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Every character in Elsword has their own unique features that sets them apart from other characters.

Elsword : voie de l'épée


Quand vous jouez Elsword, il y a une barre additionnelle en dessous de la barre de PM. Cette voie de l'épée vous permettra d'activer le chevalier de la vitalité ou le chevalier de la destruction pendant une certaine période.

Selon les combos ou les compétences utilisés, la barre augmentera vers la vitalité ou la destruction. En chevalier de la vitalité ou en chevalier de la destruction vous obtiendrez des bonus spéciaux.

Notez que ce système n'est pas aussi facile qu'il en à l'air : les attaques de vitalité font baisser la barre de vitalité, augmentant celle de destruction ; les attaques de destruction font baisser la barre de destruction, augmentant celle de vitalité. C'est pourquoi seul les attaques qui affectent la barre correspondante activent l'aura.

Aisha : mémoriser les compétences


When Aisha goes into her mana regeneration for about 1.5 seconds, she is able to memorize a skill from your skill slots into the memorized skill slots. After 1.5 seconds, there will be a note icon which will appear above her head and skills that are able to be memorized are highlighted.

When the note appears and you click on a skill key, the skill's MP cost and cooldown will be consumed but will not be activated. Instead it is stored in her memorized skill slots. Successful memorizing is indicated when the note becomes bigger. You are able to memorize a maximum set of 3 skills. Pressing V will activate the first skill you memorized and does not activate the original skill MP cost and cooldown. This allows you to activate the same skill twice in a row if you memorize the skill beforehand.

Rena : énergie naturelle


Nature's Force is a system exclusive to only elves. The system interface is indicated below the MP bar. The orbs are indicated in game as NF. Rena is able to charge up the nature orbs bar by doing basic kicks and arrow shots. After using 6 kick or arrow commands, 1 orb will float around Rena. Using skills will also increase Rena's command count. If the skill uses nature orbs, it will increase the command count before using them. When Rena has 3 or more nature orbs (1 in Awakening Mode), she gains a passive buff that increases her movement Speed, passive MP recovery, and damage reduction.

When Rena has at least 1 nature orb, she is able to use that orb alongside her attacks. The orb deals splash damage, ignores defense, and the does not knock down. For skills, you are required to have the required amount of nature orbs. With the required amount, the first hit of the skill will be aided with a detonation of the number of orbs used.

Raven : fureur de Raven


When Awakening Mode is activated as Raven, a Nasod core will appear behind him. It assists Raven in battle offensively and defensively. The core has five levels (it is level 2 upon awakening); the bigger it is, the stronger it becomes. It grows as Raven deals damage, takes damage (slower rate than doing damage), or uses special actives.

Offensively, when Raven hits a foe with an active like Burning Rush or a special active like Power Assault and the foe survives, the core will rush at foe (it turns into dagger-like shape at level 2 and higher) at a linear angle after the skill hits. If no foes are hit, it will return behind you at the same level it was before launching. If it does hit, it pierces through all targets hit as it travels a set distance and does not knock down.

Defensively, when Raven is hit by an attack in front of him while standing, the core transforms into shield that reduces damage. The shield lasts a short time and the core loses a level each time it forms the shield. If the core is level 1 when it defends Raven, it will disappear afterward and requires the usual conditions to reappear. Raven cannot move during the guarding animation, but he can Shadow Step out of it. In the TW version, Raven can cancel the guarding animation by moving or using other skills.

Ève : noyau nasod


When Eve enters any level of awakening, Eve goes into Core Release mode and materializes the Queen's Core. The Queen's Core will follow Eve and react to help Eve by changing during offensive and defensive situations.

In Queen's Core mode, every hit Eve does will level up the Core. A Core level up is indicated when the core lights up for 1 second. The higher the level of the core, the more damage will be dealt and number of times it is able to defend increases.

When Eve is attacked on the ground while in Core Release mode, the Queen's Core will switch to defense mode and cover Eve in a damage reducing shield and absorb the damage. While the Core covers Eve in the Shield, pressing Z or X will allow Eve to phase to the back of the target. The Core however disappears after defending and will appear again after Eve does some hits.

Chung : Freiturnier


Chung's Ammunition Supply is one of his most notable and interesting features. Many of his skills are ammo-reliant. Skills such as Detonation and Lunatic Blow use up all of Chung's ammo, but increase in power based on how much ammo was used. Other skills such as Aiming Shot or Steel Edge use only one. Many of Chung's X attacks use ammo too.

Despite being covered in chains when empty, Chung's third awakening bead is obtained like any other. It has a different appearance to indicate when Berserk Mode is ready. When Berserk Mode is activated, Chung is enveloped in his full Freiturnier armor (notably including the helmet) stored inside his suit's Guardian Stone, a special object that increases his fighting ability.

Whenever Chung is hit while he has a blue outline (e.g., the third attack of the ZZZ combo. Like super armor, it cannot be seen if unit graphics are not set to high), he switches to a guarding stance which gives 66% damage reduction. However, he will stagger after guarding around 5-6 hits or an attack that stuns or flattens.

Ara : Eun


By using the hairpin of Eun (design varies on her class), Ara is able to go into a 3rd awakening bead transformation called the Celestial Fox Mode. While in this mode, her appearance changes, in which her hairstyle will change(hairstyle varies on her class) and become fully white, 9 spectral tails will also appear on her back, giving her the looks of the Gumiho. Equipped accessory will not be shown in this mode.

Ara has a unique combo system which involves using Spirit Energy. Spirit Energy is shown as beads below your HP bar. New players start with a 10 bead gauge.

Ara is able to cancel active skills by using another skill/active skill right before the previous skill used ends. This will cancel the active skill's final hit which prevents KD, but also gains extra Spirit Energy depending on the skill. For example, if you used Exorcism Stance 3 : Shadoweave (which usually gains 1 spirit energy when used) and cancel with Tiger Stance 2 : Tiger Claw, you will gain 5 Spirit Energy instead (1 from using Shadow Knot + 4 from cancel bonus as stated in description).

Elesis : chevalerie


When playing Elesis, there will be an additional gauge below the MP bar. This Chivalry gauge will enable you to activate "Knight of Gale" or "Knight of Annihilation" for a period of time.

Depending on the type of combo attack (e.g. Z and X key moves) or skill you use, the gauge will lean towards Gale or Annihilation. While in either "Knight of Gale" or "Knight of Annihilation", you will receive special benefits.

Note that the system they use is not what what it may appear to be at first; gale-based attacks take away gale from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards annihilation; annihilation-based attacks take away annihilation from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards gale; this is why only attacks that use the gauge area affected in the respective aura.

Add : point de dynamo


Unlike other characters' awakening, Add's awakening is called the Dynamo Configuration Mode (DC Mode). When he is not in DC Mode, every hit he does will charge up the DP gauge. When you have at least 100 DP, Add is able to awaken like any other character at the cost of 50 DP and all surrounding targets will be damaged. While in DC mode, his stance and dynamos will be changed. Every hit he does will decrease the gauge. Pressing awaken hot key again will deactivate DC mode. Like awakening, Add will gain a damage boost when in DC Mode. Unlike a normal awakening, when Add goes into DC mode, the screen will not freeze. Add is able to execute Nasod Armour combo extensions depending on the job advancement. Some skills will no longer use DP in DC mode.

When Add goes into DC mode, 1 Dynamo Mutation Point will be added to the counters below his portrait. Mutation Points are used to power up his skills. Skills will only be boosted if Add is in DC mode.

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