Skill Tree Reorganization

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Skill Tree Revamp

On the 27 of June 2013, Korean Elsword had a major update that involved the reorganization of all the skill trees of every class. Players are now required to choose between 2 skills at certain levels.

What do you mean by select from 2 skills?

  • After you reach a certain level, you will become eligible for the skill, and the layer of the skill tree that is covered by the black shadow disappears.
  • After that you can select one skill from the two provided.
  • You are unable to learn the other skill after you select one.
  • At some layers of the skill tree, you are only given 1 skill to choose from.(e.g: Right side skills or first skills of each job)


New skill Tree SP System


  • Each skill has it own SP requirement value.
  • By pressing ‘+’, your SP will be deducted from your remaining skill points.
  • If you press the ‘Undo Changes(취소)’ button located at the bottom of the skill window, no changes will be made to the skill tree.
  • If you press ‘Confirm Changes(결정하기)’ current skill tree will be saved and you can use the skills you have learned.
  • Skills cannot be registered to the skill slots until they are confirmed.


  • All skills now have a maximum skill level of 20.
    • But, to increase a skill's level you have to achieve the skill's character level requirement.
    • If a skill's character level requirement is over the level cap of your server, you cannot increase that skill's level any further.


New SP accumulation

  • All characters start with 0 SP at Lv. 1.
  • Lv. 2 to 9 grants 4 SP each, for a total of 32.
  • Lv. 10 to 19 grants 5 SP each, for a subtotal of 50, total 82.
  • Lv. 20 to 29 grants 6 SP each, for a subtotal of 60, total 142.
  • Lv. 30 to 39 grants 7 SP each, for a subtotal of 70, total 212.
  • Lv. 40 to 49 grants 8 SP each, for a subtotal of 80, total 292.
  • Lv. 50 to 59 grants 9 SP each, for a subtotal of 90, total 382.
  • Lv. 60 to 69 grants 10 SP each, for a subtotal of 100, total 482.
  • Lv. 70 to 79 grants 11 SP each, for a subtotal of 110, total 581.

El-Revitalization Drink (KR only)

  • An El-Revitalization Drink resets your current skill tree. All SP's will be reverted back to your remaining skill points.
    • This does not however revert some job skills and since they require a minimum skill level of 1.(E.g: Base first skill, 1st job first 2 skills and 2nd job first skill)
  • At 1st job change / 2nd job change / Reaching Max Level, you will be awarded with an El-Revitalization Drink along with the Job avatar.
  • If you job change using a cash item, the drink is sent to you by mail.


  • You can also buy the El-Revitalization Drink for 10 Million ED from Ariel.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to buy the Oblivion Medicine(Cost 2.5 Million ED) that can completely reset one allocated skill.
    • Example: Level 10 Assault Slash can be reset to Level 0 with the use of 1 Medicine.
      • Skills assigned to skill slot must be removed first.
      • If it is a skill with alternative, it is possible to select the other skill, to reselect the same skill, or skipping both.
      • If it is a job's free first skill, its level will be reset to 1.
      • Unlike SP allocation, undo will have effect immediately.

List of New Skill Trees

Mini Icon - Elsword.png ElswordMini Icon - Aisha.png AishaMini Icon - Rena.png RenaMini Icon - Raven.png RavenMini Icon - Eve.png Eve





Mini Icon - Chung.png ChungMini Icon - Ara.png AraMini Icon - Elesis.png ElesisMini Icon - Add.png AddMini Icon - Luciel.png Lu/Ciel







  • 7/4/2013 KR
    • There are no longer skill prerequisites in order to learn a skill.(Meaning only the required level is needed to + skills)


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