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Market Reorganization

  • With the effect of 10/23/2013, Myu will be removed from the game. Instead of going to her for Selling Service, the info below will show you how to sell things without her.

Myu NPC Removal

Myu will be removed. Free Selling Service will be available for all players.

  • Can use 3 slot of selling service for free.
  • Can use this feature in Board NPC.
  • After an item is sold, tax of 10% of ED is deducted.
  • Registration fees will be paid according to the number of items:
    • number of items x 1,000 ED / maximum 3,000 ED
  • Current 3% selling fee is removed.

New Premium Medals

  • Premium medals normally purchased from cash shop is changed.
    • It is now split into 2 items and named 'Silver' and 'VIP' and each item have the following features.
Item Name Description Cost (KR) Cost (NA)
대리 판매 보증서 (실버)(Silver) - Maximum of 9 spaces available
- Purchasable from NPC Ariel acquired with ED
- Registration fee paid according to the number of items
: Number x 1,000 ED / max 9,000 ED
- 10% tax will be deducted from total income.
7-Days: 2 Mil ED
15-Days: 3.5 Mil ED
30-Days: 5 Mil ED
Cannot be purchased in NA Server
Sales Agent Certificate (VIP)
"대리 판매 보증서 (VIP)"
- Maximum of 15 spaces available
- Available through Cash Shop
- No Registration fee
- No tax deducted.
7-Days: 2400 NX
15-Days: 4000 NX
30-Days: 7000 NX
7 Days: 300 K-Ching
15 Days: 500 K-Ching
30 Days: 850 K-Ching
  • Both medals have a 7-day, 15-day, 30-day duration.
  • If you use VIP version after using Silver, VIP will replace the Silver.
    • Be careful when you switch to VIP, it will cause items you currently have registered to disappear.
  • You cannot use Silver while using VIP

Changes to already existing market items

  • Changes to already existing market items.
    • It’s changed to Selling Service Ticket(VIP).
  • After 10/24 maintenance premium shop medal is deleted.
  • Characters that had ‘premium shop medal will receive ‘Selling Service Ticket(VIP) 30 days through mail.

Board Search Improvements

Board search window is improved to be more convenient.
Filling in the Korean letters in the search box, and the system will automatically display related items. You can check all the items.
Players shop windows no longer appear, therefore purchasing is reorganized in this sequence:
Board -> Store Search Options -> Search -> select stores open -> shop window -> Buy Select -> End
Board -> Shop Search Options -> Search -> select item to Buy -> Complete

Trading Plaza(Free Market/Market 1~10)

Trade Square will be deleted.

  • Individual stores will not be able to open any more.
  • Myu duties options will be moved to the board.



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