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Pets are small companions that can follow you in dungeons, fields and towns. They all have special abilities that make them a valuable aide when playing all kinds of content, providing you various benefits and helping you obtain several rewards.

Pets can be obtained in different ways:

Note: Pets bought from the Item Mall can be sold in the Board or directly traded to other players. Pets bought from the Epic Point Shop can be stored in the Shared Bank, but are not able to be traded.

Your first step towards getting a pet is to complete the following quest:

  • Elsword~Ain
  • Laby
  • Noah
Thieves' Hideout
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives

The thieves that stole the El have their hideout in the Shadow Forest. Elder Village's Hoffman asks the El Search Party's help in retrieving the stolen goods that belong to the merchants.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 20,440 [Cobo] Pet: Wild Pocket Phoru x1 N/A
ED 28,300 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0

Starting Your Pet

When you get a pet, it will be stored as an item in the Special tab in your Inventory. Right clicking it will make the following message appear:

You can change your pet's name by using a Pet Nickname Change Card that you can purchase at the Item Mall.

Pet Interface

Pet Menu

After naming your pet, it will now be moved to the Pet Menu, which can be accessed from the Summons icon at the bottom left of the screen or the P key (by default). In this menu, you will be able to summon or unsummon your pet, check its Trait, Hunger and Affinity levels, Passives, Actives, Special Commands, Growth Level, Accessories and Auto Consumption inventory.

  • Trait: Your pet will start with one out of three different traits: Feral (a pet with instinctual power), Tenacity (a pet with never-ending patience) and Wisdom (a pet that wisely handles all trials). Traits are important in Pet PvP and Pet Expedition, but will not affect any other kind of dungeon content.
  • Hunger: Will slowly decrease for each monster killed. Will increase by a certain amount after your pet is fed with a food item.
  • Affinity: Will increase by 2% when your pet is fed the first time of the day and by certain items. It will slowly increase for each monster killed, unless Hunger drops below 60%. If Hunger is below 40%, Affinity will start to decrease.
  • Passives: They provide various stats and benefits. The fourth passive will always be Fetch Aura, which will make your pet automatically bring you back any items or ED dropped by defeated monsters.
  • Actives: They activate if certain conditions are met. The first skill, Attack, will activate after your pet's MP bar fills up. The second skill, Encouragement, will activate when your HP is low, slowly refilling your HP and MP and giving you several stat boosts. Special Encouragement activates automatically a random, powerful effect every 90 seconds.
  • Special Commands: Short phrases you can say to your pet, who will then respond by saying something back or playing an animation.
  • Growth Level: A button that can be clicked on to access an in-depth Growth Menu which shows your pet's Growth stats, allowing you to spend points on the four available categories. Points are obtained by feeding your pet or refilling its Nutrition.
  • Accessory Slots: Two slots where you can equip Gems of Skill (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced), which provide special stats to you or your pet.
  • Auto Consumption: A button that can be clicked on to open the Auto Consumption Window, allowing you to assign two consumables that you will use automatically once your HP or MP reaches a custom percentage.

Mini UI

Mini UI

When your pet is summoned, its portrait, Hunger bar, MP bar and the Auto Consumption slots will appear below your own character's portrait.

Pet Bag

Pets have an inventory of their own, called Pet Bag, in which you can store almost any item that you want (with the exception of timed items). You can access it by pressing the "Pet" button in the top right of your Inventory as long as a pet is summoned. Your pet must be an Infant or older to have its own inventory, and the number of available spaces depends on the stage of your pet. Additionally, free pets will usually have less available spaces than Event-exclusive or Item Shop pets.

If you place pet-appropiate food items (see below) in the pet bag, your pet will feed with them autonomously when its Hunger drops below 80%, and if the "Auto Feed" box is ticked. A pet will always eat following this order:

  1. Low-priced equipment
  2. High-priced equipment
  3. Petite El Jelly
  4. El Tree Seeds
  5. El Tree Fruits

List of Pets

  • Ancient Phoru
  • Automata
  • Bodyguard
  • Dusk and Dawn
  • Eater
  • Grim Reaper
  • Halloween Fairy
  • Hatchling
  • HAT'S ON
  • Hedgehog
  • Kumiho
  • Marionette
  • Mellow
  • Mysterious Creature
  • Mystic
  • Panda
  • Phoru
  • Rabbit
  • Raincoat Cat
  • RX-78 Land Runner
  • Sgt. Frog
  • Sheriff
  • Teddy Bear
  • Tree Knight
  • Unicorn
  • Wolf
  • Other




Life Crystal

Pets have four stages: Life Crystal, Infant, Teen, and Adult. In order to evolve a pet it is neccesary to increase its Affinity, and once it reaches 100% a button to evolve will appear next to the Affinity bar. Evolving is necessary to unlock all of a pet's abilities and acquire Growth Points (which are only available to Adults).

Newer pets usually start as Adults, allowing you to play with all their skills and passives completely unlocked and to start gathering Growth Points right away.


Feeding is necessary to prevent your pet from becoming hungry. You can feed your pet by clicking on the "Feed Pet" button in your inventory and then selecting one of the following food items:

  • El Tree Seeds
  • El Tree Fruit
  • Pieces of Equipment/Weapons
  • QPL Jellies
  • Petite El Jellies
  • Mysterious Weeds (obtained through the Hatchling event)

Pets will accept equipment of any level, though the amount of Hunger replenished decreases based on the level difference between your character and the equipment. The better the equipment, the greater the Hunger replenishment. Weapons replenish Hunger much greater than regular armor.

QPL Jellies

QPL Jelly (Step 11)

QPL Jellies are tasty treats you can feed your pet with. The process of making a QPL Jelly is simple, and only requires exchanging 170 Magical Crystals at Blacksmith NPCs. Exchanging QPL Jellies will give you a chance of obtaining either a Fantastic or a Strange one.

  • Fantastic QPL Jelly (Step 11) Fantastic QPL Jellies (Elite grade) grant an additional 2% Affinity when fed to your pet.
  • Strange QPL Jelly (Step 11) Strange QPL Jellies (Normal grade) decrease 5% Affinity when fed to your pet.
QPL Jellies (Old)
These items are not available to exchange anymore.


Affinity represents how much your pet loves you. If your pet's Hunger is replenished above 70%, its Affinity level will slowly increase when you kill monsters, and it will also increase by 2% when your pet is fed the first time of the day. Once its Affinity reaches 70%, your pet will enter a Special State.

During its Special State, your pet's name will change to show the prefix "Special". To feed, it will only accept El Tree Seeds, Strange El Tree Seeds and El Tree Fruits and will no longer accept any equipment until the state ends or it reaches its next evolution stage.

You can manually end your pet's Special State by not feeding it anymore, and once its Hunger drops below 40% its Affinity will also start to decrease after killing monsters. Once its Affinity is below 70% your pet will not be in the "Special Mode" anymore, although you can obtain it again anytime you wish.



A pet's passive abilities are called Pet's Energy. They unlock as the pet evolves, and each Energy grants you different special effects. Life Crystals start without any kind of passive ability; Infant will unlock the first Energy, "Body"; Teen will unlock the second Energy, "Soul"; and Adult will unlock the third Energy, "Attitude".

Once a Pet Energy is unlocked, you immediately get access to its stats if your pet has at least 40% Hunger. If its Hunger drops below 40%, all Energies will get greyed-out and you will not receive their benefits, including any amount of Combat or Defense Power.

Fetch Aura

Fetch Aura is a special type of Energy. It is shared by all pets, and will make you automatically gather all sorts of items and ED that are dropped by killed monsters and chests in dungeons and fields, without you needing to walk over to the loot. This has some exceptions; Power-ups and Recovery Items will not be activated and you still need to pick them up manually; and in Elrianode City, items and ED dropped by monsters killed by your teammates in other rooms will not be picked up either. Fetch Aura will always be activated, even when your pet's Hunger drops below 40%.

Each pet will start with a temporary Fetch Aura that lasts 30 days, with the exception of the Wild Pocket Phoru given through an Epic Quest which has a permanent Fetch Aura. Temporary Fetch Auras are given in Job Advancement Useful Items Cubes. Permanent Fetch Auras can be bought in the Epic Point Shop and the Item Mall, and are also given as a reward in Events. You can also exchange the materials you get in Event Dungeons for a permanent Fetch Aura for each dungeon's exclusive pet(s), with the exception of Mellow - Yellow (Velder Academy Concert).


A pet has three Active skills: Attack, Encouragement, and Special Encouragement.

A pet's Attack skill will be unlocked once it evolves to Infant. When you hit monsters, your Pet's MP Bar (shown below your portait) will fill up slowly. If the pet has enough MP, it will try to use its Attack to aid you in battle. If the attack fails, the pet will only consume a fraction of its MP. The chance of a successful attack varies between 20% and 100%, proportionally to the Affinity of the pet (20% chance for ≤20% Affinity). The pet will also use its Attack during the "Attack" action in Pet PvP.

The Attacks from the following pets can activate your weapon's elemental attributes and certain on-hit effects:

When in Special Mode, the damage of the Attack increases.

Affinity Damage Increase
0 ≤ Affinity < 70 0%
Affinity ≥ 70 10% + (Affinity - 70)%

Encouragement and Special Encouragement

Encouragement will be unlocked once a pet evolves to Infant. If your HP drops below 40%, your pet will start to sparkle and will encourage you to fight harder, granting additional stats and HP and MP regeneration for 24 seconds. The Encouragement effects have a cooldown of 180 seconds, and will be disabled completely if the pet's Hunger is under 40%.

After the 07/06 KR patch, the Encouragement HP treshold can be customized in the same manner as the Auto Consumption slots by purchasing the Pet Quick Slot Upgrade Ticket from the Item Mall.

 Self BuffEncouragementSelf Buff'Encouragement' Base Effects
Pet Stage Action / Movement Speed Increase
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
Critical Increase
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
Max HP Increase
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
HP Recovery per Second MP Recovery per Second
Infant 5% 6% 20% 0.5% HP 6 MP
Teen 10% 12% 30% 1% HP 12 MP
Adult 15% 18% 40% 1.5% HP 18 MP

Special Encouragement will be unlocked once your pet has 3000 Growth points. It is independent from normal Encouragement, so it has no HP threshold condition. However, only one of its effects will be active at any given moment, changing to another random effect after 90 seconds have passed. The active effect can be one the following:

  • 50% of HP & MP recovery
  •  Self BuffSpecial EncouragementSelf Buff'Special Encouragement': Physical/Magical Attack +5% (for 30 sec.)
  • All Skill Cooldown Reset

After the 07/06 KR patch, you can pick the special effect that will activate, and you can select the trigger condition by purchasing the Pet Quick Slot Upgrade Ticket from the Item Mall.

All the effects of Encouragement and Special Encouragement can increase if your pet has high Affinity. This Affinity bonus is multiplicative.

Affinity Affinity Bonus Multiplier
0 ≤ Affinity < 70 ×1
70 ≤ Affinity < 80 ×1.1
80 ≤ Affinity < 90 ×1.2
90 ≤ Affinity < 100 ×1.3
100 ×1.4

The way this applies depends on the stat. For Action / Movement Speed, Max HP Increase and HP Recovery, the percentage increase gets multiplied with the Affinity Bonus Multiplier:

Speed / HP Recovery / Max HP = (1 + E/100 × ABM)

For the Critical Chance Increase effect, the stat gets calculated by multiplying the total percentage with the Affinity Bonus Multiplier:

Critical = (1 + E/100) × ABM

For the MP Recovery effect, the Affinity Bonus Multiplier gets multiplied by the flat number:

MP Recovery = E × ABM
  • S = Base Stat (Attack/Movement Speed or Critical)
  • E = Increase (the increase based on the pet's stage)
  • ABM = Affinity Bonus Multiplier

This results in the following values:

  • Stage 1 (Infant)
  • Stage 2 (Teen)
  • Stage 3 (Adult)
 Self BuffEncouragementSelf Buff'Encouragement'
Affinity Action / Movement Speed Increase
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
Critical Increase
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
Max HP Increase
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
HP Recovery per Second MP Recovery per Second
0 ≤ Affinity < 70 5% 6% 20% 0.5% HP 6 MP
70 ≤ Affinity < 80 5.5% 16.6% 22% 0.55% HP 6.6 MP
80 ≤ Affinity < 90 6% 27.2% 24% 0.6% HP 7.2 MP
90 ≤ Affinity < 100 6.5% 37.8% 26% 0.65% HP 7.8 MP
100 7% 48.4% 28% 0.7% HP 8.4 MP

Table of Common Pet Skills

Icon Effect
Fetch Aura

Dropped items or ED from dungeons and fields will be picked up by your pet.

'Grab them all! Never miss a single ED again!'


Your confidence and energy will increase during this skill's duration.

<Encouragement Effect>
Max HP and remaining HP increase.
Critical Chance increases.
Action and Movement Speed increase.
HP/MP Recovery per sec.

※ When the pet is in 'special' status, its encouragement effect increases accordingly with its affinity level.

Special Encouragement

Encourage with one of the following effects.
(Cooldown: 90 sec.)
HP, MP Recovery 50%
Physical/Magical Attack Power Increase: 5% (30 sec.)
All Skill Cooldown Reset

When the pet is in the 'special' status, pet's encouragement effect increases accordingly with the affinity level.

Unlocked when total Pet Growth Points
is over 3000 points.


Phoru Pet replying to the Hello! command.

Commands are short phrases you can say in the chat that will make your pet say something back or play an animation. Its Affinity will affect on how it responds to you. Pets might also have additional, exclusive Special Commands, which vary depending on the pet.

List of Basic Commands

Hey! Howdy! Hi! Hello! Sit! Wait! Rest! Stand! GetUp!
LetsGo! ComeHere! GetGet! Goofy! Here! Come! Silly! Smack! Stop!
Angry! Playful! NapTime! SleepyTime! Zz! ILoveYou! ILikeYou! GoodJob!


On April 25, 2019 in the Korean Server, the Personality System was replaced with the Growth System. The users that had personality points already invested before, received a certain number of Growth points.

Growth points can be invested in additional effects for the pet:

  • Cheer decreases Encouragement and Special Encouragement cooldown by 0.0333% per point.
  • Patience increases Encouragement and Special Encouragement duration by 0.05% per point.
  • Mastery increases the pet skill's damage by 0.05% per point.
  • Focus decreases MP cost of the pet skill by 0.015% per point.
Basic Digestive Medicine

You can acquire Growth points by either feeding your pet or Refilling Nutrition. You can only gain a maximum of 216 points every 72 hours by Refilling Nutrition because the pet must digest the food. You can help your pet digest the food by giving it Digestion Medicine.

Table of Growth Points
Icon Name Amount of Growth Points Digesting Duration
El Tree Fruit 3 1
Lots of Petit El Jelly 3
Odd Flavored Candy 2 1
El Tree Seed 2
Strange El Tree Seed
Some Petite El Jelly 3
Fantastic QPL Jelly
Strange QPL Jelly
Petite El Jelly 1 3
QPL Jelly (Step 11)
Any piece of equipment/weapon 5
Mysterious Weeds N/A
  • Note: Refilling Nutrition with Strange El Seeds or Strange QPL Jelly will not decrease your pet's Affinity. Likewise, Fantastic QPL Jellies will not increase Affinity when used to Refill Nutrition.


Basic Gem of Skill

You can socket your Pet with up to two Gems of Skill in their Accessory sockets, which are located in the bottom right of your Pet Menu. Gems of Skill are given as a reward in Pet Expedition Chests and quests, and in certain events. They provide various benefits to you or your pet. "Encourage Duration Increase" and "Encourage Cooldown Decrease" are also applied to Special Encouragement.

Possible stats given by Gems of Skill

  • Pet Attack Power Increase
  • Pet Skill MP Cost Decrease
  • Encourage Duration Increase
  • Encourage Cooldown Decrease
  • EXP Gain Increase
  • Recovery Item Effect
  • Recovery Item Cooldown Decrease
  • Character MP Recovery when Pet Skill Used
  • Expedition ED Cost Decrease
  • Expedition Mission Duration Decrease
  • Expedition Life Stamina Cost Decrease
  • Expedition Mission Success Rate Increase

Auto Consumption

The Auto Consumption system allows you to assign two different consumables that your pet will give you automatically once your HP or MP drops below a custom percentage. You can remove the consumables and assign others as you please. The Auto Consumption window can be accessed through the main Pet Menu or the Mini UI that shows below your character's portrait.

You can get Pet Auto Consume Quick Slot Expansions through Job Advancement Useful Items Cubes (Temporary), Events, the Velder Academy Concert Event Dungeon (Temporary) and the Item Mall.

After the 07/06 KR patch, you can set a timer that will automatically use your slotted consumables in regular intervals by purchasing the Pet Quick Slot Upgrade Ticket from the Item Mall. This item will also improve your pet's Encouragement and Special Encouragement passive skills.

Pet PvP

Main Article: Pet PvP

Pet PvP is a game mode that is accessed from the Summons button at the bottom left of the screen after you reach level 99. This mode allows for 3v3 turn based fights between your and an opponent's Pets.

Growth Points are important in Pet PvP because they provide your pet with various benefits that might turn the odds of the battle in your favor. Before starting a match, you can let the game choose an effect at random or choose one yourself. The game will not pick or let you select an effect that has no Growth Points spent on it. The higher the Growth Points spent, the more likely the effect will proc (max 40%).

  • Cheer increases your pet's chance to act first.
  • Patience increases your pet's chance to recover additional HP when using the "Recover" action.
  • Mastery increases your pet's chance to deal a critical attack when using the "Attack" action.
  • Focus increases your pet's chance to dodge its enemy's attack.

Your pets' traits will affect the damage they deal:

  • Feral will deal more damage to Tenacity, but will deal less damage to Wisdom.
  • Tenacity will deal more damage to Wisdom, but will deal less damage to Feral.
  • Wisdom will deal more damage to Feral, but will deal less damage to Tenacity.

Pet Expedition

Main Article: Pet Expedition

A pet that is away on an expedition, as seen in the Pet Menu.

The Pet Expedition system allows you to send up to three of your pets to "expeditions" around Elrios, fighting enemies and bringing back several rewards after they complete them. Sending your pet to an expedition is considered a Life Content action, and as such, it will not only consume ED but also Life Stamina. Pets must be Adults and have 50% Affinity or higher, and they must be unsummoned in order to participate. Your pets' traits will affect the success rate of their expeditions.

After sending your pets to an expedition you will not be able to summon them, access their Growth Menu or socket their Accessory slots with Gems of Skill, until the expedition ends and you check its results (in the Pet Expedition window). You can, however, end the expedition early to bring back your pets any time you wish.

Related Items

  • Food
  • Special
  • Accessories
  • Other


Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
El Tree Seed Exchange from Ariel, Camilla and Stella.
Reward from some events.
Item for feeding.
El Tree Fruit Exchange from Stella.
Reward from some events.
Purchase from the Item Mall.
Item for feeding.
Strange El Tree Seed Weekly Guild missions.
Reward from some events.
Item for feeding. Decreases Affinity by 10%.
QPL Jelly (Step 11) Exchange from Blacksmiths. Item for feeding.
Fantastic QPL Jelly (Step 11) Exchange from Blacksmiths. Item for feeding. Increases Affinity by 2%.
Strange QPL Jelly (Step 11) Exchange from Blacksmiths. Item for feeding. Decreases Affinity by 5%.
Petite El Jelly Pet Expedition Treasure Chests.
Pet Expedition quest.
Reward from some events.
Item for feeding.
Some Petite El Jelly Pet Expedition Treasure Chests. Item for feeding.
Lots of Petite El Jelly Pet Expedition Treasure Chests. Item for feeding.
Mysterious Weeds Reward from some events. Item for feeding.
Bamboo Reward from some events. Item for feeding.
Odd Flavored Candy Reward from some events. Item for feeding.



  • The first Growth Fruit was made by Solace and Gaia.
  • While it was originally created as the baby stage of the Hedgehog pet based on the same monster from various Hamel dungeons, the Baby Hedgehog quickly became extremely popular among fans and has since eclipsed Phorus as the "mascot" monster of Elsword, with various merchandise to go along with it, including handbags, little statues, t-shirts and usbs.
    • During the Elsword "Together Festival" event in 2017, one of the KoG employees even paraded around the conference grounds in a large Baby Hedgehog suit, to the amusement of many of the visitors.


Date Changes
09/16/2010 10/05/2011
  • Pet System released.
??/??/2014 ??/??/2014
  • All Pet's Attack Damage increased.
    • Damage roughly doubled.
- 05/30/2018
  • Life Crystal sales discontinued.
    • Next Pets will always be in their Adult form.
04/25/2019 05/14/2019
  • Personality System replaced with Growth System.
06/18/2020 07/01/2020
  • Fixed pet occasionally using skills abnormally.
03/17/2022 03/30/2022
  • Special Encouragement skill icon changed from to
  • Fetch Aura skill icon changed from to
  • Encouragement skill icon changed from to

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