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Guild Service
Full Name
Guild Service
All Villages except Ruben, Guild Base
Voice Actors
양정화 (Yang Jeong-hwa)

"Hello~ I'm Myu! Your guild mascot~! If you have guild coins, then I have something for you!"


A Nasod designed with overwhelmingly coquettish behavior. She's in charge of Cobo service within the Guild House.


Adam's Welcome Party

When Ariel took Adams to his party, Myu greeted the man of the hour alongside the other COBO employees. Myu told Ariel that she should've called her for additional help. Ariel mutters to herself that having both Myu and Luriel helping would've only made things worse. Myu asked Ariel what she had said, but Ariel quickly sidetracked the conversation. When Ariel started ranting about working for COBO, Luriel and Myu both jumped in. Myu complained about the brutal hours they all had to deal with, never even once getting back home at Six O'Clock, always having to do overtime. When Adams decided to flee the party, all the COBO employees rushed to try and catch Adams so they wouldn't have to take on his workload.


"Take advantage of various helpful guild services for your guild members!"

Item Image Name Description Cost
Guild Member Expansion Ticket Increases Guild Capacity by 10 (Max 200) 25 Guild Coins
Oblivion Pipe Returns 1 used Guild SP 5 Guild Coins
Greater Gnosis Blessing (15 days: 5 GSP) Adds 5 Guild SP (SP will expire in 15 days) 25 Guild Coins
[Cobo] Training Time Contract (1 Hour) Boost EXP of all guild members by 50%. 20 Guild Coins
[Cobo] Artisan's Wisdom Contract (1 Hour) Boost Profession EXP of all guild members by 20%. 10 Guild Coins
[Cobo] Guild Base Fatigue Recovery Service Contract (1 Day) Visit the Guild Base to restore HP and MP to full, and reset all skill cooldowns. 20 Guild Coins

"For the honor of your guild~! Ah Chya!~☆"

Guild Farm System

Main Article: Guild Farm System

"Try making delicious food with all the crops you harvest!"

In addition to her other services, Myu also sells Seedlings in exchange for Seed Exchange Tickets. These seedlings can in turn be planted in the farm area of your Guild Base in order to grow food, which can further be cooked into Guild Foods using her Cauldron option.

Guild Banner System

Main Article: Guild Banner System

Custom banner patterns and blessings can be purchased from Myu using Guild Coins. Upon purchasing, they can be accessed at any time through her Banner Storage option, which will allow you to modify your banner.



  • Myu used to be the NPC of Selling Service and was removed due to Market Revamp.
    • After 4th Guild Revamp updated, she came back to be a Cobo waiter within the Guild House.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea Myu
Japan ミュウ Myuu
China (Simplified Chinese) 美优 Myu
Spain Miau Myu
France Miyu Myu

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