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ManaflowOverdrive.png [Passive] Overflow the mana in the body to increase the power and speed. Increases Physical Attack power based on your current MP. Increase movement as MP is decreased.


Class Level Required
Dimension Witch 60

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Physical Attack Increase Movement Speed Increase
1 60 0% ~ 12.5% 100% ~ 120%
2 66 0% ~ 15% 100% ~ 160%
3 68 0% ~ 17.5% 100% ~ 200%
4 99 0% ~ 20% 100% ~ 240%

Manaflow Overdrive Skill Description

  • As your Mana increases, your physical damage increases.

Formula :[Current MP / Max MP]

  • Example : Level 3 . 300/300 MP = 30% physical damage increase.

Hence Every 10 MP = 1%
Every 5 MP(every Z hit) increases 0.5% physical damage done by the staff.

  • Every 1 MP increases 0.1% physical damage done by the staff.

  • As your Mana decreases, your movement speed increases.

Formula :[(Max MP - Current MP) / Max MP]

  • Example : Level 3 . 0/300 MP = 200% movement speed increase.

Hence Every 1.5 MP = 1%
Every 4 MP consumes(every X hit) increases 2.67% movement speed done by the energy ball.

  • Every 1 MP consumes increased 0.67% movement speed done by the energy ball.

Tips and Details

  • Once your MP falls back to zero, the physical damage bonus will be 0%, but the movement speed bonus will be 200%. It is best to be cautious when jumping on platforms or catching in this situation, as you may move too fast and overshoot your desired destination.
  • Manaflow Overdrive can be paired with Heavy Press and Guillotine Press to deal higher damage.
  • MP potions increases the damage done by the staff
    • Using a physical Special Active and then consuming an MP potion before the skill is performed will increase the damage done by the skill.
  • Note that this passive is lag sensitive as you may notice that it does not increase your movement speed when low on MP on laggy situation.
  • This passive currently is glitched in servers after the Character Renewal; at times when it seems that Aisha's speed is increased even though she is at full MP, once a MP using skill is used, her movement speed decreases below her regular movement speed. This causes her to move slower than her current movement speed is supposed to make her.


  • 02/05/2015 KR
    • Physical Damage Increase increased.
  • 08/06/2015 KR
    • Movement speed increased if possessing less MP.
  • 02/04/2016 KR
    • Fixed issue where not working when under 90% HP.
  • 04/21/2016 (KR) / 05/18/2016 (NA)
    • Fixed issue where not working when using Bravery Skills with full MP.
  • 09/08/2016 KR
    • Fixed Physical Attack Increase effect not activating when being applied to skills.
  • 10/13/2016 KR
    • Fixed giving 100% ~ 200% movement speed regardless of levels.
  • 11/03/2016 (KR) / 11/23/2016 (NA)
    • Physical Attack Increase decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea  ??? Manaflow Overdrive
Japanese Flag.png Japan パワーオブマナ Power of Mana
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 气脉暴走 Vital Energy Runaway
French Flag.png France Force mana Mana Power
English Flag.png United Kingdom Mana Power

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