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Skill Cut-In

Aside from access to their own character's skill cut-in as well as their character's base cut-in, players have the option of purchasing a new skill cut-in from the Item Mall to replace their original artwork. Each character can be customized with up to 4 new skill cut-ins, one for each skill tier level (Tenacity, Strength, Bravery, and Hyper Active). Your characters can also use skill cut-ins from other classes of the same character. For example, a Lord Knight can be customized with any cut-in that is related to Elsword, including "Rune Engraving Rune Slayer" and "Speed of Light Infinity Sword". All custom skill cut-ins are animated.

Magical Scroll

Magical Scroll

The Magical Scroll is a consumable item that is purchasable from the Item Mall for 350 K-Ching. This item can be used to give stat effects to one registered Skill Cut-in. The effects are applied once per skill tier when equipped, meaning you can stack up to 4 effects total, even if it's the same exact cut-in applied to each tier.

List of Stat Effects

  • EXP Gain +2%
  • Flexibility Skill Damage +1%
  • Tenacity Skill Damage +1%
  • Strength Skill Damage +1%
  • Bravery Skill Damage +1%
  • Recovery Item Effect +2% (Dungeon)
  • Item Drop Rate +1% (Dungeon)
  • Debuff Effect Duration -1% (Dungeon)
  • MP Cost -1% (Max 20%) (Dungeon)


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