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SI Sandstorm.png [Special Active: Strength] Generate a strong tornado of sand that decreases the enemies' accuracy.
Destruction Skill
  • Consumes the Destruction gauge and charges the Vitality gauge
  • Boosts attack power by 50% when Destruction is active
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Initial Hit has 100% Critical Hit Rate.


Class Level Required [Enhanced] Level Left Skill Trait Level Right Skill Trait Level
Lord Knight 45 94 52 64

Skill Information


Character Level Damage (Physical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Initial Strike Tornado Initial Strike Tornado
45 2944% 151% 1 15 200 MP 16 Seconds
[Enhanced] 94


Character Level Damage (Physical)
Initial Strike Tornado
45 1472% 75%
[Enhanced] 94

Skill Traits


Gigantic Sandstorm Heavy Sandstorm
Level Required Attribute Effect Level Required Attribute Effect Details
Damage Cooldown
Initial Strike Tornado
52 Skill size increased to 130% 64 Damage increased to 140%
Cooldown increased to 150%
4121.6% 211.4% 24 Seconds


Heavy Sandstorm
Level Required Attribute Effect Details
Damage Cooldown
Initial Strike Tornado
64 Damage increased to 140%
Cooldown increased to 150%
2060.8% 105% 24 Seconds

Tips and Details

  • Incredible vertical range makes it the perfect skill for flying enemies and enemies on platforms. Has also very respectable horizontal range.
  • When used close to the target, it will hit it from behind, which is ideal against shielded opponents, such as Raven and his Nasod Shield or anything that guards the front in PvE.
  • Elsword is able to move and act while the skill is still happening, allowing him to attack his opponents caught in it for additional damage, and not allowing them to get knocked down after the skill ends if done right, continuing his combos.
  • A great skill for getting Elsword into his Aura of Vitality state quickly (especially with extra mid-air X attacks) while also delivering good and MP-efficient damage, as well as to continue and/or extend combos.
  • The sand tornado will appear at Elsword's position during the end of the summon animation. This means that if this skill was used at the edge of a platform, the tornado will appear at Elsword's final position of his animation as he fall from the platform.
  • The tornado will stop at a wall for a few seconds in its lifetime, afterwards it'll move through it.
  • The tornado has suction and will drag enemies caught.
  • The last hit will knockdown.


Blind's status icon
  • Before Item Options Revamp in 2015, Sandstorm can cause Blind debuff which decreased victim's Accuracy.


  • 06/26/2014 KR
    • Storm follows path and storm lasts 66% longer.
    • Total damage is increased but continuous hit damage is decreased.
    • The first hit does large portion of the damage.
  • 02/05/2015 KR
    • Blind Duration decreased.
  • 07/23/2015 KR
    • Movement Speed increased.
    • Range increased.
    • Max Hits increased.
    • Enemy in close range will be pulled in.
  • 10/22/2015 (KR) / 03/16/2016 (NA)
    • "Accuracy Decrease" effect deleted.
  • 04/21/2016 (KR) / 05/18/2016 (NA)
    • Damage increased.
    • "Enhanced" attribute changed to "Gigantic".
  • 06/30/2016 (KR) / 07/13/2016 (NA)
    • Fixed error of "first hit additional damage" causing multi hits.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 샌드 스톰 Sand Storm
Japanese Flag.png Japan サンドストーム Sandstorm
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 沙尘暴 Sandstorm
French Flag.png France Ouragan de sable Sand Hurricane
English Flag.png United Kingdom Sand Hurricane

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