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The El Housing system allows players to make a home in Elrios and decorate it with furniture. Players can then invite their friends to their homes and even gain buffs that can aid in their adventures.

Promotional art for the El Housing system.

El House 1.png Basic Information

To own an El House, a player must be Level 99 and use a Housing Contract. Temporary Housing Contracts can be acquired from quests or Ariel, while a permanent Housing Contract can be obtained from the Item Mall.

Once a player has obtained an El House, it can be entered by talking to Ariel or using the Cobo Transportation Service. Players can enter other players' El Houses by talking to Ariel, choosing the Random Entry option to enter a random player's home that's set to Public while the owner is logged in, or being invited by the owner of an El House. Inside an El House, players can move freely using the directional keys.

El House Menu

Mode Icon Function
Edit Mode El House Edit.png Freely arrange furniture purchased through NPC Ariel or the Item Mall.
Studio El House Studio.png View your El House using the Studio Camera.
Invite El House Invite.png Send an invitation to another player. Up to 8 players (including yourself) can enter your El House.
Obtain Furniture Effect El House Effect.png Certain furniture have Stamina Recovery / Pet Affinity Increase / Furniture Blessing Buff effects.
DIY El House Purchase El House Purchase.png You can purchase DIY El House items from the Item Mall. When you place 3 or more [Special] furniture in your El House, you will get a House Season Effect.

El House 2.png Furniture

Housing System Art 2.png
Main Article: El House Furniture

Furniture is used to decorate a player's El House and can be arranged in Edit Mode. Furniture can be bought from Ariel for ED, obtained from the seasonal DIY El House item in the Item Mall, and earned from events. Furniture can be dismantled to obtain material items that can be used to craft furniture items of the same grade. Furniture can also be sold on the market board, though rare furniture will need a Phoru's Sealing Label from the Item Mall.

El House 3.png Buffs

Housing System Art 3.png

Certain furniture have Stamina Recovery, Pet Affinity Increase, or Furniture Blessing Buff effects. Once the furniture has been placed for a certain duration, its buff can be obtained from the Obtain Furniture Effect menu. The House Season buff can be obtained by placing 3 furniture from this season's seasonal set (usually from the DIY El House items) and lasts until the season ends.

Furniture Blessing Furniture Blessing (Enhanced) House Season Buff
- Critical +5% (Dungeon)
-Action Speed +5% (Dungeon)
- Additional Damage +5% (Dungeon)
- Maximize +5% (Dungeon)
- EXP Gain +35%
Duration: 30 minutes
- Critical +5% (Dungeon)
- Action Speed +5% (Dungeon)
- Additional Damage +5% (Dungeon)
- Maximize +5% (Dungeon)
- Damage to Boss Monsters +2%
- Damage Reduction from Boss Monsters +2%
- EXP Gain +50%
Duration: 30 minutes
- House Stamina Recovery Increased by 1.5 Times
- House Pet Affinity Increased by 1.5 Times
- Furniture Blessing Buff Enhanced
- Village Moving Speed Increase


Story[El House] Come Hang Out! El House 1
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Reach Lv.99
  • Talk to Ariel

Great Elrios Life!
You can now own your very own house in Elrios! Shall we create on together?
I, Ariel, have some items for the El House.
If you're interested, come talk to me.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 Dunno.png Housing Contract (7 Days) NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 0 Dunno.png ??? NOIMAGE.png N/A

Related Items

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect Price
Housing Contract.png Housing Contract (7 Days) Complete [El House] Come Hang Out! El House 1 quest. This contract allows you to rent a house for 7 days. N/A
Housing Contract.png Housing Contract (30 Days) Purchase from Ariel. This contract allows you to rent a house for 30 days. 50,000,000 ED
Housing Contract.png Housing Contract (Permanent) Purchase from the Item Mall. A housing contract that allows you to obtain your very own house. 1200 K-Ching
Stage 2 Housing Expansion.png Stage 2 Housing Expansion Purchase from the Item Mall. Expands the size of your house to stage 2. 400 K-Ching
Stage 3 Housing Expansion.png Stage 3 Housing Expansion Purchase from the Item Mall. Expands the size of your house to stage 3. 600 K-Ching
Stage 4 Housing Expansion.png Stage 4 Housing Expansion Purchase from the Item Mall. Expands the size of your house to stage 4. 800 K-Ching
Stage 5 Housing Expansion.png Stage 5 Housing Expansion Purchase from the Item Mall. Expands the size of your house to stage 5. 1000 K-Ching
DIY El House.png DIY El House Purchase from the Item Mall. A seasonal item which contains rare furniture items. 100 K-Ching
Phoru's Sealing Label.png Phoru's Sealing Label Purchase from the Item Mall. An item used to seal untradable furniture items to make them tradable. 400 K-Ching
El House Buff Ticket.png Housing Buff Trial Ticket Event An item that allows you to try the housing buff for 30 minutes. Does not stack with other resting buffs. N/A




Date Changes
04/23/2020 05/20/2020
  • El Housing system added.

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