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Achievements are goals that players can complete. Achievements are shared between all characters within a single account. Some achievements can only be completed by certain characters and some will require the usage of items obtained from the Item Mall.

Achievements Menu[edit]

When achievements are completed, a certain amount of points will be awarded to the player, based on the difficulty of the achievement. While the player is outside of dungeons, fields, or PvP, there will be a display located above their character, showing the total amount of points that they have accumulated. This will be visible to other players.

Additionally, when viewing another player's equipment, it will also bring up a window displaying the player character's icon, level, username, total points, an Achievement Display, and a graph and table showing the distribution of points obtained between the four categories. The Achievement Display can display the names of up to 3 completed achievements selected by the player. To display the achievements' names, you must right-click on their names from the list of completed achievements.


When the player has accumulated a certain number of points, they will receive a buff that will increase the player's movement speed. This buff will be active only when the player is in town and not riding a mount. The effectiveness of this buff is dependent on the number of points the player has accumulated. However, the speed at which the player will run will not be faster than the speed of riding a mount.

In addition, some achievements will award you with items when they are completed, which are sent through the mail upon completion.

Buff Level Movement Speed Increase Achievement Point Requirement
1 +10% 2,000
2 +20% 4,000
3 +30% 6,000
4 +40% 8,000
5 +50% 10,000


Achievement Icon Achievement Type Number of Achievements Number of Points
Achievement Icon - Adventure.png Adventure 132 3,820
Achievement Icon - Character.png Character 73 2,190
Achievement Icon - Community.png Community 57 1,690
Achievement Icon - Item.png Item 93 3,370
Total 346 11,070

Achievement List[edit]

  • The actual requirement that's different from the tooltip will be highlighted in red.
  • Adventure
  • Character
  • Community
  • Item

Tips and Details[edit]

  • Originally, the Use Resurrection Stones achievements would also count the resurrections of other players in the same field/dungeon as you. This was later patched so that only the player's resurrections would count towards the achievements.
  • Timed pets and mounts will not count towards the Pet Food is More Expensive You Know and The Elrios Rider achievements.
  • For the achievements that involve executing commands in Free Training, only commands that are executed while they are displayed on the command list will be counted.