2nd Jobs

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Second Jobs

Players would be able to continue the job progression of their characters by doing the Second job quest at level 35.

  • Skill cut-ins are unlocked to match the corresponding class.
  • Even more combo extensions and skills become available to use.
  • Players are able to gain access to Hyper Actives. These skills are learned at 65 and require a skill quest. Hyper Actives are extremely strong but require 300 MP and have a cooldown of 180 seconds.
  • Various skills will also be avaliable for new classes.
  • Lu/Ciel classes advance the opposite characters of their 1st job.

Class Change Quest

All 2nd job quests are unique for each class. Go to the corresponding class page to learn more about the questline.

Skill Quests

  • Elsword~Ain
  • Laby
  • Noah

Quest Icon.png Level 45 Layer Skill (Level Requirement: 45)

  1. Clear 1 dungeon within level range.
  2. Find 1 of Camilla's Missing Contract from the demons in Feita ~ Velder dungeons (excluding Underground Garden).
    • Completing this quest will give you Camilla's Secret Manual (Advanced).

Quest Icon.png Level 60 Layer Skill (Level Requirement: 60)

  1. Clear 1 dungeon within level range.
  2. Find one of Camilla's Missing Secret Manual by defeating any Boss in Hamel ~ Sander dungeons (excluding Sunken Resiam).
    • Completing this quest will give you Camilla's Secret Manual (Expert).

Quest Icon.png 1st Hyper Active (Level Requirement: 60)

Ultimate Key reward for completing part 5.
  1. Clear 5 dungeons within level range.
  2. Collect 5 Intense Energy from any Boss in Hamel ~ Sander dungeons (excluding Sunken Resiam). (Level Requirement: 61)
  3. Defeat 5 Hamel ~ Sander Bosses (excluding Sunken Resiam). (Level Requirement: 62)
  4. Clear dungeons within level range with S rank or higher 5 times. (Level Requirement: 63)
  5. Clear 10 Secret Dungeons.
  6. Final Quest: Collect 3 ElWater.png El's Essences (this is the same item required each time you use a Hyper Active skill and is obtained by dismantling any identified El Shard) and Ultimate Key, and talk to Glave.
    • Completing this quest will give you Ultimate Secret Manual.

  • NOTE: All Clear dungeons within level range quests exclude Ruben, Henir, Add's Energy Fusion Theory, Ereda, Sinister Intent, Gate of Darkness, Event Dungeon, Guild Expedition, and Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak.

List of Classes

Icon - Lord Knight.png Lord Knight
Icon - Rune Slayer.png Rune Slayer
Icon - Infinity Sword.png Infinity Sword
Icon - Sacred Templar.png Sacred Templar
Icon - Elemental Master.png Elemental Master
Icon - Void Princess.png Void Princess
Icon - Dimension Witch.png Dimension Witch
Icon - Mystic Alchemist.png Mystic Alchemist
Icon - Wind Sneaker.png Wind Sneaker
Icon - Grand Archer.png Grand Archer
Icon - Night Watcher.png Night Watcher
Icon - Tale Spinner.png Tale Spinner
Icon - Blade Master.png Blade Master
Icon - Reckless Fist.png Reckless Fist
Icon - Veteran Commander.png Veteran Commander
Icon - Mutant Reaper.png Mutant Reaper
Icon - Code Nemesis.png Code: Nemesis
Icon - Code Empress.png Code: Empress
Icon - Code Battle Seraph.png Code: Battle Seraph
Icon - Code Failess.png Code: Failess
Icon - Iron Paladin.png Iron Paladin
Icon - Deadly Chaser.png Deadly Chaser
Icon - Tactical Trooper.png Tactical Trooper
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Sakra Devanam.png Sakra Devanam
Icon - Yama Raja.png Yama Raja
Icon - Asura.png Asura
Icon - Marici.png Marici
Icon - Grand Master.png Grand Master
Icon - Blazing Heart.png Blazing Heart
Icon - Crimson Avenger.png Crimson Avenger
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Lunatic Psyker.png Lunatic Psyker
Icon - Mastermind.png Mastermind
Icon - Diabolic Esper.png Diabolic Esper
Icon - Dissembler.png Dissembler
Icon - Chiliarch.png Dreadlord
Icon - Dreadlord.png
Icon - Noblesse.png Noblesse
(Noblesse/Royal Guard)
Icon - Royal Guard.png
Icon - Diabla.png Demonio
Icon - Demonio.png
Icon - Emptiness.png Turbids
Icon - Turbids.png
Icon - Storm Trooper.png Storm Trooper
Icon - Crimson Rose.png Crimson Rose
Icon - Freyja.png Freyja
Icon - Optimus.png Optimus
Icon - Arme Thaumaturgy.png Arme Thaumaturgy
Icon - Erbluhen Emotion.png Erbluhen Emotion
Icon - Apostasia.png Apostasia
Dunno.png ???
Icon - Rumble Pumn.png Rumble Pumn
Icon - Shining Romantica.png Shining Romantica
Icon - Daydreamer.png Daydreamer
Icon - Punky Poppet.png Punky Poppet
Icon - Silent Shadow.png Silent Shadow
Icon - Stellar Caster.png Stellar Caster
Icon - Pale Pilgrim.png Pale Pilgrim
Dunno.png ???

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