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Titles are intangible items that you can equip from the character menu. They hover over your head and provide unique stats for each title. They can be obtained throughout the games by various circumstances.

Title List

  1. Titles must first be discovered. Undiscovered titles will show up as "Unknown" in the list.
  2. Titles discovered can be unlocked by meeting the requirements.
    • Note that all Event Titles are automatically discovered at the start.

Icon (KR) Icon (NA) Title Discovery Obtain Stats
Title 10.png Ann's Gift.png

Ann's Gift (Anne's Gift)

Discovered from the start Complete "Thief Phoru" Story Quest

Physical Attack +12
Magical Attack +12

Ann's Gift (Anne's Gift) (CN Version)

Clear 1-1
Title 20.png Title 20 English.png El Scout Discovered from the start Clear:

Physical Attack +8
Magical Attack +8
Movement Speed +4%

Title 30.png Phoru Slayer Achieve Lv2 Defeat:

Physical Attack +40
Magical Attack -20
Max HP +3%

Title 40.png Monkey Hunter Achieve Lv3 Kill Monkey King 2 times on Very Hard.

Max HP +2%
Jump Speed +6%

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