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Brawl Mode is a unique mode of PvP that primarily focuses on the usage of items.

Gameplay Mechanics

Random Item Chest
Random Super Item Chest

Unlike normal PvP matches, all Power-up items are replaced with special Brawl Mode items, which are obtained through chests that randomly spawn throughout the stage. The Random Item Chest will give players a random item while the Random Super Item Chest will give a random Reversal item. In addition to these chests, a random item will automatically be added to the Quick Slots at certain times of the match.

These items are displayed in the special Brawl Quick Slot located at the lower left corner of the user interface. Only two items can be held at a time. The item equipped to the first slot can be used by pressing the Left Alt key. Pressing the Left Shift key will swap the items between the two slots.

The main objective of Brawl Mode is to obtain a certain amount of kills within a certain time limit. The match will automatically end when a player obtains a certain amount of kills or if the time limit is reached. The default victory condition is to obtain 15 kills within 300 seconds. There are no teams in Brawl Mode.


Only 4 maps are available in Brawl Mode.

  • Hope Bridge
  • Resiam Triangle
  • Garpai Sandstorm
  • Sander Oasis

Brawl Mode Items

Image Name Item Type Effects
Brawl Superstar.png Superstar Reversal The user will receive Super Armor status and an increase in size, Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 50%, and Damage. In addition, the user will activate 3-bead Awakening for 10 seconds.
Brawl Sdeing Hammer.png Sdeing's Hammer Reversal The user will summon a hammer to hit all opponents and inflict Pressed for 5 seconds. Players with Pressed will not be able to attack or use any items except Angel's Shield. Players with Pressed will automatically die if they are hit by any attack.
Brawl Laguz Water Balloon.png Laguz's Water Balloon Reversal The user will shoot a water balloon that travels forward in a straight line. If the balloon hits a target, it will explode and deal 30% HP in damage and encase them in a water balloon prison for 5 seconds. Trapped opponents can reduce the duration to 3 seconds by pressing L.png and R.png. Players that are trapped in the balloon will automatically die if they are hit by any attack.
Brawl Eltrion Missile.png Eltrion's Rocket Launcher Attack The user will summon 3 Eltrion Missiles, each dealing 30% HP in damage. The missiles will launch upon impact and will disappear if they do not hit any targets.
Brawl Phoenix Feather.png Phoenix's Feather Attack The user will start dashing with double running speed and burn any opponents that they touch, causing them to continually lose 30% HP until they reach 1 HP. While this item is active, the user will receive Super Armor status and will not be able to attack.
Brawl Raul Lightning.png Raul's Lightning Attack Similar to Raul's Fury, lightning will be summoned to attack all enemies, dealing 30% HP in damage and inflicting Stun for 3 seconds.
Brawl Joaquin Cloud.png Joaquin's Dark Clouds Interruption Players around the user will have clouds cover their screen, reducing visibility.
Brawl Lock.png Lock of Silence Interruption Players around the user will be temporarily prevented from using any items for 5 seconds. Opponents will only be able to use the Angel's Shield item, which will remove the debuff when used.
Brawl Angel Shield.png Angel's Shield Support The user will become invincible and immune to other items for 3 seconds. Using this item will also remove any debuffs of the user and free them from the effects of other items.
Brawl Thief Touch.png Thief's Touch Support Using this item will steal an item from the nearest opponent and place it into the user's Quick Slot. If nearby opponents do not have any items, this item will be consumed with no effect.
Brawl Powerup.png Power Up Potion Passive Using this item will double the user's basic attack power. The effect will last until the user dies and can be stacked up to 5 times.
Brawl Recovery.png Recovery Potion Passive Using this item will recover 30% of the user's HP

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 난투전

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