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"Quick Voice" is a feature that allows characters to deliver a voiced message to other players with a single command. These messages can only be used in dungeons, fields, and in PvP.

The keys that activate these messages are F5, F6, F7, and F8, which corresponds to a compliment, thanks, apology, or bragging, respectively. When these messages are triggered, they will appear in the chat with orange text and speech bubble. Each character will have special lines that correspond with their personality.


Character F5 (Compliments) F6 (Thanks) F7 (Apologies) F8 (Brag)
Elsword That's it! That! Hmm! This is enough! Uwahh?! Sorry. How does that taste!!
Knight Emperor Wow, that was amazing! Thanks, I appreciate it. Oops... Sorry... I slipped... Great effort. Try harder next time.
Rune Master Nice! Very nice!! Yes! That's what I'm talking about! Rrrr! Damn it! ... Sorry? Heheh, is that all?
Immortal Awesome! I like it! Thanks! What! I'm sorry, alright? Heh! Why don't you try harder?
Aisha What~ I'll admit you did well~ Despite not getting aid... It turned out alright~ Uhhh- Sorry~ Hm~ Well~? It hurts doesn't it!
Aether Sage Oooh~ Not bad! Heheheh, thanks, but this is nothing! Oh, s, sorry... Huh? You're not skilled enough to me on, not in a million years!
Oz Sorcerer Wow! Pretty good! Thanks! Oops, Sorry! Oh? Is that all you've got?
Metamorphy‎‎ Ooh~! That was pretty cool! Well, you're not too bad yourself! Aw, sorry... won't you forgive me? Pleaase! ♡ Everything is sparkling!
Rena Very cool! Ho ho ho~ Thank you~ Huhuhu~ F-Forgive me Ah ha~ Looks great!
Anemos Good! You're Doing so well! Thank You~ Oh Sorry,my bad! Hm? Too Easy!
Daybreaker Oh my! What great skills you have! Oho, why thank you! A, ah.. So sorry, heh... Oh~ Are you really angry?
Twilight Not bad! Thank you, I won't forget this. Ugh... That was a mistake. hnh, that was too easy.
Raven Alright~ I'll say you did fine... Too obvious. That was a mistake. Now it's my turn!
Furious Blade Good, well done. Thank you. Hm... I apologize. Not enough. Give it your all.
Rage Hearts Not bad. Hm, thank you. Ahem... I apologize. Hmph, a single punch is all it's going to take.
Nova Imperator‎ The results of your training are clearly visible. Good. Hm... I apologize. You are wise to avoid a fight you cannot win.
Eve If this is it- You did fine~ Hmmm, for this level... You won't be impressed Codes are normal, Ah... The... The mistakes were not your fault! Target Terminated. Analyzing.
Code: Ultimate Good. Thank you. My apologies... You are not powerful enough to fight me.
Code: Esencia Not bad. You deserve a compliment. Huhu, thank you. I, I'm sorry. I apologize. Show some respect. I will not deal with anyone who lacks common courtesy.
Code: Sariel It was an efficient choice. Thank you. I am sorry. Illogical behavior is unnecessary.
Chung It was really cool, you're really something! Thank you- I'm sorry... Hehe, I did it!
Comet Crusader Wow! That's amazing! Thank you. So are you. I apologize.. I'll try harder. I will never give up!
Fatal Phantom Wow. That's great. Thank you. Sorry. I apologize. So was that it?
Centurion Oh... not bad! I had that under control, but thanks for helping. This can't be..! Ugh.. I won't mess up next time. Hm hm~♪ Oh.. Were you surprise? That was easy.
I think.. I could do better than that.
Ara Amazing! Thanks~ I apologize... We won!
Apsara Amazing! Oh, I am very grateful for your kind remarks... I'm really sorry... We won!
Devi Not bad. Good. Very well done. I suppose... that was my mistake. Hm? Done already?
Shakti Well done. That was a breeze! Hmpmhm! My.. mistake... Huhuhu, I wasn't even warmed up.
Elesis You're the best! Thanks a bunch! Ah! How embarrassing! Hum, we'll go this far for today~!
Empire Sword Oh? Pretty good! Thanks! Sorry... Is that all you got?
Flame Lord Great Job! Thank you! Thank you so much! Haha! Sorry! Why don't you try a little harder!
Bloody Queen Rage...! Don't think for a moment that I owe you anything. Ah, oh no. This. Is. The. End...!
Add Ho ho! Nice! Why not thank me Ah... (Sigh) Ha... Sorry Don't be too long.
Doom Bringer Heh, I guess you did alright. (Sigh) Happy? I've made a mistake. Is that all you've got? Kuhahahaha!
Dominator Oh? Not bad. Hnh, you do not deserve my thanks. Flux capacitor didn't... There was a miscalculation. Squirm for my experiment, you menial invertebrate. Otherwise you'd be useless.
Mad Paradox You can try to escape... if you can... huhuhu. Everything... is meaningless... In time… we all fade… Slaves of time... All of you...
Lu Oh ho, great! Mm Hmm~ Why thank you! I'm... I'm sorry... Don't get too tired.
Timoria Oh? You are not bad! Huhu, much obliged! Tsk...I am, sorry. You are before the master of terror. Ahahaha!
Ishtar Not bad, for a peasant. I guess thanks are in order. Huhuhu... Hmph. That's unfortunate. How foolish. I'll show you the inherent difference between us! Huhuhu...
Iblis Oh? ♡ I personally commend your efforts! Indeed, you are quite useful! Grrr, you want me to apologize...? Done already? You're more worthless than I thought.
Ciel Oh ho, everything is fine... Hmm, what was that? Ah, sorry! Hm, good work.
Abysser Pretty good. Huhuhu, thank you. Tsk...My mistake. Cheap move? Hmph, only the victor gets the final word.
Chevalier Good, you're doing well. Thank you. That was a mistake. I apologize. Before you pick a fight. Know your limits.
Anular That's helpful. Sure. Ha-Amateur mistake... Everything's settled for now.
Rose Exceptional skills! Thank you very much~ My mistake, I apologize! Bye bye~
Tempest Burster Haha. I like that. Thanks! I'm sorry... Hey! Is that it?
Black Massacre I may have underestimated you. Not bad. My mistake. You're not worth my time.
Minerva Great job! You've done admirably! Thank you for that compliment. My mistake. I apologize. On the battlefield, you should never let your guard down.
Prime Operator How Charming! Good Job. Huhuhu! Thank you.
Huhuhu! A child who excel deserves a reward.
I.. made a mistake..? I apologize. It was an interesting time.
Ain Good, good, you are doing fine. Wow, it's great. I was wrong, please stop being angry. Bye, see you later!
Lofty: Executor (Pay attention!) This is my territory. It's not too late. Be gone in the name of sacred light!
Richter You're useful. Concentrate. It's no use. How foolish.
Lofty: Anpassen Wow, how did you do that? Cool. That's good! Haha, it's still fun! Bye~ See you again!
Bluhen Oh well, I actually like you! Thank you for watching my back! Oops, my mistake. Haha, you're not angry with me, are you? I look forward to another battle.
Lofty: Wanderer You will soon discover. Not bad. Too bad. The time has come.
Herrscher‎‎ ...I will go along with what you say... for now. You.. have no fear... Hm... I don't see why I should... You are too weak.. to survive in this world.


  • After Ain advances to his 1st Job Class, he'll receive a new set of lines to reflect his personality change.
    • Lofty: Executor's Quick Voice shows a more aggressive personality, while Lofty: Anpassen's Quick Voice shows a more lighthearted personality and Lofty: Wanderer's Quick Voice shows an emotionless personality.
  • After your character advances to their 3rd job, they'll receive a new set of lines and an older voice. Each class will have different lines, voices, and personalities, depending on their backstory.

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