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Throughout the development of this game, various webcomics were created to promote new releases and various backstories of the main characters.


ElType is a series of online magazines about Elsword. These magazines would include a main story of the main cast followed by a series of short gag comics and additional promotional content, such as concept art of certain characters and areas.

Voice Webtoon Season 1 : Lu & Ciel's Tea Time

Lu & Ciel's Tea Time is a series of webcomics featuring Lu and Ciel. These webcomics focused on Ciel's past before he met Lu.

Voice Webtoon Season 2 : Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is a series of webcomics featuring Add's younger self. These webcomics focused on the events of Add's past between his enslavement and his present self.

Voice Webtoon Season 3 : Double Crow

Double Crow is a series of webcomics featuring Raven written by Team WEAVER and illustrated by PiKA.

Voice Webtoon Season 4 : Incident Log of Strongest High Magician in the World

Incident Log is a series of webcomics featuring Aisha written by Team WEAVER and illustrated by Hanbyul.

Voice Webtoon Season 5 : Crossroads of the Wind

Crossroads of the Wind is a series of webcomics featuring Rena. It is written by Team WEAVER and illustrated by RISA.

Voice Webtoon Season 6 : Shadow of the Silver Moon

Shadow of the Silver Moon is a series of webcomics featuring Ara. It is written by Team WEAVER and illustrated by 루틸.

Voice Webtoon Season 7 : Azure Dawn

Azure Dawn is a series of webcomics featuring Chung. It is written by NZ and illustrated by 마랏.

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