Weapon Advancement Quest

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Weapon Advancement

The Weapon Advancement icon Location.
The Weapon Advancement icon.

For raid weapons starting from Vestige of Soul - Weapon of Requiem, a small icon will appear above the weapon, which grants access to the Weapon Advancement quest. This will task you with certain quests to complete in order to enhance the weapon even further.

Weapon List

Quest List

  • Vestige of Soul
  • Submergance of Abyss


Evolution Stage Quest Advancement Effect(s)
Stage 1 Clear Pruinaum dungeons 25 times (Raid excluded) Upon successful attack with Special Active skill, 30% chance to activate Light of the Dead (Cooldown: 50 secs) (Dungeon)
Stage 2 Get S rank or higher in Pruinaum dungeons 75 times (Raid excluded) MP Cost Decrease 5%
Stage 3 Clear Pruinaum Raid 25 times (Excludes Story Mode) MP Cost Decrease 5% ⟶ 8%
Physical/Magical Attack Power +Lv.5
Stage 4 Clear Savage White-Ghost's Castle 75 times (Excludes Story Mode) Physical/Magical Attack Power +Lv.5 ⟶ +Lv.10
Stage 5 Clear Altar of Invocation 150 times (Excludes Story Mode) Light of the DeadEnhanced Light of the Dead
All Skill Damage +10%


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