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Basic Information

GOGO! El Rider is a game mode where your Mounts race along a course to see who is the fastest.


  • Start Enhance: Increase your chances to run faster at the start of the race.
  • Burst Enhance: Increase your chances to run even faster when activating burst. Burst gauge will be shown below the character.
    Gauge will increase in increments. Once the gauge is full, Burst will activate.
  • Charge Enhance: Decrease your chances of colliding into obstacles and increase your chances to dash quickly after jumping. Speed decreases greatly when you collide into obstacles.
  • Last Spurt Enhance: Last Spurt activates faster and increase chances to run even faster.

Related Items

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
Mark of Honorary El Rider
  • Quest reward
Mark given to honorable El Riders who completed the race. Take them to Camilla to exchange them to various rewards.

That... was an exhilarating match...!

Frandra Crystal
  • Reward from GOGO! El Rider.
  • Exchange from Camilla.
  • Reward from some events.
Use the Frandra Crystal to keep your mount's current level and re-assign all the stats randomly.
Frandra Crystal Shard
  • Reward from GOGO! El Rider.
A rare crystal shard that shines. The colors that change depending on the light refraction is impressive. Collect the shards and take them to Camilla to trade them with "Frandra Crystal".
Elrios Racer's Medal
  • Exchange from Camilla.
  • Reward from some events.
A medal given to a seasoned El Rider. Your movement speed will increase by 1 stage in villages while on a mount when you have the medal.

(Must be in the inventory. The effect of this item does not stack.)




Tips and Details

  • The maximum level of a mount is 20.


Date Changes
06/09/2022 07/06/2022
  • GOGO! El Rider added.

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