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El Master of Water
Name Denif
NPC Role El Master of Water
Location Halted Sun's Memory, Corridor of El
As of now, we need to protect the El Lady at all costs.

~ Denif



The El Master of Water. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. A combination of coolness and intelligence controls the sea so that it does not overflow onto the land.

Denif is a humanoid type of dragon. He is part of a family which had protected the El for generations, and he is not different.


The Incident

The El Tower was attacked, however they were able to fend off the enemies. Solace arrived and asked Denif what had happened, Denif explained that a similar situation had occurred to the El Tower a hundred years ago. He explains that back then Henir zealots had attacked the tower and were able to harm the El Lady, this nearly caused the annihilation of the entire continent. Solace asked Denif about these Henir zealots, he told Solace that the Henir zealots are extremists who believe that everything not created by Henir should be destroyed, hence why they attacked the El Lady, the human form of the goddess Ishmael, the servant of Elia. Denif was thankful the the El Lady was safe this time and decided that they have to strengthen the defenses of the El Tower for the Harmony Festival.

The Harmony Festival

During the Harmony Festival, Denif was patrolling the El Tower when he heard a strange sound. On guard and some of the soldiers starting to panic, Denif became very alert. Denif tried to calm people down to assess the situation, and ordered that the security of the tower be tightened and to have the tower on complete lock down. When Solace panicked and rushed in to save Hernia, Denif became suspicious and ordered the guard to stop him, activating the tower's defense magic.

El Explosion

After the El exploded, the El Masters decided to pour their energy into the scattered El. In the process, they gave the power of attributes to the various scattered El. In order to preserve Elianode, they created a seal and locked it with the El. The capital of Erios would fall into slumber alongside the El Masters who sealed it.

Chapter 27:

Elsword choosing to sacrifice himself, restored the El to its former glory. With the El restored to its full power, the ancient capital of Elrios, Elianode was released from its slumber in the scattered El. Denif awoke in the reawakened city, he soon found Artea as well as the other priestesses of El who were teleported to the city. Denif patrolled the city when the El Search Party arrived. He asked them to identify themselves and Elesis had told him that they were acting upon request of the El Lady. Denif was first reluctant to aid the group but with Artea's assurance decided to hear what they had to say.

The El Search Party then told Denif about what had happened to Elsword, he then concluded that Elsword's sacrifice must've been the cause of Elianode's awakening. Rena asked Denif if he knew where the other El Master were, he was not aware of their locations speculating that they might have waken up in a different place or may have not yet waken up at all. Denif remember that they had mentioned the El Lady, he asks the group the details on that. The group told him about Solace. Denif expresses his regret for not stopping Solace but also that he understands the situation he had been under. He still expresses great disdain for Solace's actions but admits that it is not the time for him to harp on the past. Rena pleas to Denif to help them save Elsword even if it risks the El. Denif hesitates, but accepts their request. Acknowledging that Elsword's sacrifice may only lead to the cycle of sacrifice continuing.

Denif tells the group that he is a dragon, part of a family who had guarded the El for generations. He tells the Search Party that they must go inside the El and take Elsword out themselves. He says that he will open an dimensional fissure allowing them to enter the Corridor of El. He warns the group that there is no guarantee that their plan will work but admires their commitment. He lastly warns the group that the El energy will most likely test their resolve and failure may result in them being consumed by the El.



  • Writer of the Strong Shield skill note.
  • Despite his youthful appearance, Denif is the oldest among the El Masters and is treated as such.
  • After the introduction of Corridor of El, Denif's portrait was modified to display him with pointy ears.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 데니프 Denif
German Flag.png Germany Agaur
French Flag.png France Agaur
Italian Flag.png Italy Denip

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