Episode 1: Start of the adventure!

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Elsword: El Lady
2:Suspicious Companion (수상한 동행)
Start of the adventure!
(모험의 시작!)
Elsword El Lady Episode 1.png
Episode Number 1
Episode Title Start of the adventure!
(모험의 시작!)
Original Air Date Korean Flag.png December 10, 2016 (Special screening event)
Korean Flag.png December 13, 2016 (Online release)

Episode 1

The El Search Party began to search Hamel for clues of the missing Water Priestess. As they were investigating, they were ambushed by a group of demons led by Victor. After defeating Victor, the group began moving towards the Temple of Water for clues. However, the demon Bobosse blocks their path and smashes the bridge leading to the temple, leaving the group falling with the debris of the bridge.


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The following section contains spoilers. Please read or edit at your own risk.

The episode begins with Elsword giving a summary of events that happened prior to the start of the anime. He narrates about the events of the El Explosion and the invasion of demons. He recalls how the demons plan to capture the priestesses guarding the El Shards, resulting in the El losing its power.

Battle Against Victor

The episode then cuts to Elsword fighting against a Shadow Charger in Hamel. As he struggled against the demon, Aisha appeared and saved Elsword by defeating the demon. Aisha then scolded Elsword for running in carelessly while he defends his actions by stating he wasn't expecting them to be such a headache. More demons began to appear and attack them. When a Shadow Defender attempted to attack Elsword, Eve summons Oberon and defends Elsword.

Rena notes that the demons appear to have known they were coming, to which Aisha responds by wondering if it's a trap. Rena replies that they expected it to be a trap and Raven confirms that the information from their friend that guided them was correct. Chung encourages the group to stay strong while Elesis effortlessly attacks a group of demons, commenting how weak they were. Elsword notes his sister's strength and expresses his desire to be strong like her.

As the sun begins to set, the group notices a large demon on top of one of the buildings. Chung identifies him as Victor, the leader of the demons in the area, and comments on how he'll be difficult to fight. Raven concludes that Victor was the one that set this trap on them and Eve advises the group to be cautious after sensing the demon's energy. While Elesis states that she is happy to face a strong opponent, Elsword begins to attack Victor first. Victor praises Elsword for his speed but dismisses it due to his lack of power before punching him, knocking him away.

Elesis then steps in and challenges Victor for hurting her little brother. Victor accepts and attempts to punch her but Elesis blocks it with the tip of her claymore, resulting in the destruction of Victor's arm. Elsword recovers and the two knights proceed to attack Victor, with Elsword delivering the finishing blow, killing Victor. Elesis praises Elsword for his skills being improved and helps him up. From a distance, Add comments on how the fight ended disappointingly. Eve turns in his direction but dismisses it when she sees nothing.

Magmanta's Cave

After the fight concludes, the group takes a moment of respite in a cave, where Raven thanks Chung for leading them this far through Hamel. Chung replies by saying he should be thanking them instead, to which Raven replies that they were heading to the Temple of Water anyways. Elsword mentions that their goal is to rescue the Water Priestess Sasha, who is currently held captive by the demons. Rena remarks that Chung was fighting the demons alone before, with Aisha also noting that it would be difficult to fight them alone. Chung then reveals himself as the heir to the Seiker line and explains that his father, Helputt, was corrupted and turned into a demon. After explaining his situation, Rena suggests that the group works with Chung, so they can accomplish their goals together. Eve and Elsword both concur, with Elsword noting that his sister should be returning from scouting soon. Elesis states that the path ahead is quiet, as if the demons were waiting for them to appear. Elsword seems troubled by this, and she attempts to reassure him by saying that there's nothing the Red Knights cannot handle. As the group leaves the cave to proceed forward, Add's silhouette can be seen behind a waterfall for a brief moment, showing that he was observing them the entire time.

The crew begins to walk across the bridge leading to Magmanta's Cave. Noticing that Elsword again seems troubled, Elesis asks him to speak his mind, and he notes that during the fight with Victor, he felt as if he wasn't strong enough. Elesis offers to train Elsword after their business here is finished, which he accepts. Aisha also inquires if Elsword received any injuries during the previous fight, but he quickly tells her not to worry.

As the group approaches the end of the bridge, Elesis notices the demon Bobosse blocking their path. Elesis proceeds to attack him but misses after Bobosse jumps. When Bobosse lands, he smashes his hammer onto the bridge, causing it to collapse. As the group begins to fall with the debris of the bridge, Add jumps in and carries Eve, telling her that he will not let her break.

Ain's Memory

After the credits, we again see the scene with Elsword surrounded by demons and nearly hit by a Shadow Defender. However, this time, Ain is shown to be watching the fight from an unknown location. As the Shadow Defender attacks, Ain comments that he told Elsword to be more careful when fighting. With a swing of his pendulum, Ain appears in Hamel and destroys the Shadow Defender by casting Explosion. Elsword thanks Ain, to which he replies that it's unusual for him to be thanked. Again, Ain swings his pendulum and disappears. Eve summons Oberon, after which Elsword says he'll be more careful, as Eve just advised him. Eve cuts him off by stating she never said that, confusing Elsword. Ain notes that he cannot complete his mission with Elsword in his current state.

In a flashback, we see Ain being given both his name, Ainchase, and his mission, to restore the El, from the goddess. He states that once he has used Elsword to complete his mission, he will disappear from this world, and we again see him observing the group from a distance, this time in the cave. However, Ain begins to disappear from existence. He wonders if perhaps it was due to a past time he interfered, but he's unable to confirm anything before completely evaporating into thin air. Elsword asks the others in the cave if there was someone else who protected him. Neither Eve nor Aisha can think of anyone but Oberon. In a moment of remembrance, Elsword says Ain's name, and he re-materializes. Noting that it was due to Elsword that he was able to remain in this world, we cut ahead to the scene of the group crossing the bridge. Here, we see that Ain was watching them from a nearby cliff, where he comes to the conclusion that Elsword is the power that brought him to this world, the reason he can still exist, and a force integral to restoring the El.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 모험의 시작! Start of the adventure!

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