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Pet Icon.png How are Pets Obtained?[edit]

Pets are obtained through multiple ways. However, only Wild Pocket Phoru is available through a Story Quest, some are cash exclusive while some are obtained through Events.

Your first step towards getting a pet is to complete the following quest:

Quest Icon - Story.pngThieves' Hideout
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description

The thieves that stole the El have their hideout in the Shadow Forest. Elder Village's Hoffman asks the El Search Party's help in retrieving the stolen goods that belong to the merchants.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 28,300 Special 500050.png [Cobo] Pet: Wild Pocket Phoru x1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 20,440 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Pet Icon.png Starting Your Pet[edit]

Pet Nickname Change Card

Once you get your pet, it will be available under the Special tab in your inventory.

Right click it and a message will come up.


Once you name him/her, your pet is ready to begin!

  • You can change your pet's name by purchasing the Pet Nickname Change Card at the Item Mall.

Pet Icon.png Pet Menu Interface[edit]

Once you made your pet, go to the pet menu (Press P to open it) and choose your pet in the list.

It should direct you to this screen:



  • Clicking Summon will either summon the pet, or unsummon while it is out.
  • The Green Bar is its Hunger, which will slowly decrease for each monster killed.
  • The Blue bar under it is its Affinity.
  • During dungeon playing, your pet's Affinity will increase for each monster killed, unless your pet hunger is below 60%.
    • If its hunger is below 40%, its affinity will decrease.

Pet Icon.png Pet Evolution[edit]

Life Crystal

Pets usually have four forms. The forms are termed:

  1. Life Crystal
  2. Infant
  3. Teen
  4. Adult

Pets usually start as a crystal, having no skills or functions until they become an Infant.

In order to evolve your pet, you will need to increase its Affinity. Once the pet's Affinity reaches 100%, a button will be available next to the Affinity bar, evolving your pet into the next appropriate form.


List of Pets[edit]

Ancient Phoru[edit]


Dusk and Dawn[edit]


Grim Reaper[edit]

Halloween Fairy[edit]


HAT'S ON[edit]





Mysterious Creature[edit]





Raincoat Cat[edit]

RX-78 Land Runner[edit]

Sgt. Frog[edit]


Teddy Bear[edit]

Tree Knight[edit]




Pet Icon.png Pet Skills[edit]

Pet Energy[edit]

With the pet skills, pets will also get access to a skill system called Pet's Energy.

Pet Energy is a passive skill that pets gain that allows the owner to get special effects out of it.

Each Pet has 4 types of Energy :

1. Body

2. Soul

3. Attitude

4. Fetch

Each type of energy gives a different type of stat(Except for Fetch). You can notice the pet energy and what it gives through the Pet Menu itself (Default Hotkey P)


There is a prerequisite in the pet's form to unlock each energy:

- Getting Infant form will allow your pet to unlock the Body energy

- Getting Teen form will allow your pet to unlock Body and Soul energy

- Getting Adult form will allow your pet to unlock Body, Soul and Attitude Energy (All 3 energies)

- Buying the Fetch Aura PetPickUp.png from the cash shop/item mall for (KR-5000NX/NA-500KC/EC-390) will unlock Fetch for that specific pet.

Once the pet energy is unlock, you immediately get access to the stat if he is equipped and has at least 40% Hunger(Except for Fetch). If his Hunger is less than 40%, the pet energy will not open and the owner will not receive the special stats. As you can see from the above screenshot. Once a pet leaves crystal form, he will gain access to skills that you can see from the 2 icons on his top right. Both skills are used by the pet automatically.


If hits required are met and the pet has enough MP, it will use its attack skill to aid you in battle.
Pet's MPs are a separate MP bar that fills up whenever the player hits or gets hit.
When in "Special Mode" the damage of the skill increases.

Affinity Damage Increase
0≤ X<70 0%
X ≥ 70 10% + (X - 70)%


If you are extremely low on health, the pet will encourage the user to fight harder, granting additional stats and HP and MP regeneration for a certain amount of time. Encouragement is disabled when the pet's hunger is below 40%.

Pet Stage Attack / Movement Speed Increase Critical Increase Max HP Increase HP Recovery per Second MP Recovery per Second
Infant 5% 6% 20% 0.5% HP 6 MP
Teen 10% 12% 30% 1% HP 12 MP
Adult 15% 18% 40% 1.5% HP 18 MP

The effect of Encouragement can also increase if your pet has high affinity. This affinity bonus is multiplicative.

Affinity Affinity Bonus Multiplier
0 ≤ X<70 ×1
70 ≤ X<80 ×1.1
80 ≤ X<90 ×1.2
90 ≤ X<100 ×1.3
X = 100 ×1.4

Encouragement Stat Formula[edit]

The increase in speed and Critical are multiplicative with your current stats. As a result, the formula for calculating your stats while Encouragement is in effect is

Stat = S × (1 + E) × ABM
  • S = Base Stat (Attack/Movement Speed or Critical)
  • E = Increase (the increase based on the pet's stage)
  • ABM = Affinity Bonus Multiplier

Table of Pet Skills[edit]

Encouragement, Special Encouragement and Fetch Aura effects are all the same regardless of pet.

Icon Effect
PickUpIcon.png Fetch Aura
Fetch Aura does not require any amount of affinity to be active. While active, all ED/Loot will be auto picked up without you having to walk to the ED/Loot.

'Grab them all! Never miss a single ED again!'


When your HP is 40% and below, your pet encourages you, granting you these buffs for 24 seconds.
Cooldown: 180 seconds.

  • Infant: Attack / Movement Speed +5%, Critical +6%, Max HP and remaining HP increase by 20%, HP recovery 0.5% per second, MP recovery 6 MP per second
  • Teen: Attack / Movement Speed +10%, Critical +12%, Max HP and remaining HP increase by 30%, HP recovery 1% per second, MP recovery 12 MP per second
  • Adult: Attack / Movement Speed +15%, Critical +18%, Max HP and remaining HP increase by 40%, HP recovery 1.5% per second, MP recovery 18 MP per second
Special Encouragement.png Special Encouragement

Special Encouragement will be unlocked when your pet has 3000 Growth points.
Independent from normal encouragement so no HP threshold condition.
Cooldown: 90 seconds.
One of the following effects will be applied at random:

  • 50% of HP & MP recovery
  • Physical/Magical Attack +5% (for 30 sec.)
  • All Skill Cooldown reset

Pet Icon.png Feeding[edit]

To prevent your pet from becoming hungry, you will need to feed him/her. The feeding option is available in your inventory.


Pets accept the following foods:

  • El Tree Seeds (Obtained through events)
  • El Tree Fruit (Obtained through the Item Mall/Cash Shop)
  • Equipment
  • QPL Jellies
  • Mysterious Weeds (obtained through the Hatchling event)


  • Pets will accept equipment of any level, although the amount of hunger replenished decreases based on the level difference between your character and the equipment.
  • The better the equipment, the greater the hunger replenishment. Weapons replenish their hunger much greater than regular armor.
  • Once the pet's Affinity is over 70%, your pet will enter a state called "Special Mode" It can be identified by the prefix Special on the pet's name once he enters that state.
    • During Special mode, the pet will only accept El Tree Seeds or El Tree Fruits and will no longer accept any equipment until it reaches its next level.
  • If you would like to remove "Special Mode", just simply not feed your pet until his Hunger is low, which results on your pet's Affinity to lower.
    • Once your pet's Affinity is below 70%, your pet will not be in "Special Mode" anymore, though you can obtain it again anytime you wish.

QPL Jellies[edit]

You can also make weapon-shaped "QPL Jellies" that are tasty treats for your pet. The process of making a QPL Jelly is simple, and only requires exchanging Magical Crystals at Blacksmiths. However, like normal food, pets will not accept QPL Jellies when they reach their "Special State". Exchanging QPL Jellies will give you a chance of obtaining either a Fantastic or a Strange one.

  • Fantastic QPL Jellies (Red Background) are Elite grade and add an additional 2% Affinity when fed to your pet.
  • Strange QPL Jellies (Dark Background) are of Normal grade and decrease 5% Affinity when fed to your pet.

Jelly Trade Requirement
QPL Jelly (Step 11)Fantastic QPL Jelly (Step 11)Strange QPL Jelly (Step 11)

170x Magical Crystals

QPL Jellies (Old)[edit]

Before the ??, 201? in NA (??, 201? in KR), the following items can be exchanging at Blacksmiths.

HQ Shop Item 99840.pngHQ Shop Item 99910.pngHQ Shop Item 99920.png
HQ Shop Item 99841.pngHQ Shop Item 99911.pngHQ Shop Item 99921.png
HQ Shop Item 99842.pngHQ Shop Item 99912.pngHQ Shop Item 99922.png
HQ Shop Item 99843.pngHQ Shop Item 99913.pngHQ Shop Item 99923.png
HQ Shop Item 99844.pngHQ Shop Item 99914.pngHQ Shop Item 99924.png
HQ Shop Item 99845.pngHQ Shop Item 99915.pngHQ Shop Item 99925.png
HQ Shop Item 99846.pngHQ Shop Item 99916.pngHQ Shop Item 99926.png
HQ Shop Item 99977.pngHQ Shop Item 99978.pngHQ Shop Item 99979.png
HQ Shop Item 99993.pngHQ Shop Item 99994.pngHQ Shop Item 99995.png
HQ Shop Item 700004.pngHQ Shop Item 700005.pngHQ Shop Item 700006.png

Pet Icon.png Pet Inventory[edit]

Pets have an inventory on their own which you can store on at all times. You can access it by pressing the pet button in your inventory menu. However, your pet must be an Infant or older to have their own pet inventory. The higher the level of your pet, the more inventory spaces you will have.


Accordingly, you can add items on the pet inventory which you can save later on to feed him or enable automatic feeding to let him eat it automatically.

The checkbox on the top enables Automatic Feeding.

When your pet's Hunger is lower than 80%, he will automatically eat the items available in his inventory. The sequence of order that he will eat is on this order:

  1. Level of Equipment (Least to Greatest)
  2. El Tree Seeds
  3. El Tree Fruits

Pet Inventory can be also used for storing items that the pet cannot eat.

Pet Icon.png Pet Commands[edit]

In addition to your pet's Skills and Energies, you can also talk with your pet and the pet will interact or respond to you based on what you say.

Your pet's Affinity will also affect on how it will respond to you.

Here's a following list of commands you can type to your pet that it will respond on:

Hey! Howdy! Hi! Hello! Sit! Wait! Rest! Stand! GetUp!
LetsGo! ComeHere! GetGet! Goofy! Here! Come! Silly! Smack! Stop!
Angry! Playful! NapTime! SleepyTime! Zz! ILoveYou! ILikeYou! GoodJob! Special Commands
  • Special Commands are additional commands that vary depending on the pet.

Pet Growth[edit]

On April 25, 2019 in the Korean Server, the Personality System has been replaced with the Growth System. Users that had personality points already invested before, received a bunch of Growth points. The new Pet System's purpose is to be clearer and easier to understand.

Pet growth.png

Growth points can be invested in additional effects for the pet:

  • Pet - Cheer.png Cheer decreases Encouragement cooldown by 0.0333% per point.
  • Pet - Patience.pngPatience increases Encouragement duration by 0.05% per point.
  • Pet - Mastery.pngMastery increases pet skill's damage by 0.05% per point.
  • Pet - Focus.pngFocus decreases MP cost of the pet skill by 0.015% per point.

You can acquire Growth points by either feeding your pet or Refilling Nutrition. While everything else provides 1 Growth point, El Tree Fruit provides 3 Growth points. You can only gain a maximum of 216 points every 72 hours by Refilling Nutrition because the pet must digest the food. You can extend pet digesting time if it is less than 71 hours.

Pet Icon.png Related Items[edit]

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
HQ Shop Item 500030.png El Tree Seed Trade from Ariel/Stella. Item for feeding.
HQ Shop Item 500040.png El Tree Fruit Trade from Stella./Purchase from the Item Mall. Item for feeding.
HQ Shop Item 185081.png Strange El Tree Seed Obtainable from weekly Guild missions. Item for feeding. Decrease your pet's affinity by 10%.
HQ Shop Item 248390.png Pet Nickname Change Card Purchase from the Item Mall. Able to change your pet's name.
PetPickUp.png Fetch Aura Purchase from the Item Mall./Open Fetch Aura Box. Unlock Fetch for that specific pet.
HQ Shop Item 500580.png Pet Toy Open Pet Toy (30 Days) Cube Affinity increase speed doubled. Affinity decrease speed halved.
Pet Personality Reset Food.png Pet Personality Reset Food (Sensible, Impulsive) (Can't be used anymore) Purchase from the Item Mall. Upon use, reset both Sensible and Impulsive personality stats.
Pet Personality Reset Food2.png Pet Personality Reset Food (Sociable, Shy) (Can't be used anymore) Purchase from the Item Mall. Upon use, reset both Sociable and Shy personality stats.
Pet Auto Consume Quick Slot Expansion.png Pet Auto Consume Quick Slot Expansion Purchase from the Item Mall. Expands the pet's quick slot. You can put consumable items in Pet's quick slots.
HQ Shop Item 160965.png Pet Random Cube Reward from some events. Randomly get one of the Life Crystals.
HQ Shop Item 210000083.png Mysterious Weeds Reward from some events. Item for feeding.
HQ Shop Item 210000076.png Growth Fruit (Teen) Reward from some events. Change your infant pet to teen stage.
HQ Shop Item 210000078.png Growth Fruit (Adult) Reward from some events. Change your teen pet to adult stage.
HQ Shop Item 210000077.png Pet Growth Fruit Reward from some events. Change your pet to adult stage with Fetch Aura.
HQ Shop Item 110003460.png Grail's Snack (Can't be used anymore) Purchase from the Item Mall during some event. Use this item to reset your pet's personality.
HQ Shop Item 100003904.png Potion of Youth Purchase from the Item Mall during some events. Use this on an adult stage pet to change it back into its infant form (ability remains the same as before use).
Can only be used on certain pets that were acquired in life crystal form.
HQ Shop Item 110003691.png Potion of Time Purchase from the Item Mall during some events. Use this on a pet that consumed the "Potion of Youth" in order to turn it back into its adult form.
HQ Shop Item 100005003.png Pet Nutritional Supplement (Vitality) (Can't be used anymore) Reward from some events. Increase pet's extroversion by 0.2~0.3 figures.
HQ Shop Item 100005004.png Pet Nutritional Supplement (Concentration) (Can't be used anymore) Reward from some events. Increase pet's introversion by 0.2~0.3 figures.
HQ Shop Item 210000079.png Disposable Pet Whistle (Attack) Reward from some events. Consume all Pet MP and use Attack Skill if Pet MP is more than 50%. (Cooldown time: 1 minute)
HQ Shop Item 210000080.png Disposable Pet Whistle (Encouragement) Reward from some events. Consume all Pet MP and use Encouragement Skill if Pet MP is more than 50%. (Cooldown time: 1 minute)
HQ Shop Item 90002300.png Potion of Halloween Pumpkin Fairy Purchase from the Item Mall during some events. Randomly change the pet Halloween Pumpkin Fairy into another form.
HQ Shop Item 100000821.png Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru Uniform Box Reward from some events. Randomly dress the pet Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru in an Elrios Cup Soccer Uniform.
HQ Shop Item 100000821.png Goalkeeper Phoru Soccer Uniform Random Box Purchase from the Item Mall during some events. Randomly dress the pet Newbie Goalkeeper Phoru in an Elrios Cup Soccer Uniform.
HQ Shop Item 110002329.png Awakened Millennium Fox's Soul Purchase from the Item Mall during some events. Change the pet Millennium Fox into an Awakened Millennium Fox.
HQ Shop Item 110004599.png RX-78 Land Runner Upgrade Card Purchase from the Item Mall during some events. Change the pet RX-78 Land Runner into an Update Version.


Pet Icon.png Trivia[edit]

Pet Icon.png Updates[edit]

Date Changes
09/16/2010 10/05/2011
  • Pet System released.
??/??/2014 ??/??/2014
  • All Pet's Attack Damage increased.
    • Damage roughly doubled.
- 05/30/2018
  • Life Crystal sales discontinued.
    • Next Pets will always be in their Adult form.
04/25/2019 05/14/2019
  • Personality System replaced with Growth System.
06/18/2020 07/01/2020
  • Fixed pet occasionally using skills abnormally.
03/17/2022 03/30/2022
  • Special Encouragement skill icon changed from Special Encouragement (Old).png to Special Encouragement.png
  • Fetch Aura skill icon changed from PickUpIcon(Old).png to PickUpIcon.png
  • Encouragement skill icon changed from Encouragement(Old).png to Encouragement.png