personal banks, these upgrades only need to be purchased once and do not need to be purchased by multiple characters. The shared bank can be upgraded to a maximum of 48 spaces.

Any item that are deposited into the shared bank can be withdrawn by any character that are linked to the player's account, with the exception of characters that are restricted from trade. This can also be used to transfer items between characters with ease and without cost. The shared bank can also transfer items are normally untradeable. Transferring items will not have any penalty on the status of the item. If a sealed item is transferred through the shared bank, that item will remain sealed and will not affect the amount of Sealing Possible of the item.

Sharing Limitations

The Bank Share System can not transfer the following items:

Bank Upgrades

Membership Cards

Image Membership Rank Number of Spaces Cost (Personal Bank) Cost (Shared Bank)
NOIMAGE.png Basic Membership 8 N/A N/A
HQ Shop Item 213460.pngHQ Shop Item 283132.png Silver Membership 16 60 K-Ching 120 K-Ching
HQ Shop Item 213470.pngHQ Shop Item 283133.png Gold Membership 24 120 K-Ching 240 K-Ching
HQ Shop Item 213480.pngHQ Shop Item 283134.png Emerald Membership 32 180 K-Ching 360 K-Ching
HQ Shop Item 213490.pngHQ Shop Item 283135.png Diamond Membership 40 240 K-Ching 480 K-Ching
HQ Shop Item 213500.pngHQ Shop Item 283136.png Platinum Membership 48 300 K-Ching 600 K-Ching

Other Items

Image Item Name Effect Cost
HQ Shop Item 283130.png Cobo's Shared Bank Open Ticket Activate the Shared Bank and create 8 available spaces. 1260 K-Ching
HQ Shop Item 213610.png Cobo's Personal Bank Credit Guarantee Instantly upgrade a character's personal bank level to Platinum Member
(Cannot be used if any Personal Membership Cards were used by the character)
720 K-Ching
HQ Shop Item 283131.png Cobo's Shared Bank Credit Guarantee Instantly upgrade a character's shared bank level to Platinum Member
(Cannot be used if any Personal Membership Cards were used by the character)
1260 K-Ching

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