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Second Jobs[edit]

Players would be able to continue the job progression of their characters by doing the Second job quest at level 35.

  • Skill cut-ins are unlocked to match the corresponding class.
  • Even more combo extensions and skills become available to use.
  • Players are able to gain access to Hyper Actives. These skills are learned at 65 and require a skill quest. Hyper Actives are extremely strong but require 300 MP and have a cooldown of 180 seconds.
  • Various skills will also be avaliable for new classes.
  • Lu/Ciel classes advance the opposite characters of their 1st job.

Class Change Quest[edit]

All 2nd job quests are unique for each class. Go to the corresponding class page to learn more about the questline.

Skill Quests[edit]

  • Elsword~Ain
  • Laby
  • Noah

Quest Icon.png Level 45 Layer Skill (Level Requirement: 45)

  1. Clear 1 dungeon within level range.
  2. Find 1 of Camilla's Missing Contract from the demons in Feita ~ Velder dungeons (excluding Underground Garden).
    • Completing this quest will give you Camilla's Secret Manual (Advanced).

Quest Icon.png Level 60 Layer Skill (Level Requirement: 60)

  1. Clear 1 dungeon within level range.
  2. Find one of Camilla's Missing Secret Manual by defeating any Boss in Hamel ~ Sander dungeons (excluding Sunken Resiam).
    • Completing this quest will give you Camilla's Secret Manual (Expert).

Quest Icon.png 1st Hyper Active (Level Requirement: 60)

Ultimate Key reward for completing part 5.
  1. Clear 5 dungeons within level range.
  2. Collect 5 Intense Energy from any Boss in Hamel ~ Sander dungeons (excluding Sunken Resiam). (Level Requirement: 61)
  3. Defeat 5 Hamel ~ Sander Bosses (excluding Sunken Resiam). (Level Requirement: 62)
  4. Clear dungeons within level range with S rank or higher 5 times. (Level Requirement: 63)
  5. Clear 10 Secret Dungeons.
  6. Final Quest: Collect 3 ElWater.png El's Essences (this is the same item required each time you use a Hyper Active skill and is obtained by dismantling any identified El Shard) and Ultimate Key, and talk to Glave.
    • Completing this quest will give you Ultimate Secret Manual.

  • NOTE: All Clear dungeons within level range quests exclude Ruben, Henir, Add's Energy Fusion Theory, Ereda, Sinister Intent, Gate of Darkness, Event Dungeon, Guild Expedition, and Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak.

List of Classes[edit]

Icon - Lord Knight.png Lord Knight
Icon - Rune Slayer.png Rune Slayer
Icon - Infinity Sword.png Infinity Sword
Icon - Sacred Templar.png Sacred Templar
Icon - Elemental Master.png Elemental Master
Icon - Void Princess.png Void Princess
Icon - Dimension Witch.png Dimension Witch
Icon - Mystic Alchemist.png Mystic Alchemist
Icon - Wind Sneaker.png Wind Sneaker
Icon - Grand Archer.png Grand Archer
Icon - Night Watcher.png Night Watcher
Icon - Tale Spinner.png Tale Spinner
Icon - Blade Master.png Blade Master
Icon - Reckless Fist.png Reckless Fist
Icon - Veteran Commander.png Veteran Commander
Icon - Mutant Reaper.png Mutant Reaper
Icon - Code Nemesis.png Code: Nemesis
Icon - Code Empress.png Code: Empress
Icon - Code Battle Seraph.png Code: Battle Seraph
Icon - Code Failess.png Code: Failess
Icon - Iron Paladin.png Iron Paladin
Icon - Deadly Chaser.png Deadly Chaser
Icon - Tactical Trooper.png Tactical Trooper
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Sakra Devanam.png Sakra Devanam
Icon - Yama Raja.png Yama Raja
Icon - Asura.png Asura
Icon - Marici.png Marici
Icon - Grand Master.png Grand Master
Icon - Blazing Heart.png Blazing Heart
Icon - Crimson Avenger.png Crimson Avenger
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Lunatic Psyker.png Lunatic Psyker
Icon - Mastermind.png Mastermind
Icon - Diabolic Esper.png Diabolic Esper
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Chiliarch.png Dreadlord
Icon - Dreadlord.png
Icon - Noblesse.png Noblesse
(Noblesse/Royal Guard)
Icon - Royal Guard.png
Icon - Diabla.png Demonio
Icon - Demonio.png
Icon - Emptiness.png Turbids
Icon - Turbids.png
Icon - Storm Trooper.png Storm Trooper
Icon - Crimson Rose.png Crimson Rose
Icon - Freyja.png Freyja
Icon - Optimus.png Optimus
Icon - Arme Thaumaturgy.png Arme Thaumaturgy
Icon - Erbluhen Emotion.png Erbluhen Emotion
Icon - Apostasia.png Apostasia
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Rumble Pumn.png Rumble Pumn
Icon - Shining Romantica.png Shining Romantica
Icon - Daydreamer.png Daydreamer
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Silent Shadow.png Silent Shadow
Icon - Stellar Caster.png Stellar Caster
Icon - Pale Pilgrim.png Pale Pilgrim
Dunno.png ???

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