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For information about this character in the game proper, see Elsword.
trinityACE Leader/Vocals
Name Elsword
Group trinityACE
Role Leader/Vocals
Height 155 cm
Hobby Sports, watching other groups' stages
Favorite Food Any dish with meat
Least Favorite Food Uncooked onion
Specialty Kendo, housework
I practiced for this moment. Look at me on stage!

~ Words of Resolve


“The most passionate Trinity Ace's leader. He might seem simple and ignorant, but he shines the most on stage.”

He was hoping to study physical education but was struggling after hitting his own limit. Then he started the path of an idol after accepting a street casting.

He didn't try too seriously at first since he accepted the idol job as a change of pace. But due to his diligent personality, his skills improved quickly and became one of the trainees to debut in the shortest time ever. After an event where he clashed with his team members, he got a chance to rethink what being an idol meant and is currently taking the idol work seriously. He is always saying he's not good enough, but ever since his change of heart, his charms and skills have been improving at a shocking rate.

He says that he struggles with making smooth movements or making soft expressions due to habits he developed while doing sports. But this isn't a problem if he keeps his mind off this issue so other members are trying hard to keep him from worrying about this too much.

His cooperation with his group members is fantastic. It's almost as if all the bad vibes from before the debut was a lie. Pictures of the group hanging out after work coming up on SNS from time to time seems to have helped with easing the bad rumors regarding discord amongst the group. What really settled the issue, however, were details from an interview where he mentioned that the reason he could be here as an idol right now was mostly because of his group members.

He is famous for admiring his older sister to the extent of immediately mentioning his sister's name whenever he's asked about who he admires the most. It seems he's trying to change his image to be more charismatic like his sister because he's been observing stages of other groups recently. The group he's been observing recently is MAZE.


ELSTAR - Star Icon Add.png “We're a team now! It feels like he's obsessed!”

We didn't get along at first but now while we still fight from time to time, it's mostly as a light joke. We're a team now after all! Even though he's a bit unfriendly, he's incredibly skilled at what he does. I think Add's role was big in our group becoming this good. He's always studying something... It almost feels like he's obsessed with it. I can't lose to him! I'll practice twice as hard today!

ELSTAR - Star Icon Chung.png “I was bit worried... What's with the honorific?”

I rarely had any friends that were the same age as me, so I was worried about how to act around him, but he was the one who approached and talked to me first. I kept being awkward around him but now he reacts to what I say as if he's read my mind. So, it's comfortable being around Chung. Oh! Except for how he keeps addressing me with honorifics.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Laby.png “Ordered two boxes already... Meet again next time...”

There's a home shopping channel I watch from time to time. They were selling dumplings one day and the person tasting the samples was totally enjoying it. When I came to my senses, I was already ordering two boxes of dumplings. I get reminded of this event whenever I eat dumplings now… But what's surprising was that the girl who was doing the tasting was an idol like me! It was such a shock when I found out recently. Oh~ I'll invite her out to go eat something tasty next time I see her.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Elesis.png “Big sister is the best! She treats me like a kid…”

Big sis is the best! She's good at kendo, idol activities, and everything else so she wins tournaments or becomes famous quickly. Although she would still be my role model even without all those achievements. I started my idol activities because of her suggestion. She still treats me like a kid… but I'll keep working hard until I can stand on the same stage as her!

ELSTAR - Star Icon Raven.png “Exchanged phone numbers that one time. One day I'll help him too…”

I met him in a program that I participated in not too long after debut. We somehow ended up exchanging phone numbers there but never contacted each other. But after I became a leader of my group, I started having many concerns. I recalled that he was a leader too, so I ended up consulting about this with him. Even though we've only met once before, he taught me many things and helped answer a lot of my concerns. Haha, we're close friends now and one day I'd like to help him too.



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