Episode 3: Water Temple

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Water Temple
(물의 신전)
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Episode Number 3
Episode Title Water Temple
(물의 신전)
Original Air Date Korean Flag.png November 3, 2017

Episode 3

The El Search Party arrived at the Water Temple, where they encountered the demon Ran. Chung overpowers the demon but before he could finish him off, Ara blocks his attack, allowing Ran to escape. Ara explains that Ran was formerly her brother and she is searching for a way to save him. Chung empathizes with her and reassures her. After being freed, the Water Priestess Sasha pleads to the El Search Party to rescue the other Priestesses.


Battle of the Water Temple

The El Search Party has regrouped and arrived at the Water Temple. Elsword, excited that there are demons inside, excitedly rushes toward the temple, much to Aisha's annoyance. Elesis is amused by her brother's antics while Aisha worries about his safety. Elesis then confirms that Rena was right that Aisha is always concerned for Elsword and requests that she takes care of him before following Elsword into the temple. Aisha denies her concern and remarks that neither of the two siblings listens to her.

Deep inside the temple, the group found the Water Priestess held captive above the demon Ran, who is sitting on a throne and quietly chuckling. Chung charges towards him while Ran teleports closer. Chung confirms to Elsword that Ran was the one that turned his father into a demon and demands the demon to change his father back. Ran replies that Helputt has been completely consumed by darkness and that his sacrifice was in vain since Chung came to the temple with the El Search Party. He then starts the fight by summoning various Shadow monsters to the hall.

Elesis tells Elsword that he and Chung will fight Ran while she and the others will fend off the Shadow monsters. Elsword and Chung fight Ran but to little effect. Ran quickly takes the offensive and forces Chung to guard against his sword before switching to dark magic and knocking him down, damaging his right shoulder. Before Ran could finish him off with one last swing, Elsword blocks his blade with his own sword and asks Chung to stand back. However, Chung refuses and thanks the El Search Party for giving him a chance to fight Ran. He stands up and activates his Freiturnier, transforming him to his Berserk Mode.

Chung swears on his Seiker name that he will defeat the demons and swings his cannon at Ran. Ran notes that his attack is stronger as he is knocked back by the blow. Chung continues his attack by firing several cannonballs at Ran, who attempts to dodge by teleporting. The last cannonball manages to strike Ran, launching him to his throne and destroying it. Chung, back to his normal form, demands Ran once more to turn his father back to normal before attempting to strike him with his Destroyer. However, his attack was blocked by a woman wielding a spear. In the midst of the confusion, Ran teleports away from the temple and Chung angrily shouts at him to come back and laments at his failure after all his efforts were wasted.

Introducing Ara

After the fight, Elsword asks the woman why she allowed Ran to escape. She introduces herself as Ara Haan and that Ran was her brother named Aren Haan. She explains to the group that Ran was transformed into a demon and tearfully wishes to find a way to change him back to normal. Upon hearing her wish, Chung has a flashback of his father telling him to be strong before being corrupted by the demons. Empathizing with Ara, Chung extends his hand to her and tells her not to give up hope and to work together to bring Ran and Helputt back to normal. Elsword feels joy over Chung's actions while Eve and Aisha praise Chung while comparing him to Elsword.

Sasha's Message

With Ran's disappearance from the Water Temple, the seal containing the Water Priestess is broken and peace is restored to Hamel. The Water Priestess introduces herself as Sasha and thanks the El Search Party for rescuing her. She explains that she knew the group was coming to rescue her from a voice and that the demons are aiming to destroy Elrios using the Priestesses. She then requests the El Search Party to protect the other Priestesses and the prophecy. When Elesis questions Sasha about the voice she heard, she explains that it was the voice of the El Lady, the only person that can restore the El. Elesis became shocked and Rena questions if El Lady is alive. Sasha answers that she does not know her location or if she's alive but she does know that her location can be revealed by collecting the prophecies of all the Priestesses. Elsword and Eve reaffirm their goal of rescuing the other Priestesses while Raven asks Sasha of the other Priestesses' location. Sasha confirms that she is aware of their location and will guide them. Elated by this information, Elsword invites Chung and Ara to join them on their journey. Elesis, still shocked by the El Lady, affirms to Elsword that she will also be joining him and that the Red Knights will handle matters in Hamel.

In a post-credits scene, Ignia is shown standing near a cliff, staring at one of Lanox's volcanoes. She turns around and greets the viewer.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 물의 신전 Water Temple

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