Mysterious Man

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Henir Fanatic
Name ???
NPC Role Henir Fanatic
Location Water Dragon's Sanctuary

Mysterious Man


A mysterious hooded figure drenched in the chaos of Henir.

He appeared when Aisha found the Ring of Mimir. He appears to have a suspicious amount of knowledge about the Ring of Mimir, he told Aisha the ring was not suited for a mere human, and walked away with it once it had absorbed her powers.


Ring of Mimir

After Aisha regained consciousness from first wearing the Ring of Mimir, the mysterious man appeared before her. Aisha worrying about the ring's power planned to cautiously remove the ring, he agreed with her plans.

Aisha was surprised to find the mysterious man, fearing that he might be after the Ring of Mimir, she threatened to launch fireballs at him. The man shrugged off Aisha's threat and threatened her back. Aisha in retaliation started firing at the man but he blocked all her attacks and deflected her fireballs towards the walls. He expresses his dissatisfaction with Aisha and tells her that the ring isn't something that should be in the possession of people, expressing that he will remove the ring, even if it means using force.

Aisha shot at the environment to cloak her while she tried to escape. The mysterious man was blinded for a moment while Aisha hid from him. Searching through the ruin's looking for where the girl was hiding, Aisha took the opening she got to strike him in the back. He disappeared prompting Aisha to try and make her escape, however he cut her off, sending his own fireball back at her. Aisha backed into a corner, the man requested she hand over the ring one last time.

Aisha in a moment of desperation used the power of the Ring of Mimir. Feeling the infinite magical energy coming from the ring, she tried to fire a powerful fireball but instead the ring began to siphon her energy. The man expressed his sentiments, that the ring wasn't something for humans to possess. The man walked up to the collapsed girl and took the ring. He put in inside his cloak before leisurely walked away and disappearing into the shrine.

Chapter 28:

After the El Search Party undid the seals to the Water Dragon's Sanctuary, the mysterious man and his minions spring into action. Appearing before the group, he formally expressed his gratitude and thanked the group for undoing the seal. Lu sensed that the mysterious man was not a normal person and warned the others. At the shrine, the man was able to retrieve the power source sealed off in the sanctuary, a piece of the primordial El. With what he was looking for in his possession, he planned to take his leave before Aisha recognized his voice as the same man who had stolen the Ring of Mimir from her. Glancing over, the man was surprised to see a familiar face as well. Aisha demanded he return the ring back to her in which he responds that the ring was never her's in the first place. Aisha please for her power which is trapped in the ring, however he sees that power as a simple donation for his greater good. After a good laugh, he excuses himself and flees.

Having chased him through the Water Dragon's Sanctuary, the mysterious man was impressed by the group having chased him this far. Not taking the compliment, Add demands the El and Elsword demands Aisha's ring. The man tell the group he's on a busy schedule, has places to be. Instead, he leaves the group behind with the Skin Splitter to keep them entertained. With them distracted by the Henir beast, he takes his leave out of the sanctuary, making his successful escape, losing the El Search Party.


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