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Mystic Enchant is a new system to empower certain weapons by embedding Mystic Stones into them. Essentially, players can give their endgame weapons a random additional stat by embedding these new Mystic Stones, similar to magic stone socketing.

General Information

The system utilizes a new type of item, the Mystic Stones. These items can drop randomly from Varnimyr dungeons. These Mystic Stones can come in four different types: red, blue, yellow, and giant; and three different grades: Common (rare), Refined (elite), and Shining (unique). The better the Mystic Stone grade, the higher the random stat it can give. The colored Mystic Stones all have access to the same pool of stat effects, but each color has specific stats that it specializes in. So one color may give a higher amount of Maximize compared to the other two colors.

How to use it

The Mystic Enchant System window, with a weapon with no embedded Mystic Stones on the left and a weapon with some embedded Mystic Stones on the right. Note that the bottom section is locked off.

The Mystic Enchant System function can only be accessed from Hugo, the alchemist of Elysion, or the Alchemy Refiner in Elrianode. It can then be accessed via the Mystic Enchant (마력 부여) option. The cursor will change for you to select an applicable weapon to embed Mystic Stones in your inventory. Applicable weapons include Secret, Heroic, Henir, Perkisas, Eltrion, Apocalypse Type - Void, and Flames of Judgement - Demonic weapons, but only the unique or legend grade versions.

After selecting a weapon, the Mystic Enchant window will appear. There are four columns, one for each type. By default, there are 5 slots for each color and 1 giant slot unlocked. There are 4 more colored slots and 2 more giants slots locked, but these are currently only accessible on a Flames of Judgement - Demonic Weapon that is +9 Enhancement or higher. Starting from the top of a column, players can embed a Mystic Stone of the corresponding type. (So red Mystic Stones can only be embed into the red column.) However, you can embed in any column. (So one column doesn't have to be completed to start embedding in another.) Each Mystic Stone embed costs 200,000 ED. Once a Mystic Stone is embedded, the weapon will gain a random additional stat.

Mystic Stones can't be removed, but they can be replaced with another Mystic Stone of the same type. When replacing a Mystic Stone with another, the player can see the stat it will grant when embedded. From there, you can either choose to apply the new effect or revert to the effect of the previous Mystic Stone. Doing the latter will still consume the Mystic Stone used.

List of All Possible Effects

  • Physical Attack Power + x / x% / Lv. x
  • Physical Defense + x / x% / Lv. x
  • Magical Attack Power + x / x% / Lv. x
  • Magical Defense + x / x% / Lv. x
  • Damage Dealt to Boss Monster (Dungeon)
  • Damage to Enemy with <30% HP (Dungeon)
  • Damage to Knocked Down Enemy (Dungeon)
  • Double Attack Chance
  • All Skill Damage (except Hyperactive) (Dungeon)
  • Critical Damage
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Item Drop Rate (Dungeon)
  • EXP Gain
  • Elemental Activation Chance
  • All Elemental Resistance
  • Single Elemental Resistance
  • HP Increase
  • Max MP Increase
  • MP Recovery Attacking
  • MP Recovery Attacked
  • Critical
  • Maximize
  • Add. Damage
  • Red. Damage
  • Awakening Charge
  • Awakening Duration
  • Action Speed
  • Movement Speed
  • Jump Speed

Mystic Stone Specialization

All Mystic Stones can attain all possible effects; however, each color has specific stats that's more effective.

Icon Type Most Effective Stats
  • HP Increase
  • Physical Attack Level
  • Magical Attack Level
  • Physical Attack Base Stat
  • Magical Attack Base Stat
  • Physical Defense Level
  • Magical Defense Level
  • Physical Defense Base Stat
  • Magical Defense Base Stat
  • Max MP Increase
  • All Skill Damage (except Hyperactive) (Dungeon)
  • Physical Attack %
  • Magical Attack %
  • Physical Defense %
  • Magical Defense %
  • Elemental Activation Chance
  • Skill Cooldown Decrease
  • Damage Dealt to Boss Monster (Dungeon)
  • EXP Increase
  • Double Attack Chance
  • Damage to Enemy with <30% HP (Dungeon)
  • Damage to Knocked Down Enemy (Dungeon)
  • Resistance to All Attributes
  • Resistance to Fire Attributes
  • Resistance to Water Attributes
  • Resistance to Nature Attributes
  • Resistance to Wind Attributes
  • Resistance to Light Attributes
  • Resistance to Dark Attributes
  • Critical
  • Action Speed
  • Add. Damage
  • Awakening Charge
  • Red. Damage
  • Awakening Duration
  • Maximize
  • Critical Damage
  • Item Drop Rate (Dungeon)
  • MP Recovery Attacking
  • MP Recovery Attacked
  • Movement Speed
  • Jump Speed
  • Stronger than Red/Blue/Yellow Mystic Stones

Mystic Stones

Type Rare Elite Unique
Image Name Image Name Image Name
Red ManaStoneRed1.png Red Common Mystic Stone ManaStoneRed2.png Red Refined Mystic Stone ManaStoneRed3.png Red Shining Mystic Stone
Blue ManaStoneBlue1.png Blue Common Mystic Stone ManaStoneBlue2.png Blue Refined Mystic Stone ManaStoneBlue3.png Blue Shining Mystic Stone
Yellow ManaStoneOrange1.png Yellow Common Mystic Stone ManaStoneOrange2.png Yellow Refined Mystic Stone ManaStoneOrange3.png Yellow Shining Mystic Stone
Giant ManaStoneGiant1.png Giant Common Mystic Stone ManaStoneGiant2.png Giant Refined Mystic Stone ManaStoneGiant3.png Giant Shining Mystic Stone

Apocalypse Type-Void

The stage system of Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon has changed somewhat, being incorporated into the Mystic Enchant System.

The 15 stages are now separated into the three colored columns: red, blue and yellow. Stages 1-5 comprise the red column, stages 6-10 comprise the blue column, and 11-15 comprise the yellow column. Obtaining these stages is done by applying the new, corresponding, colored Fusion Energy Disks, which are still crafted from alchemists using Energy Shards. The amount of Energy Shards needed to craft the corresponding Fusion Energy Disc has not changed, nor have the effects the stages give. Fusion Energy Discs crafted before the Mystic Enchant System was implemented have been converted into their current corresponding Fusion Energy Discs. Thus, any progress in the stage system before the Mystic Enchant System was added is carried over.

The main difference is that you can obtain the effects in a different order than before, embedding in any column starting from the top. For example, you can start with Blue Stages 1 and 2, get Yellow Stage 1, get Red Stages 1-5, then continue down the yellow column stages. As the stage system is part of the Mystic Enchant System, an Apocalypse Type-Void weapon can be enhanced by both its unique stage system and the normal one. However, the available slots are shared between the two. So if the slots of the red column are already filled by red Fusion Energy Disks, one cannot embed a red Mystic Stone without replacing one of the slots. Therefore, when using the Mystic Enchant System with their Apocalypse Type-Void weapon, players must carefully choose whether they prefer the fixed effects of the stage or a random effect of a Mystic Stone.

Mystic Stones can be used to skip Fusion Energy Disk stages. They can replace Fusion Energy Disks that have already been placed and a disk can replace a Mystic Stone that has been placed already.

Stage Number Additional Stat Effect(s) EnergyShard.png Energy Shards Requirement Stage Number Additional Stat Effect(s) EnergyShard.png Energy Shards Requirement Stage Number Additional Stat Effect(s) EnergyShard.png Energy Shards Requirement
Stage Cumulative Stage Cumulative Stage Cumulative
Red Stage 1 Critical +3% 5 5 Blue Stage 1 Damage Reduction +5%
Awakening Charge +5%
65 65 Yellow Stage 1 All Resistance +75 540 540
Red Stage 2 Action Speed +3% 10 15 Blue Stage 2 HP Increase +9% 85 150 Yellow Stage 2 5% Chance of Double Attack (Except Special Active Skills) 645 1185
Red Stage 3 Maximize +3% 15 30 Blue Stage 3 MP Recovery Attacking +25% 110 260 Yellow Stage 3 Damage increase by +10% when attacking enemies with less than 30% HP 750 1935
Red Stage 4 Add. Damage +3% 25 55 Blue Stage 4 All Weapon Attribute Activation Chance +2.5% 150 410 Yellow Stage 4 Critical +7%
Maximize +7%
Add. Damage +7%
900 2835
Red Stage 5 Physical/Magical Attack Power +Lv.3 50 105 Blue Stage 5 When attacking knocked down enemies, damage is increased by 2.5x
(Damage in knocked down state does not exceed the damage of normal state) (Dungeon)
450 860 Yellow Stage 5 All Skill Damage +10% 1200 4035
EnergyShard.png Total Energy Shards Requirement

Enhance Effects

Enhancement Level Additional Stat Effect(s)
+9 Physical/Magical Defense+7.5%
+10 Physical/Magical Attack Power +Lv.10
+11 All Skill Damage +5%
All Skill Cooldown -5%
MP Cost -5% (Max 20%)
+12 Critical Damage +10%
+13 Max MP +20%


Date Changes
06/28/2018 07/11/2018
  • System added
06/20/2019 -
  • Possible to change Mystic Stone's Physical to Magical Attack (and vice versa) percentage or level value.
10/10/2019 11/06/2019
  • Certain effects from Red/Blue/Yellow/Giant Mystic Stones removed.
    • Likelihood of receiving other effects increased.
03/12/2020 04/08/2020
  • Common and Refined Mystic Stone Drop Rates increased.
  • Mystic Stones now obtainable in Story Mode.
    • Different drop rate from Normal Mode.

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