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For information about this character in the game proper, see Add.
trinityACE Rapper
Name Add
Group trinityACE
Role Rapper
Height 168 cm
Hobby Fiddling with machinery, composing music, writing lyrics
Favorite Food Cookie, coffee
Least Favorite Food Spicy foods, rice ball
Specialty Overall stage support, street dance
Let me invite you to my perfect stage! Are you ready to fall for me? Hahaha!

~ Words of Resolve


“trinityACE's brain who conquers the stage with his acute senses and rebellious charm. Genius veteran idol who pulls off the perfect performance with zero errors.”

He grew up with strict education from a famous scientist family, but he left his family for some reason and entered the idol industry. He proved to be talented in not only dancing but in many different areas. He was looking to debut with songs he composed and wrote himself, but his family interfered and had to spend a long time as no-name. That's why he became obsessed with success this time, almost as if he was trying to get back at his family.

He is very prideful and straightforward with the path he wants to take. Because of this personality, when his group's debut was confirmed, his manner of speech that seemed to look down on his group members became an issue and bad rumors about the group having a discord started going around. But after it was revealed that he was intensely researching and monitoring his group members' habits and actions, even losing sleep during the process, the theory that his crude speech was because of attachment towards his teammates became more dominant. He apparently made a bad excuse saying they had to be at least that good to be on the same stage with him.

He wasn't financially stable during his no-name days, so he sold programs he wrote or personally modified camera equipment. Because of this, all the machinery in his private practice room is his handiwork. Even now he seems to be making something as a hobby whenever he gets free time. His living quarters are always filled with strange unknown equipment. He once got a question asking why he hated rice balls, which was answered with a bitter "I got tired of them after eating them so often."

Although he looks like he might not like outdoor activities, he goes outside at least once per day. There's a bunch of strange fur on his clothes whenever he returns. When his group members ask about this, he always dodges the question.


ELSTAR - Star Icon Elsword.png “He's such a simpleton.”

He's such a simpleton. Tch. He doesn't know anything yet has so much passion… Well, our cooperation on stage isn't bad though. But an idol shouldn't be so dull to the latest trends. I allowed him to take the leader position, but he still got a long way to go.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Chung.png “It's because of me that he's improved this much.”

He looked weak at first glance, but he's proved to be incredibly resilient. Hmph, he's doing a good job keeping up with the practices, but he's still got a long way to go. I've never sighed so hard when he was struggling to create an SNS account. It's because of me that he's improved this much.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Eve.png “I doubted whether she was human the first time I heard her.”

I'm quite interested in her. From what I heard, all the devices she uses were modified personally by her. While the devices she uses are interesting too, but I'm fascinated by her diverse vocal range. I doubted whether she was human the first time I heard her.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Ara.png “I was passing by her waiting room…”

I got a chance to see her on stage when we were in the same music broadcast. She performed quite well despite how clumsy she looks. I heard a cat while passing by her waiting room. I think it was her cat… Uh-*cough*, it's nothing.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Ain.png “I don't ever want to run into him!”

Ugh! He calls people by strange nicknames. I don't ever want to run into him even on stage! He really has a way to get on people's nerves while smiling… Argh, just thinking about that radio broadcast irritates me!



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