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NPC Camilia.png
Name Camila
Class NPC
Age ??

Camilla mini.png Listen to Camilla: it's a good day for sparring! ~ Camila

Commonly known as the PvP NPC, Camilla is the sole way to access the Sparring Lobby. She also sells various items, so long as you have the AP!


Camilla mini.png I am selling items that can make you stronger! You can buy them with your hard-earned AP! ~ Camila

For items that require AP to purchase, see Camilla's Shop

Item Image Name Type Cost/ED
LOWLEVELSCROLL.png For Low-Tier Skill Quest (Basic Training in NA) Special 20,000
INTLEVELSCROLL.png For Intermediate-Tier Skill Quest (Intermediate Training in NA) Special 100,000
HIGHLEVELSCROLL.png For High-Tier Skill Quest (Advanced Training in NA) Special 140,000
ADVANCEDLEVELSCROLL.png For Advanced-Tier Skill Quest (Expert Training in NA) Special 300,000


Camilla mini.png "Hey, I want to ask you something. Hehe." ~ Camila
Camilla provides all four Skill Quests to unlock the skills in your skill tree. She also has a few quests to get some basic Skill Notes, as well as daily quests that reward you with Victory Coins. Victory Coins can be exchanged for various temporary PvP items from Camilla's Exchange option.

Arena Quests

Ereda Island Quests

Tips and Details

  • Despite what the quest descriptions say, all quests that involve 3v3 Arena can be completed through 2v2 Arena matches.
  • During the Ereda Island quest acceptance dialogue, Camilla incorrectly states that you will be rewarded with a Competitor's Coin.



  • Camilla appears in every town except Ruben, standing on a pedestal with flags to either side of her.
    • Prior to the Field Update, she also did not appear in Feita.
  • Camilla has more options in her Chat menu than any other NPC in the game.
    • Most NPCs have four at most, while Camilla has six: Quest, Arena, Sparring, Store, Free Training, and Exchange.
  • An ongoing gag is that the Skill Quests that Camilla sends you on are actually errands she is too lazy to do herself.
    • Another is that her quests are known to be the most frustrating and some calling her quests "trolling" instead of training.
  • While never actually stated, Camilla may very well be an employee of COBO Services.
    • She wears a hat very similar in design to Ariel and Luriel's.
      • After changing her appearance, however, she no longer wears the hat.
    • She appears in every village besides Ruben, just as Ariel and Luriel do.
    • She mentions several times in her quests that she was supposed to be doing something for either Ariel or Luriel.
  • Camilla wrote the skill note Endless Beatdown.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 卡密拉 Camilla
French Flag.png France Camille Camille
Italian Flag.png Italy Camila Camilla