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"Quick Voice" is a feature that allows characters to deliver a voiced message to other players with a single command. These messages can only be used in dungeons, fields, and in PvP.

The default keys that activate these messages are F5, F6, F7, and F8, which corresponds to praise, thanks, apology, or farewell, respectively. When these messages are triggered, they will appear in the chat with orange text and speech bubble. Each character will have special lines that correspond with their personality.


Character F5 (Praise) F6 (Thank You) F7 (Apologize) F8 (Farewell)
Elsword Impressive! No problem. Oops... Sorry. How's that?!
Sword Knight Amazing! I won't lost to you! Oh, thanks for the help... Sorry, it won't happen again. It's not enough... I need to become stronger!
Knight Emperor Wow, that was amazing! Thanks, I appreciate it. Oops... Sorry... I slipped... Great effort. Try harder next time.
Magic Knight Hey, not bad! Ooh! I'm getting fired up! Let's do this! Sorry... I... err... wasn't warmed up properly. It's not over yet! Time to go wild!
Rune Master Nice! Very nice!! Yes! That's what I'm talking about! Rrrr! Damn it! ... Sorry? Heheh, is that all?
Sheath Knight Nice! Hehe, it was nothing! Tsk, I'm sorry, alright! Heh! Is that all you've got?
Immortal Awesome! I like it! Thanks! What! I'm sorry, alright? Heh! Why don't you try harder?
Root Knight ...Well done. Thank you. It won't happen again. ...Sorry...! Give me... one more chance! I don't need your help.
Genesis Amazing. Thanks. That was helpful. My bad. This too, is the will of the world. Just accept it.
Aisha What~ I'll admit you did well~ Despite not getting aid... It turned out alright~ Uhhh- Sorry~ Hm~ Well~? It hurts doesn't it!
High Magician Not bad. But that doesn't mean you should be cocky! Thanks! ...I could have done that myself though! I can't believe I just made that mistake! Can you take this seriously? You're wasting time, you know!
Aether Sage Oooh~ Not bad! Heheheh, thanks, but this is nothing! Oh, s, sorry... Huh? You're not skilled enough to me on, not in a million years!
Dark Magician I'm feeling good today! Hm, what's this? ...Thanks anyway. Ah, I didn't mean to do that! There's no escape. You'll be swallowed up by darkness.
Oz Sorcerer Wow! Pretty good! Thanks! Oops, Sorry! Oh? Is that all you've got?
Battle Magician Woah! Did you see that? Amazing! Nice, nice! Thank you! Teehee ♥ Sorry... It was a mistake. Awww... If you surrender now, I might go easy on you. How about it?
Metamorphy‎‎ Ooh~! That was pretty cool! Well, you're not too bad yourself! Aw, sorry... won't you forgive me? Pleaase! ♡ Everything is sparkling!
Rena Very cool! Ho ho ho~ Thank you~ Huhuhu~ F-Forgive me Ah ha~ Looks great!
Combat Ranger Huhu, you're progressing nicely. Uhuh, thanks for the save! Sorry, sorry. You're not hurt, are you? (Sigh), exhausted already? I'm not even warmed up yet.
Anemos Good! You're Doing so well! Thank You~ Oh Sorry,my bad! Hm? Too Easy!
Sniping Ranger Mm. You're doing great! Huhu, hope to see you next time. Ahaha... Sorry about that. It's over, and I don't even have a scratch. You should try harder next time.
Daybreaker Oh my! What great skills you have! Oho, why thank you! A, ah.. So sorry, heh... Oh~ Are you really angry?
Trapping Ranger Good move. Uh huh. I knew I could trust my back. ...My mistake. I apologize. My victory was imminent from the start. Nothing to be upset about.
Twilight Not bad! Thank you, I won't forget this. I've... made a mistake. hnh, that was too easy.
Raven Fine! That looks pretty good. I guess I can show you my gratitude. That was a mistake. Have you witnessed my skill?!
Sword Taker Not bad. Thanks for the support. I apologize. I was... distracted. You're still not worthy to test my blade.
Furious Blade Good, well done. Thank you. Hm... I apologize. Not enough. Give it your all.
Over Taker I acknowledge your efforts. Hm, thanks for the aid. (Sigh)... Damn it! Over already? That was useless.
Rage Hearts Not bad. Hm, thank you. Ahem... I apologize. Hmph, a single punch is all it's going to take.
Weapon Taker Good. We'll take it from there. I will repay this debt. ...I should have done better than that. You don't seem to be well versed in even the most basic of tactics. I will train you.
Nova Imperator‎ The results of your training are clearly visible. Good. Hm... I apologize. You are wise to avoid a fight you cannot win.
Eve If this is it- You did fine~ Hmmm, for this level... You won't be impressed Codes are normal, Ah... The... The mistakes were not your fault! Target Terminated. Analyzing.
Code: Exotic Hmph. Well, not bad. Thank you, for the compliment. This... was my mistake. Acknowledge your defeat. Haven't you had enough?
Code: Ultimate Good. Thank you. My apologies... You are not powerful enough to fight me.
Code: Architecture Great job. Truly, well done. Thank you. Hmhm. It, it was a mistake. It wasn't on purpose! You should perhaps back off now.
Code: Esencia Not bad. You deserve a compliment. Huhu, thank you. I, I'm sorry. I apologize. Show some respect. I will not deal with anyone who lacks common courtesy.
Code: Electra Good. I merely prioritized the goal. ...There was an error in the programming. Any more, and I will consider you a hindrance.
Code: Sariel It was an efficient choice. Thank you. I am sorry. Illogical behavior is unnecessary.
Chung It was really cool, you're really something! Thank you- I'm sorry... Hehe, I did it!
Fury Guardian That was amazing! You're too kind! I'm so embarassed... It's alright! From now on... I will protect you!
Comet Crusader Wow! That's amazing! Thank you. So are you. I apologize.. I'll try harder. I will never give up!
Shooting Guardian You're not bad. There's much to learn from your courteous nature. My... mistake. I apologize. You think you can protect anyone with the power you have?
Fatal Phantom Wow. That's great. Thank you. Sorry. I apologize. So was that it?
Shelling Guardian Yeah, that's how you do it! Thanks! Can I ask you something else? Eh?!... Strange, this never happened before... Truly! I was going to go easy, will you be alright?
Centurion Oh... not bad! I had that under control, but thanks for helping. This can't be..! Ugh.. I won't mess up next time. Hm hm~♪ Oh.. Were you surprise? That was easy.
I think.. I could do better than that.
Ara Amazing! Thanks~ I apologize... We won!
Little Hsien I'm in awe! I merely did what I could. Oooh... my bad. I was able to learn a lot from this match!
Apsara Amazing! Oh, I am very grateful for your kind remarks... I'm really sorry... We won!
Little Devil Great, that was a great finish. Oh my! What are you after? Tsk, I won't make the same mistake. Huhu, did I finish this too quickly?
Devi Not bad. Good. Very well done. I suppose... that was my mistake. Hm? Done already?
Little Specter Truly amazing! Thank youuu! Oh! I let my guard down... Play time, just begun!
Shakti Well done. That was a breeze! Hmpmhm! My.. mistake... Huhuhu, I wasn't even warmed up.
Elesis You're the best! Thanks a bunch! Ah! How embarrassing! Hum, we'll go this far for today~!
Saber Knight That, just now, was good! Thanks for the help! My mistake... Sorry. You do not have the resolve to carry a sword into battle.
Empire Sword Oh? Pretty good! Thanks! Sorry... Is that all you got?
Pyro Knight Haha, you're all fired up, aren't you? Amazing! Just like a burning... fire...! I didn't mean to! Eh, you're not all burnt up already, are you?
Flame Lord Great Job! Thank you! Thank you so much! Haha! Sorry! Why don't you try a little harder!
Dark Knight Move. That won't do anything. Hmph, did you do something? Get out of my way. I will take back... Everything that was ever stolen from me!
Bloody Queen Rage...! Don't think for a moment that I owe you anything. Ah, oh no. This. Is. The. End...!
Add Ho ho! Nice! Why not thank me Ah... (Sigh) Ha... Sorry Don't be too long.
Psychic Tracer Hmph, don't be so proud, stupid. Tsk, thank you so damn much. Ha? You think I'll apologize? Kuhahaha! Good, entertain me more, you pleeb!
Doom Bringer Kukuku, not bad. Heh, I guess you did alright. (Sigh) Happy? I've made a mistake. Is that all you've got? Kuhahahaha!
Arc Tracer Oh, looks like this will be good data. Kuhuhu... Not bad at all? Tsk, looks like the system still needs some tweaking... Is that all? The data collected with this case study is useless... Kuhuhu
Dominator Oh? Not bad. Hnh, you do not deserve my thanks. Flux capacitor didn't... There was a miscalculation. Squirm for my experiment, you menial invertebrate. Otherwise you'd be useless.
Time Tracer Not bad... But, now I'm here... Kuhuhu. Kuahaha! Good, things are just getting interesting. Kuhuhu, don't get all worked up. Everything is meaningless in the end. Kuhuhu... Not yet... This is not enough, isn't it?
Mad Paradox You can try to escape... if you can... huhuhu. Everything... is meaningless... In time… we all fade… Slaves of time... All of you...
Lu Oh? That's good! Hm! Thanks. I'm... sorry. You did well!
Chiliarch Huhu, not bad! Good. That will suffice. T, that was a mistake...! Oh, you're not scared, are you?
Timoria Oh? You are not bad! Huhu, much obliged! Tsk...I am, sorry. You are before the master of terror. Ahahaha!
Noblesse Hm, not bad. Hmph. Alright, I reckon that wasn't bad. Hmph, I do not make any mistake. Why would you challenge me, you pitiful creature.
Ishtar Not bad, for a peasant. I guess thanks are in order. Huhuhu... Hmph. That's unfortunate. How foolish. I'll show you the inherent difference between us! Huhuhu...
Diabla Not bad for a worm. Ahahaha! How entertaining. Ahaha, the fault lies with the one who didn't dodge. How cute, you're still squirming. Do you wish to continue?
Iblis Oh? ♡ I personally commend your efforts! Indeed, you are quite useful! Grrr, you want me to apologize...? Done already? You're more worthless than I thought.
Ciel Hm... not bad. Hm! Not bad. Ahem... I apologize. Hm, good work.
Dreadlord Hm, not bad. That was pretty good. Thank you. Well, anything can happen if you live long enough. Losers should keep their mouth shut.
Abysser Pretty good. Huhuhu, thank you. Tsk...My mistake. Cheap move? Hmph, only the victor gets the final word.
Royal Guard Hm. That should be the standard. Alright, I admit that was good. Tsk... Failed as a butler indeed. That was sloppy. That will not do.
Chevalier Good, you're doing well. Thank you. That was a mistake. I apologize. Before you pick a fight. Know your limits.
Demonio Do you... want a compliment? I'm in your debt. I will remember this. ...I apologize, my mistake Don't ever show yourself in front of us again.
Anular That's helpful. Sure. Ha-Amateur mistake... Everything's settled for now.
Rose Exceptional skills! Thank you very much~ My mistake, I apologize! Bye bye~
Heavy Barrel That was great form! Thanks for that! Hm... ahem... Sorry about that. Ha! Looks like you weren't much, after all!
Tempest Burster Haha. I like that. Thanks! I'm sorry... Hey! Is that it?
Bloodia You underestimate yourself. I'm in your debt. ...How unfortunate. I uphold honor in the name of the Princess...!
Black Massacre I may have underestimated you. Not bad. My mistake. You're not worth my time.
Valkyrie I see the training shows some results, very good! I will not forget this. Tsk... I was distracted. I'm sorry. You still have a lot of weak points. I will fight you again, when you've done some more training.
Minerva Great job! You've done admirably! Thank you for that compliment. My mistake. I apologize. On the battlefield, you should never let your guard down.
Metal Heart Hm... I see you're worthy of a compliment. I'm aware, but I still appreciate your compliment. Ah, I'm sorry, there was a mistake in the calculations. My... I guess this was too easy for my children.
Prime Operator How Charming! Good Job. Huhuhu! Thank you.
Huhuhu! A child who excel deserves a reward.
I.. made a mistake..? I apologize. It was an interesting time.
Ain Good, good, you are doing fine. Wow, it's great. I was wrong, please stop being angry. Bye, see you later!
Lofty: Executor Is that what you wish? May the blessing of the Goddess be with you. Oh, this doesn't suit me. Too bad. Is that all?
Richter You are useful. Concentrate. It's no use. Fools!
Lofty: Anpassen Whoa, nice move! Look at you! Cool! Haha, but isn't this fun? Bye~ See you later!
Bluhen Oh well, I actually like you! Thank you for watching my back! Oops, my mistake. Haha, you're not angry with me, are you? I look forward to another battle.
Lofty: Wanderer You will soon discover. Not bad. Too bad. The time has come.
Herrscher‎‎ ...I will go along with what you say... for now. You.. have no fear... Hm... I don't see why I should... You are too weak.. to survive in this world.
Laby‎‎ What's that? What did you do? Eeh, Eeeeh?! Hehee, Thank you! What! Whaaat?! Oh... Are you angry? Fun!! Again! Again!!!
Rumble Pumn‎‎ Whoa! How did you do that? Do it again! Hmmm... Remember, Laby is letting you do that. Mm... Laby doesn't really like mean words... Uh... Don't feel like it anymore...
Eternity Winner‎‎ Hrm. I guess you're somewhat useful. I guess I can trust YOU with my back... Sometimes. Ugh... It's too boring to focus though... (Yawn) Sorry I'm stronger than you. Don't cry, maybe I'll be interested in another fight with you later.
Twinkle Child Whoa! So cool!! Did you help Laby? Thank you! What happened? Oh, it's Laby's fault!! Sorry!! Hehee, that was sooo fun!! Let's play together again!!
Radiant Soul Best of best of bestest!!! Thank you!! Laby's friends... They're all super cool! (gasp). Sorry!! It's Laby's fault!! Hehee, Laby did it!! Laby did it!!
Rusty Child You shine more than others... ...Laby didn't expect help... Are you disappointed now? You're so weak... How did you survive?
Nisha Labyrinth That's pretty. Assistance? She doesn't need anyone else but me. I'm glad you're weak. Don't worry Laby, everything's taken care of.
Noah‎‎ Truly amazing... ...Don't worry about me. Did I mess up again...? ...Pathetic.
Second Revenger Don't be too confident, lest you make a mistake. This... definitely deserves a thanks. Oh... Sorry... ...Yes. We did this together.
Liberator That was good. Thank you. I'll help you next time. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you. Be careful. You don't know, when you'll be devoured by darkness.
Second Selection I didn't know you could do that! You're amazing. Oh! Thanks for the assistance! Come on, don't be like that! It's not that bad...! Try harder next time! It was just about to get interesting!
Celestia You interest me more, every day. I won't forget your assistance. Who me? I didn't do it! Everyone will be blinded by my presence!
Second Grief You're amazing, as always. Ah, you don't have to concern yourself with me. But... Thank you. Oh... Let me... I... If you need treatment, let me know. I will heal you every time.
Nyx Pieta Great Job. It seems I'm not needed here. I should have done more to help... Thank you. It's fine. This is... Huh? Yes, I'm Alright! This world would be better off without you around.


  • After Ain advances to his 1st Job Class, he'll receive a new set of lines to reflect his personality change.
    • Lofty: Executor's Quick Voice shows a more aggressive personality, while Lofty: Anpassen's Quick Voice shows a more lighthearted personality and Lofty: Wanderer's Quick Voice shows an emotionless personality.
    • After the 8/09/2018 (KR) / 8/22/2018 (NA) update, Elsword through Rose receive unique quick voice lines upon advancing to their 1st Job class as well, which are shared with their respective 2nd Job class.
      • For some characters, this may cause them to uncharacteristically say lines that are not fitting for their current job class.
      • Laby's first path is the only path to receive new quick voices line at her 2nd Job class instead of her 1st Job, avoiding the above problem.
  • After characters advance to their 3rd job, they'll receive a new set of lines and an older voice. Each class will have different lines, voices, and personalities, depending on their backstory.

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