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The Wedding System is a Bonding feature that allows players to pair up as a couple to receive various benefits. It is a romantic-oriented counterpart of the Soulmate System.


Couple's Ring

To become a Couple with another player, you must obtain the item Couple's Ring, which can be purchased from the Item Mall for 500 K-Ching or the Epic Point Shop for 500 EP. It can also be received from events. The player with the ring will propose to their partner and if they accept, the two players will become an official Couple.

After becoming a Couple with another player, you cannot become a Partner with the same or another player.


Only characters of opposite genders can be married.

There are some restrictions to the characters that can be coupled together. Elesis and Elsword cannot be partners because they are siblings. Players can not couple with other players within different servers.

The characters of the coupling players cannot be of the same gender. In regards to Lu/Ciel, either one of them can be partnered with another character. However, two Lu/Ciel characters cannot become partners. In addition, if either Lu or Ciel becomes part of a couple, the other character cannot enter another couple unless the current couple is broken up.

In the North American server, you cannot propose to someone if the recipient has a character name in their own name. For example, "Vicky173" cannot propose to "Aisha1637" but "Aisha1637" is able to propose to "Vicky173".


Contents sent to you and your partner's mailbox after a successful proposal.

After being coupled, players have the option to propose to and become married to their partner. To start a wedding, one player must first purchase a Wedding Ring (Propose) from the Item Mall (1,700 K-ching) and propose to their partner. If the proposal is accepted, the following will be sent to your and your partner's mailboxes:

  • Wedding Dress/Tuxedo Cube
  • Celebrity Style Wedding Outfit (1 Day)
  • Wedding Reservation Ticket
  • 30 Wedding Invitations

From the Wedding Dress/Tuxedo Cube, the bride will receive a Pink Dress while the groom will receive a White Tuxedo. The Wedding Suits come sealed, are tradable, and are permanent with the following stats:

  • Physical Attack +30
  • Magical Attack +30
  • Physical Defense +30
  • Magical Defense +30
  • +2% chance of double attack (Except special actives)


Wedding Reservation

Creating a Wedding Reservation.

The proposing player will have access to the Wedding Reservation Ticket and has full control over most aspects of the wedding, such as the date and time of the wedding, the wedding location, the officiant, and number of reserved seats. Weddings can be planned 6 days in advance and up to 30 seats can be reserved. The one who proposes can select players from their Friends list or Guild from the Wedding Reservation page, but either player may send out additional invites at any time (a max of 100 invites can be sent, while additional wedding invitations may be purchased from Ariel for 10,000 ED).

The NPCs that may be selected as the officiant are:

Each officiant has unique dialogue, but are otherwise identical in purpose.

Examples of officiants and wedding halls that may be chosen.

The Wedding Halls that may be selected are:

The bride and groom can enter the Wedding Hall and start the ceremony whenever they wish. After a short cutscene plays, the ceremony will finish and the officiant will declare the couple's unity in marriage. A server-wide announcement will also be sent in the chat to congratulate the newlyweds.

After the wedding, the newlyweds will be mailed 200 of the consumable item Wedding Cake as well as the Wedding Sit (2 Player) (30 Days), while all guests in attendance will be mailed 20 of Wedding Cake.


Players can receive a variety of benefits and additional cosmetic effects when they become a couple. Some of these features will require the couple to be married first. All marriage benefits with set durations can be refreshed by purchasing a Wedding Ring (Remind) (900 K-ching) and hosting another wedding ceremony.

Buff (30 Days)

While in a dungeon with your spouse, you will receive the following buff for 30 days:

  •  Couple BuffHappy NewlywedsCouple BuffHappy Newlyweds: Physical/Magical Attack Power +5%

Couple's Quest (365 Days)

For 1 year/365 days, you can clear dungeons in your level range with your spouse for weekly rewards.

With You!
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Clear dungeons in your level range with your spouse 3 times.


Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 [Luriel] Stamina Potion x2 N/A
ED 0 [Luriel] Fighter Potion x2 N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0

Wedding Sit (30 Days)

Both players will receive a 2-player Custom Motion in their mailbox after their wedding concludes, that lasts 30 days. Your spouse, as well as all other players, may send sit requests and use the sit like any other 2-player Custom Motion.

Weekly Cubes

After the two players become a couple, they will receive a special cube in the mail during every seventh day of the relationship. Couples will receive the Couple's Anniversary Cube while married couples will receive the Wedding Anniversary Cube.

Couple's Anniversary Cube
Couple's Anniversary Cube A cube to celebrate a couple's anniversary.
Opening Requirements Reselling Price Trading
No requirements needed. Impossible Trading Impossible
Cannot be Bank Shared
Random Content
El Shard (Fire) El Shard (Water) El Shard (Nature) El Shard (Wind)
El Shard (Light) El Shard (Dark) El Shard (Mystery) Resurrection Stone (3) Cube
Stamina Potion Magic Stone x5 Advanced Magic Stone x3 N/A
Wedding Anniversary Cube
Wedding Anniversary Cube A cube to celebrate a couple's anniversary.
Opening Requirements Reselling Price Trading
No requirements needed. Impossible Trading Impossible
Cannot be Bank Shared
Random Content
[Luriel] Refined Magic Stone x5 Wedding Cake x20 N/A N/A

Wedding Titles

After the couple's wedding ceremony concludes, they will be mailed Newlyweds' Happiness (30 Days).

When a married couple's marriage lasts for a certain amount of time, they will receive a title in the mail to celebrate their milestone. There are three available titles, each corresponding to the milestone of 100 days, 150 days, and 365 days.

The titles will be available to the players after they passed the milestone, even if they choose to break up with their partners after obtaining them. If the player remarries, they can still receive a new set of these titles but they will not be usable.

Title Image Item Icon Name Requirement Stat Effects
Newlyweds' Happiness (30 Days) Obtained after your wedding ceremony concludes. EXP +20%
Drop Rate +10%
100th Day Anniversary Obtained after being married for 100 days. Action Speed +1%
Lovebirds Obtained after being married for 150 days. Action Speed +1%
Critical +1%
Wedding Vows Obtained after being married for 365 days. Physical Attack +365
Magical Attack +365
Action Speed +1.5%
Critical +1.5%

Wedding Skill

Main Article: Extreme Heavenly Love

Couples will unlock the Extreme Heavenly Love skill in the their Skill Tree at Level 1. Once married, Extreme Heavenly Love will be upgraded to Level 2. This skill grants recovery effects for you and your partner in range.

Wedding Chat

Couples will receive an additional tab in their chatbox where only the player and their partner can use. The chat will be colored orange and will only display messages of the player and their partner.


A married player has the ability to call their partners and summon them to appear next to them. This can only be used in villages, fields, or rest areas while both players are in the same channel. In addition, the player that is being called on must accept their partner's request before they can be summoned.

Couple Effects

Newlyweds Nickname Ticket

After becoming a couple, players will have a special visual effect where small animated hearts and a musical note will occasionally appear from the character. In addition, a large heart symbol will appear when the two partners stand in close proximity. These effects are purely cosmetic and will not provide any changes to gameplay.

An optional cosmetic effect that married couples can activate is the Newlyweds Nickname Ticket, which will allow a pop-up to appear whenever the two spouses stand close to each other. This pop-up will display a short message (max 16 letters) from the couple. The ticket can be purchased from Ariel for 100,000 ED. The pop-up can be deactivated by purchasing another ticket and typing "Reset" (NA/INT) on it.

Couple effects are permanent, unless the couple separates, but can be hidden by selecting the "Turn Off" for "Couple Effects" in the options menu.


After achieved certain milestones, you can get achievement points. These milestones include: get your characters married 5 times and have married for 1000 days. These achievements give no item rewards.

Breaking Up

If a player wishes, they can break up with their partner and end their relationship at the cost of ED. The cost will be equal to the number of days that the player has been with their partner multiplied by 100,000 ED. If the player is married to their partner, then the fee will be multiplied by 200,000 ED instead. This cost will have a limit of 100,000,000 ED and will not exceed this number.

After breaking up, the player will lose access to Extreme Heavenly Love. To regain access to that skill, the player must become a couple again.

Related Items

  • Consumable
  • Ring
  • Cube
  • Other


Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
Wedding Cake Obtainable after participating a wedding Recovers 100% HP
Recovers 100% MP
Cooldown time: 10 seconds
Slice of Wedding Cake Obtainable after participating a wedding prior to April 10, 2019 Recovers 100% HP
Cooldown time: 10 seconds
Celebratory Wedding Champagne Obtainable after participating a wedding prior to April 10, 2019 Recovers 100% MP
Cooldown time: 10 seconds



Ruben Wedding Hall - wedding_ruben

Sander Wedding Hall - wedding_sander

Elysion Wedding Hall - li_wedding_elysion

Modern Wedding Hall - li_wedding_modern


Date Changes
05/16/2013 02/12/2014
  • Wedding System added.
03/14/2014 04/10/2019
  • Wedding System revamp.

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