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Awakening Effect

Players have the option of purchasing a unique awakening animation. Entering Awakening Mode will automatically create special effects on your character. Each Awakening effect will cost 1,050 K-Ching.

Awakening effects can also be equipped with a stat effect of the player's choice after purchase. The selected effect cannot be changed once it is chosen.

List of Stat Effects

  • EXP Gain +2%
  • Flexibility Skill Damage +1%
  • Tenacity Skill Damage +1%
  • Strength Skill Damage +1%
  • Bravery Skill Damage +1%
  • Recovery Item Effect +2% (Dungeon)
  • Item Drop Rate +1% (Dungeon)
  • Debuff Effect Duration -1% (Dungeon)
  • MP Cost -1% (Max 20%) (Dungeon)


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